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Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos gets a big update and exits Early Access on August 25

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Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos, the modern reimagining of the classic roguelike from Assemble Entertainment version 0.9.0 is up as the "Combat Update" and it's set to leave Early Access on August 25.

Quite surprising really since it's only been in Early Access since February but they've put up some pretty big updates for the game over that time. The latest brings in a number of changes based on community feedback, along with a bunch of new content and lots of tweaks to combat. The skill trees for example have been streamlined, which allow for a bit more freedom and no longer locking you into certain weapons. They say combat has bee n "spiced up a lot" to make it overall more challenging. Check out the new trailer:

Watch video on YouTube.com

As for new content included here's some highlights:

  • Four new pesky monsters plague the early dungeon levels.
  • Tons of new prefixes and suffixes, which effectively are adding millions of new items to the game:
    • Added 18 shield prefixes and 13 shield suffixes for a total of more than 40,000 new shields that can be found.
    • Added 13 ranged weapon prefixes and 14 ranged weapon suffixes, a couple of million new ranged weapons that can be found.
    • Added 6 more armor prefixes and 2 more armor suffixes.
    • Added 2 more body wear suffixes.
    • Added 2 more melee weapon prefixes.
    • Affix-based powers have been boosted to make them more exciting. A weapon of orc-slaying now finally means actually slaying orcs while wielding it!
  • Powerful items have a special marker with different colors now, indicating their power level: blue, yellow and purple indicate that a weapon is powerful, mighty and epic respectively.
  • The format of the highscore file was updated to improve performance.
    • Important notice: Unfortunately, this means that your old highscores will be gone after the update. Make sure to take a screenshot of your old highscores for bragging rights!
  • We also changed the format of some other configuration files, so you may get some prompts again in the main menu (that you already answered before) and you also might need to reconfigure the statistics configuration again (if you changed it).
  • You can now earn 5 Steam trading cards.

Find Ultimate ADOM on Steam.

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DOTA2 not using dedicated graphics card.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 50 Minuten

On my newly installed Mint cinnamon laptop. When I launch dota2, it uses the integrated intel card instead of my AMD. Needless to say Game is unplayble at 30fps. Are there any commands to force the game to use the AMD card? Am I missing something? New linux user here.

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Squished image on interlaced resolutions using AMDGPU driver (xpost linuxquestions)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 4 Stunden 2 Minuten

I'm trying to run an R9 290 at interlaced resolutions, but for some reason the image gets horizontally squished when I try to do so. This only happens when using amdgpu and not on radeon, which works as intended. Here are images demonstrating the issue.

As stated before, the GPU is an R9 290. The output being used is HDMI (being converted to VGA by an external DAC). I am using kernel 5.12.12.

Does anybody know of a fix for this issue? If needed, I can provide any additional information. Thanks.

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Injustice gods Among Us doesn't start - Linux Mint

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 6 Stunden 38 Minuten

The error is this one: Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. \n\nInvalid Il code in InjusticeLauncher.LauncherForm:PlayBtn_Click (object,System.EventArgs): IL_0079:Idc.i4.1.

Help please, I'm new to gaming in linux

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Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 7 Stunden 46 Minuten

hey guys

so i was wondering if games like apex legends have got their shit together with eac
if not, can i just download the linux version and it'll work?

sorry, thinking about getting linux and want to know if my favorite games will work

(sorry if flare is bad)

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Epic Games Offering Free Easy Anti-Cheat For Developers

Boiling Steam - vor 8 Stunden 1 Minute

With the hulking, massive cash cow that Epic Games is, it seems inevitable that they’re gaining a stronger and stronger hold on the PC gaming market. They offered Sony $200 million to make their first-party games exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Just keeping Borderlands 3 as a timed exclusive cost them $115 million. But, spending all that cash apparently doesn’t hurt them at all.

One of the big obstacles that prevents Proton from advancing Linux gaming is the inability to play any games that use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) service. As a number of games are using this service, the number may only increase now, thanks to Epic now allowing any developer to use EAC free of charge, regardless of the engine they use. Epic announced this in a blog post on Tuesday:

On top of that, Epic Online Services is offering the industry-leading anti-cheat solution to all developers for free. Easy Anti-Cheat is a powerful feature necessary for the smooth running of any online game with players on PC. These services empower developers to launch, operate, and scale great games like never before. 

Epic Online Services

Engines that have support for EAC besides Unreal include Unity, Lumberyard, and Godot. I haven’t heard any developer complain about the cost of implementing any sort of anti-cheat service with their game, so my fear and uncertainty may be unfounded.

I get it, though. Nobody wants to deal with hackers or cheaters when they just want to play a game. As evidenced by all the money Epic throws around, however, I feel they simply don’t care about adding Wine/Proton support for EAC; they could certainly hire an engineer or two to add backwards compatibility, but they haven’t done this. CodeWeavers is working hard to get EAC for Proton implemented, but who knows how much longer it’s going to take. Epic mentions in their documentation that “Mac and Linux client support are coming soon” but it seems pretty hard to believe. Native Linux anti-cheat support obviously works, but not the Windows version through Wine or Proton.

