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Vulpine is an action & exploration game involving animals armed to the teeth, coming to Linux

Gaming on Linux - 13. Juni 2018 - 12:16

Tags: Action, Exploration, Adventure, Indie Game, Steam, Coming Soon

There's something amusing about seeing a Fox running on all fours, with a sword in their mouth. Vulpine will let you be that Fox and more. One I'm sad I missed on Kickstarter, where they had a successful round of funding with $26K that ended in February. Linux support is confirmed for it and it should be a same-day release.


  • Play as one of many different animals, such as Fox, Rabbit, Bear, Fennec, Wolf, Rhino, and more. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Navigate a procedurally generated world with an assortment of biomes. Every world is unique! 
  • Discover hidden events, areas, and mysteries scattered around the landscape. 
  • Track down and combat ferocious monsters in their natural habitat.
  • Gather resources from defeated monsters and upgrade your gear.
  • Play solo or join your friends online in epic co-op content.

Pretty excited to give this one a go, especially since it will have online co-op which for this could be pretty amazing.

Their current aim for release seems to be early next year, although they may do an Early Access release this year, so it's one to keep an eye on.

Steam vs GoG vs ...?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Juni 2018 - 11:54

Which platform is the best to use on Linux. So far I would prefere steam since it keeps my games up to date. And GoGs client did not work well last time I tested it (since it was a windows thing) so I did have to install GoG games manual. What do you prefere?

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CATACLYSM is a free local multiplayer arena brawler that's pretty sweet

Gaming on Linux - 13. Juni 2018 - 11:44

Tags: Free Game, Indie Game, Unity3D, Action, Itch.io

At my request, the developer of CATACLYSM, a rather sweet local multiplayer brawler has added a Linux version to their game.

The developer is quite new to Linux by the sounds of it, so they haven't had a chance to test the build themselves. Even so, I went ahead and did so and it runs quite well. Using SC Controller for my Steam Controller, it worked perfectly. The only issue was a minor fullscreen issue, so I've been messing about in Windowed mode for now.

If you love games like Towerfall and other local multiplayer brawlers, it might be worth taking a look. I'm sure they could use some more feedback.


  • 2-player local explosive cat action
  • Destructible tile-based terrain
  • 12 unique stages, each with an alternate "REMIX" version (24 stages total)
  • 7 different bomb types including the standard "yarn bomb" and six power-ups
  • Every type of attack can be turned against you in one way or another
  • Earn one of many awards based on your performance at the end of the match
  • Authentic cat vocalizations that were definitely not produced by a grown man in front of his laptop in the middle of the night

You can find it on itch.io. Although, it's much easier to use the official open source itch.io client to keep it all up to date.

Surviving Mars: Mysteries Resupply Pack released for free

Gaming on Linux - 13. Juni 2018 - 11:00

Tags: DLC, Steam, GOG, Humble Store

Want to spice up your game of Surviving Mars a little more? The Surviving Mars: Mysteries Resupply Pack is out and it's free. You just need to download a free DLC pack from whatever store you have it on.

Here's what it adds in:

  • St. Elmo's Fire - Colonists find it hard to get a good night’s sleep, especially when mysterious lights begin appearing where they have no reason to be. What is causing these unexpected apparitions and is it connected to the confusing changes in the water supply?
  • The Philosopher's Stone - Encounter beings that are a far cry from the fleshy bags we call carbon-based life when the colony stumbles upon entirely crystalline entities. Are they here to be of assistance or only out to protect the family jewels?
  • Metatron - Colonists look to the sky agape as a great floating monolith has parked itself directly above your fledgling colony. Does it come in peace or is it even sentient? Either way, it is certainly blocking the views from the dome!

Lovely to see such fantastic post-release support. Absolutely love the game myself! All these extra additions, along with the recent patches have made the game dramatically better. It was already good, but Haemimont Games are proving they know what they're doing and that they're listening to feedback.

You can grab it on Humble Store, GOG and Steam. It's on sale on both GOG and Steam right now too.

Shockolate is a new cross-platform source port of System Shock 1

Gaming on Linux - 13. Juni 2018 - 10:42

Tags: Open Source, Game Engine

Fancy playing System Shock 1 using an open source game engine that's cross-platform? Give me some Shockolate [GitHub].

Based on the Mac PowerPC source code release from Night Dive Studios, developer Chad Cuddigan has been hacking away at the code to enable it to run on more modern systems (like Linux).

I've been silently following it, however, Cuddigan recently emailed in about it as it seems it's further along than I had realised. Here's what they told me:

Lately I've been working on a cross platform source port of  System Shock 1 that I'm calling Shockolate: https://github.com/Interrupt/systemshock

It's going to be in the style of Chocolate Doom - a modern cross platform source port of the original game but with some new features added like modding support and better controls, eventually.

It's at the point now where it runs the game pretty well, even with some basic sound support. It has some big missing features to dig up though like getting it to play the movies and audiologs from the original DOS version of the game, since the source code that was released was for PowerPC Macs.

