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Beyond Blue is an undersea exploration game from the developer of Never Alone

Gaming on Linux - 15. Juni 2018 - 12:24

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Coming Soon, Adventure, Simulation

While it's sad we don't have Subnautica, it seems we will be getting to explore the oceans with Beyond Blue [Official Site, Steam] due out next year.

Beyond Blue, from the developer of Never Alone plans to release in "Early 2019" with Linux support. Check out the trailer below:

Looks absolutely gorgeous and it's going to be more of a factual game than a fantasy. According to Engadget, it's inspired by the BBC's Blue Planet II series (which was excellent watching) and they've been talking to scientists about it too.

About the game:

Set in the near future, players will probe the mysteries of our ocean through the eyes of Mirai, the lead on a newly formed research team that will use groundbreaking technologies to see, hear, and sense the ocean in a more meaningful way than has ever been attempted and sense the soul of some of the world’s most magnificent and intelligent creatures. The game will feature both an evocative narrative and high level resource management, challenging the player to make high-stakes decisions and prioritize which objectives can be successfully achieved during the crew’s expedition.

You can follow and wishlist it on Steam.  I could easily see myself losing hours to this!

Oxygen Not Included just got a major update & a new animated short

Gaming on Linux - 15. Juni 2018 - 12:05

Tags: Steam, Early Access, Indie Game, Simulation, Strategy

Oxygen Not Included, the space colony sim from Klei has a new major update out with another lovely animated short to watch. This is the same update I wrote about before while it was in beta, it's just pushed out to everyone now.

I have to admit, that gave me a good chuckle. Although, it does make me think about their future plans and I assume they've left the ending as it is to be some sort of teaser for future updates. Escape the asteroid? Maybe—can't wait to find out!

It adds in a whole new biome, the Space Biome. This allows you to dig right up to the surface of the asteroid, which includes solar light for a decent source of energy with solar panels, meteor showers bringing you free resources along with the danger they pose from smashing down. It also adds in Steel, Ceramics, Glass, and other basic materials.

They also upgraded the Critter system, giving you completed artwork for all types of critters from eggs to trapped critters along with an updated critter economy. Find out more in the update announcement.

I've tried a few times to reach the surface of the asteroid, but I honestly suck. It's one of a few games that I'm horrible at, yet it's so compelling to repeatedly play. Amazing art as expected from Klei, funny and aggravating (sometimes as the same time) and absolutely rammed full of content now for hours worth of play.

You can grab Oxygen Not Included on Steam with 40% off until June 21st. Absolutely recommended!

Croteam are having a big sale to celebrate 25 years

Gaming on Linux - 15. Juni 2018 - 11:42

Tags: Game Sale, Steam

Croteam, developer of the Serious Sam series and The Talos Principle have stuck around for 25 years and so they're celebrating with a big sale.

They've supported Linux really well and they're easily one of my favourite developers. They got in really early with Linux support when the Steam client on Linux was still in its infancy, so they deserve our support.

Most of their games are on sale, including their VR versions. As a reminder, even though titles like Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter don't state they support Linux, buying them will give you access to Serious Sam Fusion to be able to play them in an updated game engine that supports Vulkan.

If you're missing some of their games, this is a perfect opportunity to grab them while they're really cheap.

Have a look at their special Steam page for the sale.

The Underhollow, a Battle Royale-like mode for Dota 2 is live and it's damn fun

Gaming on Linux - 15. Juni 2018 - 11:27

Tags: Steam, MOBA, Battle Royale

Dota 2 [Official Site, Steam], the free MOBA from Valve has been updated with The Underhollow, a Battle Royale-like mode that's exclusive for Battle Pass owners. It's so good, it should be in the game.

This new mode pits eight teams of three, to be the last team standing in a fight for cheese. You can bring two friends or you can queue up to be matched up with strangers. Even while playing it with people I didn't know, it was an interesting experience.

It's a surprisingly frantic mode, being a mix between a dungeon crawler and a Battle Royale. The map is unexplored, so you've no idea what enemies will be awaiting you in each room. As you move around, you will battle various different types ofAI enemies, once defeated you will be gifted a chest full of gold, items and so on. Eventually, you will come across other teams and so the battle becomes a lot more full-on and more Dota-like. You can revive your fallen comrades, as long as one of you is left alive. Once all players in a team are down, you're completely out.

