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SPTarkov on Garuda .NET missing

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 7 Minuten

Dear smart Linux People

i added sptarkov (server and launcher) to steam as game and started it, server works fine but i can't start the Launcher because all the time it says i need .net 6 which i installed but don't seem to work, is there a chance / Instructions where i can like add .net6 to proton? I saw things where it windows filesystem was simulated, is there any chance i can add .net 6 to it?

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Minecraft constantly crashing after reinstalling linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 29 Minuten

i’m new to linux and use mint. everything was working perfectly fine on my first installation (was getting better performance than windows tbh) up until i had to reinstall mint due to some issues i was having.

after the reinstallation, i made sure to update my drivers and done pretty much everything i done before. this time however, minecraft just won’t stop crashing.

i also play watch dogs which runs completely fine and doesn’t crash at all. it’s just minecraft. my main launcher is lunar client but i’ve also tried the default launcher, polymc and badlion which all crash as well.

i’m not sure why specifically minecraft crashes out of anything else regardless of which client or launcher i use but i’m hoping that this can be fixed. thanks in advance.

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What does "Btl file cache full. Discards the least recently used items. " mean?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 28 Minuten

Playing wine games on lutris before update was smooth, post arch system wide update I got this as a new terminal output while running a game in a stuttery mess. Tried using different wine runners. Same result.

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Bottles and GSync

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 6 Stunden 16 Sekunden

Hey Girls and Boys,

I run my Blizzard and EA Games through Bottles, which is a Flatpak Application. The games boot up and run absolutely fine. But i just cant get Nvidia GSync to work. My Steam (Flatpak version aswell) games made use of GSync right from the start.

Any help or tips to get GSync working with Bottles?

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Steam Cloud Saves not working?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 6 Stunden 51 Minuten

I haven's used steam in while let alone on linux. I recently distro hopped and I was just assuming my save data was stored in the cloud because it always said Cloud Status up to date. I checked my save data on the Steam website and only my saves from when I played on windows a while ago appear to have been uploaded. I have steam cloud sync for supported apps enabled, is there something I'm missing or is linux and cloud saving just janky?

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I really, REALLY wanted to use linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 7 Stunden 18 Minuten

Just tried out Nobara and fell in love with it trying to make a "valve machine" while steamOS 3.0 isn't yet available


I'm actually talking about my HTPC, used by the whole family, so 70% of its use is Stremio + Amazon Prime + Netflix... and the latter dimwit companies won't allow fullHD stream to linux. What the frig?

I absolutely do not want to go back to Windows. Is there any definitive way to make sure those two run on 1080p? Just tried a few chrome addons/firefox plugins without much luck.


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My story of my first week of Linux.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 8 Stunden 2 Minuten

Sorry for poor grammar in this post, but I was educated by the American education system. Anyways, after one week of gaming on Linux using Ubuntu because it was easy. I fixed my generic xbox one controller which wouldn't work at first. Also, got all my games from acting as if I had 2 monitors, which was keeping me from seeing the game but I had the game noise in the background. Game in mention was Dota 2 and Europa 4. Anyways, it was all due to great thanks to Linux support from Reddit and other forums that I got this far. Anyways, all is well and I can game on everything with no problem now. Also ps.. it wasn't that hard at all totally worth the switch from Windows 10.

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ALVR stuck on "Waiting for server to load..." (Fedora KDE)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 10 Stunden 40 Minuten

I recently moved to linux. After all my basic setup, I decided it was time to try VR. I got ALVR running, with steamVR, but it won't load the server. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be great.

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Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 23:16

Hello, I am looking for some games that I can enjoy, have fun with, and spend time easily on, the games I have played and enjoyed the most is Far Cry(all of them), Assassin's Creed(nearly all of them), Shadow of the tomb raider, uncharted 4, god of war, red dead redemption 2, ghost recon wildland and breakpoint, and etc. So please suggest some games that I may like. Btw, I don't like games that are mostly ab zombies, and innovations in the future(HZD, Cyberpunk).


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Satisfactory makes the my PC freeze with white lines on screen

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 23:05

Hello Reddit!

Satisfactory makes my PC crash with lines on the screen like this. Before, the game used to run fine. Other games what I tested with don't make my PC crash (NieR: Automata, Scrap Mechanic).

