Useful tools and links for Proton aka SteamPlay

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Useful tools and links for Proton aka SteamPlay

So you all heard about Proton aka SteamPlay by Valve and/or are already using it (at least, I am :-) ).

Here I want to gather some useful tools and links around this topic. I'll update this list with more in the future, so please let me know, if you find something!

  • protontricks

    A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.
    This is a simple wrapper script that uses Winetricks to allow you to specify the game's App ID rather than the full length directory to the Proton prefix itself.

  • protonfixes

    A module for applying fixes at runtime to unsupported games with Steam Proton without changing game installation files. The idea is to include seperate fixes that are only loaded when a game matching that ID is run. This should keep the individual game fixes from affecting any other games. Applying the fixes at runtime should also them to persist after game updates.

  • Proton Wine Manager

    Two tools that ease getting to and changing the proton wine prefixes. Similar to protontricks but nicer to use.

  • proton-shared-user-directory

    Creates a shared user directory for Proton prefixes and prevents Steam from deleting your save and config files.

  • ProtonDB

    The goal of ProtonDB is to gather reports from other gamers as they test games with Proton on Linux and provide aggregate scores of how well games perform.

  • Subreddit for SteamPlay

    The subreddit on Reddit for SteamPlay / Proton.

  • cheese talks to himself about Proton

    An very interesting in-depth look into Proton and the current state of Linux gaming as a whole.

  • official issue tracker for Proton

    Report any issues and/or whitelist requests here direct to Valve.

  • official FAQ for Proton

    Official FAQ for Proton from Valve.

  • README for Protons esync

    How-to raise your file-limits (needed for Protons esync).

  • README for Proton with runtime config options

    General README for Proton including the runtime config options.

  • Changelog for Proton

    The current changelog for available Proton versions.

  • GloriousEggroll / proton-ge-custom

    A custom build of Proton with the most recent release of vanilla wine, has ffmpeg enabled for faudio by default, and all of Proton's patches ported over to be applied to wine, as well as wine-staging and vkd3d.

  • Tk-Glitch / Proton-tkg

    This is an addon script for wine-tkg-git.It can create Steamplay compatible wine builds based on wine-tkg-git + additional proton patches and libraries. Wine-staging based? Latest master? Yup, you can.

  • Tk-Glitch / wine-tkg-git

    Wine-tkg is a build-system aiming at easier custom wine builds creation. You can now easily get the "plain wine + pba + steam fix" build you've been dreaming about!

  • mf-install

    Media Foundation workaround for Wine/Proton.

  • Roberta

    Steam Play compatibility tool to run adventure games using native Linux ScummVM.

  • Luxtorpeda

    Steam Play compatibility tool to run games using native Linux engines.

  • Boxtron

    Steam Play compatibility tool to run DOS games using native Linux DOSBox.

  • Native2Proton

    Native2Proton is a runner for forcing the install and execution of Windows versions of Steam games rather than running the native Linux version.
    (deprecated, you can now force-enable Steam Play in per-title properties in the Steam client itself).