In other Epic news, we may actually see Final Fantasy 7 Remake head to PC, via, of course, your favorite game store. Note that if you want to use the Epic Games Store on Linux despite the lack of an official client, you can use Legendary or the HeroicLauncher to make your life a little easier.

If I Buy a Game From GoG Can I Still Play the Game with Proton?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 8 Stunden 12 Minuten


I often buy games on Steam just out of habit, but in effort to make games mine and get away from restrictive DRM and games becoming playable only as long as I am allowed to play them I have started looking to buy more and more off of GoG. My only question is whether or not I can still benefit from systems like Proton that help make Windows games run on Linux if I don't buy the game off of Steam.

Sorry for the new question.

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Hi guys! I released my game on itch.io and i am looking for testers.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 9 Stunden 40 Minuten

It is a single-map minigame inspired by the zombies mode of call of duty, but with a faster and simpler gameplay.


password: 123 (I will remove it when I know that everything is working)

About the project:

Tenebre was born as a project and my first approach to creating 3d games. It took me almost two months to get to this result from almost zero knowledge on 3d games, and I really learned a lot from it.

It currently covers the basic elements of call of duty zombies, with some simplifications due to my inexperience and lack of resources. I will probably do a sequel with better graphics and animations in the future, but for now I want to close this project and experiment with new game genres.

graphics engine: Godot v3.3

Platforms: Linux/Windows

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Good gaming peripherals for Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. Juni 2021 - 23:13

I'm specifically looking for a replacement for my MMO mouse with 12 side buttons that I'll be able to easily get setup/configured on arch with sway, but I figured that having a whole thread for similar sorts of things might be useful.

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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS gets a new series of Fusion Updates

Gaming on Linux - 24. Juni 2021 - 19:49

For a while now the newer team who have kept Planetary Annihilation: TITANS alive have been gradually updating the game as part of the "Unicorn" series, which they say is now over and it's time for Fusion.

The first update for the Fusion series is out now, adding in the Fusion Commander which will be available for everyone during the Steam Summer Sale 2021 and after you can buy it in-game if you wish to keep it (commanders are just cosmetic).

A new unit was also added with the Stinger "the little bot that could". This is an anti-air bot unit with twin-mounted homing missile pods. There's also a major UI upgrade for lobbies so that the host of the game can drag, drop and swap players. Additionally, the lobby will not start generating a system right away as there's no default now "saving your CPU from generating something you were probably not going to use" and also asteroids can now be included in random generation systems.

Pictured - the new Command and new Stinger unit.

On top of that the hand-made map pool has been expanded with all previous 1v1 ranked maps in it. Planetary Annihilation Inc also upgraded their own servers, so online games should run better than ever.

What's next for Planetary Annihilation: TITANS? Quite a lot actually - they're clearly dedicated to the game. They said all this will come later this year as part of the Fusion updates:

  • Toolchain and performance updates
  • Default continuous build with view of build queue
  • Improved map selection (map packs no longer required)
  • New game lobby system preview (including metal spots)
  • UI unicode font updates with emojis
  • Defeated player and spectator vision options eg defeated unshared player can only view team
  • Faster mod mounting, uploading and downloading
  • Server mods support for Galactic War
  • AI update
  • Shields!

You can buy Planetary Annihilation: TITANS on Humble Store and Steam.

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What's the best distro for an arcade cabinet frontend?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. Juni 2021 - 19:34

Hey guys. I've never used linux, but I want to mod an arcade 1up cabinet to be an all in one retro machine. I was thinking I could gut the computer in it and replace it with an old laptop so I can play games up to the sixth console generation. I'm looking for a distro with a GUI similar to RetroPie. I don't really want to use a raspberry pi because it just doesn't have the power for what I want to do. I'm looking for a distro catered towards projects like this with easy game navigation, attract modes, boxarts, and all that fun stuff. Thanks in advance.

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The Steam Summer Sale 2021 is now live with thousands of savings and a mini-game

Gaming on Linux - 24. Juni 2021 - 19:30

Have you been penny-pinching ready for the Steam Summer Sale 2021? Well it's live now so you can open those wallets up and build up another backlog of games.

This year Valve has announced what they're calling Forge Your Fate, which are "fourteen themed pages featuring destiny-defining micro-adventures, each one leading to an animated sticker, and all culminating in a fate-forged badge and glory". Each of them brings you to a special store page with games that fit the theme picked, and allow you to continue a little story. Additionally, the Points Shop has been updated with for all-new Game Profiles featuring animated backgrounds, mini-profiles, avatars, and colour schemes.

As per usual, we try to highlight some interesting stuff for you to try out. Here's a little list we think are worth a go:

You can grab some cheap games during Steam's Summer Sale from June 24 until July 8. As usual, the store appears to be struggling too and not all discounts are live (keep refreshing and more appear). Eventually it will smoothen out.

What will you be picking up? Do let us know in the comments what you think it's worth it.

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