I'm using GE-Proton7-48 with these launch parameters: PROTON_USE_WINE3D=1 gamemoderun %command% -vulkan

my specs

What I tried:

  • reinstalling wine
  • verifying the game's files

Ps.: I snooped around in Logs, and I found this GPU error. I think it might be related. However, it didn't always appear when the game made my PC freeze.

20:46:55 kernel: [drm:amdgpu_job_timedout [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Process information: process FactoryGame-Win pid 4274 thread FactoryGame-Win pid 4274 20:46:55 kernel: [drm:amdgpu_job_timedout [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Process information: process FactoryGame-Win pid 4274 thread FactoryGame-Win pid 4274 20:46:55 kernel: [drm:amdgpu_job_timedout [amdgpu]] *ERROR* ring gfx timeout, signaled seq=49644, emitted seq=49646 submitted by /u/ChekeredList71
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Overwatch mouse capture issue after respawn

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 22:43

Basically, when you die in OW and respawn, the game loses mouse capture, so moving the mouse will not move the camera and instead the pointer will be visible on screen.

This is not a new issue, there are a few months-old posts on this sub, I just want to bring attention back to it so it can be fixed.

The last version of Wine-GE that I can use without problems is 7-34, from November. Just tested with the latest 7-41 and the issue persists...

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CSGO Attempting to diagnose if this is screen tearing, or different issue

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 21:14

Running -New arch install, nvidia 3080/intel 12th gen i7, ibt disabled, nomodeset

Issue is flickering blocks of static lines, going horizontally across the entire monitor, vertically the position and width will vary. Occurs only in CSGO, dota 2 does not have the issue, nor any other source title/high FPS game on my library.


unable to catch the issue using gpu-screen-recorder, shitty photos of the 1 frame where it flickers

have attempted full screen/fullscreen windowed/limiting FPS/lower res/vulkan/disabling MSAA/ and various other reported fixes for people describing similar issues

have attempted switching between KDE plasma/XFCE disabled comp/XFCE with picom. same results

I am unsure if this is actually screen tearing, would like to hear other opinions. thanks!

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The csgo crashes when playing on retake servers

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 21:00

Hello all, just recently installed linux ubuntu 22.04 and ran into a problem in cs. when starting a new round on the retake server, cs crashes. Found that even from the 20 year appears such an error, anyone was able to fix it? in the properties of these parameters indicate: -novid fullscreen -nojoy. also additionally from this video tried the solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcGy9aQYEUc. Doesn't help

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Cannot adjust game settings in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 20:57

Does anybody else have the problem of not being able to adjust any setting? Additionally, the game runs at max 20 FPS and constant lacks are unavoidable. I have tried different proton versions and a few other things, but nothing seems to fix the issue. As far as I can tell, people used to have the same issue with Resident Evil Village until it got fixed via a new Proton version. The issue might also be related to my AMD GPU since most if not all people on ProtonDB with the same problem also use AMD GPUs.

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Have a free Steam key to give away.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 20:41

Hey peeps, I support a game dev on patreon and they gave me a free steam key. The dev is Studio Ginkgo and the key is for the game "Isekai Frontline" This is a "Cultured persons" game so if you are not interested in that... Seems to work fine with proton. send a pm. I had a key I gave away on discord and the person didn't understand what "Cultured persons" meant so just to clear up any misunderstandings, This is an ADULT game. Don't forget to get the free "true vision" dlc.



  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Processor: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
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I m having issues playing tiny rogues on artix linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 24. März 2023 - 20:35

Before buying the game I played it from a torrent using lutris and proton ge 7-38, now I bought it on steam and if I try using the same version of proton (or any other version for that matter) it gives me a warning that directx 11 is missing and crashes, I installed directx 11 (maybe it s not on the correct path) but it doesn t even start up, it runs perfectly if I go to the location of the game s exe and run it through wine in the terminal. I also tried adding dxvk to the local game files but that doesn t work either

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Get a bunch of horror games in this latest game bundle

Gaming on Linux - 24. März 2023 - 19:25
Humble Bundle just launched another bundle full of games, and it looks like many are compatible with Steam Deck and Linux desktop with Proton.