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Proton Deals: A New Service for Linux Gamers

Boiling Steam - vor 1 Stunde 33 Minuten

If you are anything like me, you probably check deals for Steam games on a regular basis across different sources – after all, why buy games at full price if you can get them discounted? I also like having a look at deals periodically since it helps me discover games I have not heard about before.

The problem with deals (outside of the Steam store), is that it can be time consuming and tedious to find the best ones and check ProtonDB afterwards to ensure the game also works well on Linux. It’s 2020, and there is a good number of games that work out of the box, but as you know, Proton is not a perfect compatibility layer for all titles out there yet.

So we are introducing Proton Deals, a newsletter service which crawls for the best deals out there, cross-references them with the ProtonDB ratings, and filters them out to make them as relevant as possible (removing the ones that have very poor compatibility, for example). Here’s what it looks like. Note that the “PROTON:” descriptions directly link to ProtonDB for more information about compatibility.

This service is offered from now on to our Patreon supporters (yes, we are just back on Patreon!). As you know, we don’t like covering our pages with ads. Instead, we think that our most faithful readers will appreciate this service and actually SAVE money and TIME, while helping us at the same time. The best of both worlds, really.

We offer three tier levels for you to access Proton Deals:

  • 2$ per month: will get you once Proton Deals newsletter per week
  • 5$ per month: will get you it delivered to you twice a week. Since some deals only last for a few deals, there is less chance you would miss anything this way. We will also give you an additional monthly newsletter where we talk about our next articles and plans.
  • 10$ per month: Proton Deals twice a week, the monthly newsletter, and the ability to request specific articles/features for us to cover.

Since everything is Proton-related, the stores offerings will be keys to activate on Steam. Please do check for potential region restrictions if you are not based in the US.

We are pleased to announce that the first Proton Deals Newsletter is available today, for all new Patreon supporters above 2$. We would love to hear your feedback as we go and keep improving our offering.

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Dive into cyberspace this weekend with the latest Black Ice upgrade

Gaming on Linux - vor 2 Stunden 37 Minuten

After finishing the first act of Black Ice story, this cyberpunk FPS continues getting content expansions and some of it sounds hilarious.

Black Ice has always been a first-person shooter that leaned into the crazy and it's all the more enjoyable for it. Since it's in cyberspace, it doesn't need to conform to being normal in any shape or form. That's certainly true when you look at all the weapons types which are wild and varied - now even more so.

The "Black Ice Enhancement Update" went live today, September 19, adding in new types of enemies like static Turrets which pump out bullets at you to mix up the gameplay. There's also E-Snails, which lob pools of fire (and other elements) at the ground and explode if you destroy the barrel on their back. More new enemies arrived with this including Mini-webcrawlers and E-xploding-snails which spawn as ambush waves to surprise you.

You can also find new types of exploding barrels spread across the world, there's new types of debuffs available for weapons like making enemies fearful or a corrosion ability to bring their health down over time. On top of all that there's a new Enhancement system, that lets you pick up a temporary buff which you can find across the world but you can only have one active at a time.

There's also another 20 new unique items to find, like the hilarious sounding Sharkbringer which lets you shoot exploding laser sharks.


Definitely need to get that!

After being in Early Access for quite a few years now, it's come a seriously long way. The enemies now have a lot of variety to them including snipers, spiders that jump at your face, mortars, enemies that run around dropping mines everywhere, swarms of little spiders and more. The battles have definitely gotten intense!

If you enjoy first-person shoot and loot experiences, with so much to play with that you're going to be swapping around constantly then Black Ice is a worthy choice to spend plenty of time with. I'm always finding new and interesting weapons thanks to the random generation system. You can mix and match so many styles of play it's great. Do you go for lots of passive power ups? A bunch of minions to summon? Or just a hotbar full of various different types of weapons to handle any occasion? So many choices.

Now with all the new types of enemies and additions, it's going to be even more exciting to blast through.

You can find Black Ice on Humble Storeitch.io and Steam.

If you've never seen it, their older trailer is below:

Watch video on YouTube.com
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Give tiny countries a resource transport network in the upcoming Mini Countries

Gaming on Linux - vor 4 Stunden 9 Minuten

Mini Countries from Yheeky Games looks like a fresh take on the transport-network puzzle strategy system. With each level being a new miniaturised country that you need to build up.