As you progress, the play area does get smaller (much like a BR game) as the rooms begin to collapse, which can leave you in an awkward position. A game I had earlier forced us back into a room with a team that had already kicked our butt once, but now yet another enemy team had wandered into the same room due to the shrinking play area and naturally—I died first, at least I wasn't as stupid as my team who decided to stay in the collapsing rooms and die from that, at least I tried to make a break for it…

I've had so much fun with it, I really do hope Valve continue to tweak it and bring it back for everyone in some way. It gives Dota 2 a whole new flavour and it's way more fun than I thought it would be.

To access it, you need the The International 2018 Battle Pass, which can be purchased at the lowest tier for £6.99/$9.99.

[Help] So I'm trying to play Psychonauts with a Dualshock 4.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Juni 2018 - 07:39

Unfortunately, the right stick doesn't seem to be registered at all and most of the other button mappings are misplaced or all screwed up. I'm very new to using controllers on Linux, but the dualshock 4 seems to work perfectly fine in Overlord. What gives? What do I need to do?

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How to solve Steam not minimizing to tray when you close it

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Juni 2018 - 04:24

you need to edit the file located at /usr/bin/steam. Open it with root permissions with your text editor of choice.

If you don't have an idea of what I said open a terminal and type

sudo nano /usr/bin/steam

The hit enter.

Then find a line (should be near the beginning of the text) that says

export STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=[whatever]

and change the whatever to 1, so the line now must say


Restart steam and you are done.

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Has anyone had a bug in Rust where the water is blindingly bright?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Juni 2018 - 00:37

As the title suggests, water in the game is so bright it is blinding (see https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/932690098349654145/F2EA088DFA470310CB69B2A7E011799DD599D8E5/). I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 and have tried reinstalling both steam and Rust. There is water almost everywhere with rivers and such and makes combat in the game almost impossible. Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you.

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Enable touchpad while typing (aka Palmcheck)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 14. Juni 2018 - 23:18

This was messing with me every time I tried to play something so I will leave here a lil' script. Adjust to your preference

# Enable touchpad while typing touchpadid=$(xinput | grep Touchpad | awk '{print $6}' | cut -c 4-) propid=$(xinput list-props $touchpadid | grep "Typing Enabled (" | awk '{print $6}' | cut -c 2- | cut -c -3) xinput set-prop $touchpadid $propid 0 submitted by /u/idontakeacid
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The Long Dark has a big survival mode update in preparation for overhauling the story mode

Gaming on Linux - 14. Juni 2018 - 21:18

Tags: Humble Store, GOG, Steam, Indie Game, Sandbox, Survival, Adventure

The Long Dark, a pretty decent game that has both a story mode and a fully fledged survival mode just got a huge update.

Firstly, for those who felt the story mode was a bit too linear—they've listened. They're reworking the first two episodes to be more open, to fit in with the third unreleased episode which they said was going to be more open anyway.

Before that though, we have today's "VIGILANT FLAME" update, more details in this video:

Full update notes here.

I'm definitely going to be diving into the survival mode again this weekend, I just hope a pack of wolves doesn't chase me into an abandoned vehicle like last time—fricken wolves!

If it sounds good to you, pick it up on Humble Store, GOG or Steam.

The hilarious Streets of Rogue has been updated with special character-specific 'Big Quests'

Gaming on Linux - 14. Juni 2018 - 21:02

Tags: Humble Store, Steam, Early Access, Indie Game, Rogue-lite

Streets of Rogue, the 2D rogue-lite that has elements of action, stealth, bullet hell and so much more has another nice update out. Truthfully, it's quite hard to describe it properly, because attaching it to these specific genres doesn't really do it any justice.

The new "Big Quests" system is now in for all 23 characters. These are special quests, that appear for your entire run-through of the game and they're different for each character. It's just something extra to make the game that little bit more interesting, to have a big goal to work towards. They don't have any rewards yet, but that's coming along with the final level and ending.

In addition, there's plenty of big fixes and clean ups. They're still working towards giving the game a proper ending, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm keen to see how they will keep people wanting to come back, once you've finished it. It's great even now, since each game is vastly different anyway, I just hope that finishing it right up to the final ending they're working on will perhaps unlock some additional stuff.

This latest update also changes the save structure for the Linux version, thankfully moving your save files to a more sane location instead of filling up a folder in your home.

It's a hilarious game, one I'm very fond of and I can recommend it even now. You can grab a copy from Humble Store or Steam.