Some background: after finishing up Delver I was planning on taking a bit of a break from game development, but then Night Dive went and released some source code for System Shock 1 that someone dug up. SS1 is one of my top ten games, so getting a chance to hack on this engine has been really fun and it's been quite the puzzle box keeping me up late at night trying to revive it.

Really do love seeing games be revived with open source projects like this.

What's the reason for some Steam games stating "no support for JFS or XFS filesystems" ?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Juni 2018 - 09:23

I've seen this a few times now, i forget which games previously, but i was just browsing the steam store and came across Dying Light

In the specs it states:

Additional Notes: JFS and XFS file systems are not supported

I only really use ext4 in most cases now a days (although did previously run XFS for my root and home several years back). I'm just curious, what causes a game to not support those particular filesystems? I can't seem to think of any limitations off hand...

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Anybody have Destiny 2 working in wine?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Juni 2018 - 06:25

I've been waiting since Destiny 2 launched on PC back in October for it to work in wine and with Forsaken coming out id like to play it on pc

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Can't figure out why some games work flawlessly, yet freeze at random intervals

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 12. Juni 2018 - 22:42

So far I've only experienced this with EVE Online and World of Warcraft as those are the only games I'm trying to play. I've searched the wine pages for those games and haven't found anything that sounds like my issue, so I'm assuming the issue is with my system and not the specific games.

Most of the time, these games work flawlessly with great FPS. Can't even tell I'm running in Wine. Sometimes, though, they'll start going through random spurts of lockups. I'll be playing the game, and then my computer will seem to freeze for 30-60 seconds. The audio seems to still play normally while the screen is frozen, however.

I've been fiddling with this for weeks now and I don't know what else to troubleshoot. I'll make a change and it'll seem like the problem went away until it randomly crops up again.

I'm running Arch with Gnome3. NVIDIA proprietary drivers version 396.24. Wine-staging 3.9.

I've looked in my system log and the only thing I see is some Xid errors from the NVRM drivers (ID 31, 13, 69, and 56). I've googled them and the most informative answer I've found is basically "yep, those are errors alright".

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? Or where I should start looking to troubleshoot? It's really annoying that a game seems to run perfectly just to have it lock up randomly.

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Intel has confirmed their plans for a discrete GPU to release in 2020

Gaming on Linux - 12. Juni 2018 - 22:00

Tags: Intel, Hardware

Intel has now officially confirmed that they will release a discrete GPU that will be available in 2020. While we already knew they were planning it, actually giving it a date makes it that little bit more real.

Their Twitter post sent out earlier simply said this:

Intel's first discrete GPU coming in 2020: https://intel.ly/2ylFwrl 

The link was to an older article (the one we covered before), but there's also this article from MarketWatch (Intel retweeted it, so it's legitimate) which confirms that Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, also said so during an analyst event last week. From the article:

Intel did not go into detail about what performance level or target market this first discrete GPU solution might address, but Intel’s executive vice president of the data center group, Navin Shenoy, confirmed that the company’s strategy will include solutions for data center segments (think AI, machine learning) along with client (think gaming, professional development).

It's going to be a fun time for PC enthusiasts. With the only players currently being NVIDIA and AMD, this could firmly shake up the market resulting in even more competition and hopefully lower prices too.

Hopefully Intel will stick with their open source drivers for it, like they do for their integrated graphics. Would be a huge shame if they didn't.

What are your thoughts?

Valve have released a new Steam Beta Client with a richer Discord-like chat interface

Gaming on Linux - 12. Juni 2018 - 21:15

Tags: Valve, Steam, Beta

The latest Steam Beta Client is out with Valve's revamped chat interface, along with some minor UI work as well.

Here's how the new interface and settings look, which is quite a lot cleaner and it does certainly look a lot more modern that's for sure. Steam's chat system was probably one of the oldest parts of Steam, so it's good to see a renewed focus on improving it.

The new favourites section is interesting, giving you a section to plonk people in you regularly chat with.

And here's how glorious the actual chat is, so I can send you all hilarious memes:

They updated the Group Chat feature as well, to be a lot more like Discord. You can add additional text and voice channels to them, including the rich image stuff like shown above. Group Chats can be given a name and avatar to save them as well, to pick it back up later.

However, it looks like this update has broken group chat for Steam Groups (like our Steam Group), as Steam will complain it can't find Steam running (as amusing as that is). In the shot below you will see that bug in action, plus the slightly different UI in the top right and bottom right.

They've also completely rewritten voice chat from within Steam as well, with a WebRTC-based backend. It uses Opus encoding, encryption and the voice chat now goes through Steam directly, instead of being peer 2 peer. This should hopefully fix the issues where you couldn't connect to your friends to voice chat. It also now only requires a single click to voice chat with someone, although, that feature only works if your friend is also in the Steam Client Beta.

In addition, a feature I'm very happy about, is the new invisible mode. This allows you to show as offline, but still actually act is if you're online. For someone with as many people on their list as me from various tournaments and so in, it's a lot less hassle.

All of this works in the webstore too, not just the client. There's more I've likely missed, so do see the full details on their special update page here.