What they've created looks like a very unique blend of ideas in other games like Rise of Industry, Train Valley 2 and the likes. Although, the developer cited inspiration from others like Mini Metro. You're responsible for building up your industry in each tiny country, and getting a network of it all going. Looks like a very sweet and streamlined approach to it.

Check out the first trailer:

Watch video on YouTube.com

Feature Highlight:

  • Build trade buildings to produce resources in your country
  • Make sufficient storage buildings available
  • Transport resources from storage buildings to demanding cities
  • Choose new items each month to bring your city forward
  • Note different seasons, because not all resources can always be produced
  • Upgrade resources by constructing industry buildings
  • Import resources which are not produced in your country
  • Export resources to generate knowledge
  • Integrate famous landmarks into your country
  • Decide on one branch for the development of your cities: Workers' cities allow trade and industry buildings to produce resources faster and science cities improve the growth rate and thus the generation of further knowledge points
  • Plan your resource production according to different seasons

You can follow and wishlist it on Steam.

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Atmospheric fantasy turn-based RPG Colmen's Quest is out now

Gaming on Linux - vor 4 Stunden 30 Minuten

Not long after we only just discovered it, the fantasy turn-based RPG Colmen's Quest is now considered finished and released and it also has an updated demo.

"Colmen's Quest is a turn-based fantasy RPG. You play as Colmen, an aspiring monster hunter, who is on a quest to unveil a dark threat that haunts the village of Valkirk. You will explore Valkirk and its villagers, descend dusky dungeons, fight monsters and eventually collect a bunch of loot and treasures."

Feature Highlight:

  • Retro pixelart look
  • Fully turn-based
  • Story & quests
  • NPCs for trade and gossip
  • Lots of items
    • From armor over melee and range weapons to consumable spell scrolls
  • Progress your character with stats and new equipment
  • Choose from 20+ very different skills
    • From melee knockback over permafrost stuns to summoning minions
  • No classes - you can mix skills and stats the way you like it
  • Playtime of 6-8 hours for one playthrough
  • Many enemy types with different skills
  • Procedural generated dungeons and outdoor levels
  • Traps, secret areas and hidden treasures to discover
  • NOT a roguelike game
    • You can always 'Save & Quit' and start again in the village. Your character progress is also saved every time you enter a new area.
      No permadeath!

Check out their brand new trailer:

Watch video on YouTube.com

From my own time spent in it, I've found it to be genuinely good. It nails the vibe from classics like Diablo while the turn-based style gives you more time to think and be a little tactical. The atmosphere is what's really great about it though, with the mix of some good ambient tunes along with the mix of pixel-art and fancy lighting. All together it creates a good mix that's worth playing through.

You can try the demo and buy it from itch.io for $4.99. The demo has over an hour of play time, so it's a good intro to see if you like it and you can continue progress into the full game.

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The Hotline Miami series is launching on Stadia soon, WWE 2K Battlegrounds out now

Gaming on Linux - vor 4 Stunden 51 Minuten

Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are the next set of games to be announced for Google's game streaming service Stadia.

They're both going to be releasing next week, on September 22. Both games are available on desktop Linux already, from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital. Both extremely highly rated games, something which Stadia needs a lot more of to compete on all fronts to appeal to a wider set of users.

Watch video on YouTube.com

Additionally, WWE 2K Battlegrounds which is more of an arcade-action brawler than a traditional wrestling game, just recently launched on Stadia too at the same time as other platforms so Stadia is gradually seeing more same-day releases which is a good sign.

Plenty more games are confirmed for Stadia including Immortals Fenyx Rising, Baldur's Gate III, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

If you sign up to Stadia, you get one free month of Stadia Pro to try out a growing number of games to claim like HITMAN, Hello Neighbor, SUPERHOT, Destiny 2 and quite a few more. They're also still giving a $10/£10 discount on the first game you purchase.

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Oblivion Mod Manager and Oblivion Script Extender on Proton/Wine

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 30 Minuten

Hello guys, i am currently running a dual boot with Windows 10, but i want to get rid of it. I play a lot of Oblivion, with a variety of mods managed with OBMM and OBSE. Is there a way run OBMM and OBSE with Proton or Wine? Is there another compatible mod manager?

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Food for thought

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 41 Minuten

It's almost comical when game devs run their servers on Linux, but go out of their way to make the actual game not. Fuck you.

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I have RTX 2070. Can someone please guide me to install QEMU windows 10 for gaming?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 6 Stunden 54 Minuten

I am using popOS 20.04 with efi installed in a 500mb fat32 partition. when I open grub file "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" or whatever the command is. I get a blank file. and I just know that you have to edit some things in grub in order to get a fully functional GPU passthrough QEMU. Please Help.

System specs:-

i5 9600k with UHD 630


RTX 2070 8GB


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Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2020-37 #Drückblick - Amnesia: Rebirth, Vulcanoids, Blasphemous, Starborne, Life Is Strange 2, Unvanquished, Battle for Wesnoth und noch einiges mehr

Holarse Linuxgaming - vor 8 Stunden 10 Minuten

Ein herzliches Willkommen zu unserer neuen Wochenend-Rückblick-Sammelnews Nr. 37 im September 2020. Hier listen wir interessante und informative Neuigkeiten aus der Linuxspielewelt auf, die wir zwischen dem 13.09.2020 und dem 19.09.2020 zusammengetragen haben.

  • Amnesia: Rebirth kommt am 20.10.2020 auf Steam und GOG mit Linux-Unterstützung ab Tag 1. Link
  • Tuxedo bietet Linux-Gaming Power-Notebook Tuxedo Book XUX7 mit Core i9-10900K, 128 GB RAM und NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER an. Link
  • Für Vulcanoids gibt es eine Vorschau auf das kommende Combat-Update. Link
  • Blasphemous soll, laut einer Ankündigung auf Twitter, am 21. September endlich nativ für Linux veröffentlicht werden. Link
  • Starborne - Infos über das am 01.10. kommende Dissidence-Update. Link
  • Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 1 ist jetzt kostenlos erhältlich. Link
  • Unvanquished jetzt wieder zu 100% Open Source, 0.52er Release in absehbarer Zukunft geplant. Link
  • Mit Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest kündigt sich ein neues Visual Novel unter anderem für Linux an. Link. Es gibt bereits eine Demo. Demo-Link
Updates Releases
  • Der Northgard DLC "Brundr & Kaelinn, Clan of the Lynx" wurde veröffentlicht. Link
Open Source
  • Zu spät am Tag für den letzten Drückblick: Neue Battle for Wesnoth Version (1.14.14) am 12.09 erschienen. Link
  • Ein erster RC von FreeOrion Version Link
  • Genug der RCs, Godot Engine veröffentlicht das 3.2.3 Maintenance Release. Link
  • Um das Spiel FreeCol war es jetzt immerhin zwei Monate ruhig also ... geben wir die Info über das jetzt erschienene neue Nightly mal vorsichtig an euch weiter. Link
  • Im August 2019 berichteten wir, dass das ReTux-Projekt als 'verlassen' gilt. Am 16.09 erreichte uns die Mitteilung, dass das Spiel zurück ist und eine neue Internetpräsenz hat. Link
  • FreeBoardGames.org hat einen Titel in ihre Spielebibliothek aufgenommen. Es handelt sich um Play Estate Buyer, mit dem Ziel Immobilien zu erwerben und, mit Gewinn, zu veräußern. Link
Tools Treiber und Hardware
  • Nvidia veröffentlicht Version 455.23.04 BETA ihres Treiberpakets für Linux. Damit steht quasi ab Release der Support für die neue Grafikkartengeneration (RTX 30**) unter Linux. Link
  • Mesa 20.1.8 veröffentlicht. Link
  • Es werden Tester für eine Linuxversion von Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure gesucht. Wie ihr vorgehen müsst lest ihr hier nach: Link
  • [Dwarf Fortress]] lässt alle Interessierten am Fortschritt der Entwicklung über einen neuen Blogpost teilhaben. Link
  • OpenJAM, ein wiederkehrendes Event zur Erstellung von Open Source Software / Spielen, startete am 18.09.20. Link

Derzeit bieten wir folgende Dedicated Server für alle Linux-Gamer an:

  • 7 Days to Die unter gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de mit dem Server-Passwort holarse.
  • Minecraft unter minecraft.holarse-linuxgaming.de. Hierzu bitte vorher im IRC oder Discord in die Whitelist aufnehmen lassen.
  • Minetest unter gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de mit dem Standardport 30000.
  • Factorio unter gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de mit dem Standardport 34197 und Passwort holarse.
  • Hatnix spielt DRM-frei und WINE-Spiele unter Linux und hat wieder einen schönen Streamplan für euch. Streamplan.
  • Corben78, meistens donnerstagabends. Twitch
  • Nerdgrrrl, Linuxgamerin mit Schwäche für Zombies. Twitch
  • Z-Ray Entertainment spielt alles unter Linux, was nicht bei drei auf den virtuellen Bäumen ist. Twitch
  • GTuxTV spielt gerne neue Titel und bedient sich allem, was Wine und Proton aber auch nativ zu bieten hat. GTuxTV
Rabatte und Sales
  • GOG Weekly Sale und GOG Midweek Sale mit einigen Linuxtiteln. Weekly Sale, Link
  • Das "Humble You Can Pet the Dog Bundle" ist nicht gerade ein Magnet für Linuxspieler. Zwei der 8 Titel (Beyond Eyes und Where the Water Tastes Like Wine) bieten Support für Linux. Link
  • Im "Humble Better Futures Bundle" sind ein paar Linuxspiele enthalten, darunter Torchlight und This War of Mine. Link
  • Wer in das Tropico Universum einsteigen möchte: Das "Humble Totally Tropico Bundle" bietet derzeit den fünften Teil für Linux mit einigen DLCs für eine Zehner. Link
Picks der Woche
  • Im OpenRCT2-Forum hat jemand ein dickes fettes Paket mit zusätzlichen Szenarios für OpenRCT2 geschnürt. Von uns ungetestet für euch lediglich zur Information. Link
Indie-Picks der Woche

Wer ein bisschen oldschool-Doom mäßig im Browser herumballern möchte kann sich ja mal PVP ansehen. Link

Schönes Wochenende

Das war's wieder einmal für diese Woche und mit diesem "Drückblick". Ihr habt Anregungen oder Anmerkungen? Lasst es uns wissen, entweder hier unten in den Kommentaren oder besucht uns im IRC (oder #holarse auf FreeNode) oder im Discord oder quatscht mit uns im Mumble (mumble.holarse-linuxgaming.de, Server-Passwort ist 'holarse')!

Noch direktere News mit, von und über uns findet ihr im Übrigen auf unserem Twitter-Kanal, aber auch auf dem freien Netzwerk Mastodon und einige Reviews auch auf unserer Steam-Curator-Seite.


Proton On Pirated Games?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 9 Stunden 3 Minuten

Hello, Sorry if this is a bad question to ask but I'm switching to Linux and was wondering if there is a way to run pirated games with proton? Like does it need to go through steam to run? Thanks in advance.

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Unity3D Went Public on the NYSE Today

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 14 Stunden 42 Minuten

So, one of the two major engines, and one that supports Linux (both for actually developing games ON Linux and developing games FOR Linux), Unity, went public in an IPO today on the NY Stock Exchange (and apparently did really, really well).

A lot of us talk here about how screwed we would be if Valve were a publicly traded company, which is honestly probably true, they'd likely drop most of their Linux support in a heartbeat. What's everyone's thoughts on Unity going public? Anyone think shareholder pressure will cause them to drop Linux support, either for the development platform or for creating native Linux titles? Or do you think we'll slip under the radar?

For me personally, I imagine it mostly comes down to how earnings are doing. If earnings start to dip, if they company starts to do poorly, you can better believe (in my opinion) they'll drop us in both aspects very quickly, probably with the actual Unity Editor being the first to go.


https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&sxsrf=ALeKk03bpVMMJxec04hSUd_kJvxv2jtuug%3A1600487670867&ei=9oBlX9e6NISJytMPwaqz-Ao&q=unity3d+nyse&oq=unity3d+nyse&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIFCCEQoAE6BAgAEEc6BwgAEBQQhwI6AggAUJ8MWMIPYOYQaABwA3gAgAFUiAGbApIBATSYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6yAEIwAEB&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwjXjduYqfTrAhWEhHIEHUHVDK8Q4dUDCA0&uact=5 (for context, the initial price was $44 or something like that)

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Moonlight game streaming on linux.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 19 Stunden 6 Minuten

Anyone try Moonlight to stream to Linux. I've been using it for a few months now and its work really well after weeks of optimizing.. just wondering how your experiences are

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Decent Trivia/Quiz/Jeopardy games on Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 20 Stunden 19 Minuten

I'll even settle for a FamilyFeud-like game :)

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