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Littlewood, an RPG with a difference needs funding on Kickstarter

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Most RPGs focus on defeating some sort of evildoer, however Littlewood takes place after a Dark Wizard has already been defeated and it's your job to put everything back together.

Inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud and Runescape it seems to be heavily focusing on the more peaceful side of gaming. It will have mining, crafting, fishing, bug catching, farming, cooking and so on. However, one feature sounds especially interesting! After the Dark Wizard was defeated, their monsters were sealed away into Tarott Cards you can collect and battle people with which I love the sound of.

Even more interesting, is that it's being made by developer Sean Young of SmashGames who made Kindergarten, Roguelands and Magicite which all support Linux. They're very clear about supporting Linux once again, so that's fantastic to see them continue.

Watch video on YouTube.com

The fun news? It's already funded on Kickstarter. It was funded in about two hours which is pretty awesome, although the initial goal was rather low at only $1.5K. They do mention they've already worked on it for well over a year, so quite a lot of it seems like it's already done.

See the Kickstarter here.

I really wish gaming on linux would be supported more.

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I've been trying Linux for a couple days now and it's really amazing. Possibly better than windows in everyway, except one which is gaming. I truly wish developers supported Linux more but sadly it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. My favorite games which I researched before hand are said to run on Linux through steams proton capability and startup commands.

The first couple hours were great and it was the perfect OS I was always looking for. But after a while a host of bugs and issues started to show up. Mouse gets stuck in camera mode when in menus, mouse moves down and to the right when clicking. some menus broken. I'm really sad because I wanted Linux to be my all in one operating system. Sadly I think I'm going to have to go back to windows 10.

I thought about dual booting but switching between two operating systems just for gaming is not what I planned to do nor what I wanted.

Anyways just expressing my feelings towards the current situation of gaming on Linux. Anyone else feel the same way about it as me?

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2D action adventure 'Unsung Warriors' has an expanded Prologue along with a Kickstarter

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I took a look at the Prologue of Unsung Warriors back in October last year and it was pretty good! They've now expanded it, put it on Steam and they have a Kickstarter going for the full game.

Watch video on YouTube.com

While the Prologue is obviously a little short and simple, the full game will be expanded in many ways. It will include a full story-based campaign with side-quests along with local co-op support. It will have all the usual suspects here including various weapons to equip and sell, different abilities to wield and a multiple choice ending depending on what choices you make during the game.

With around 33 days left to go, they're looking to get at least €30K in funding with a bit of a slow start at only just over €1K pledged. Considering they have a Prologue with its own story that acts like a demo, which already works on Linux I hope they're able to get funded. People fund things with nothing more than concept art often, so it would be a shame as the gameplay seems like it could be pretty good when it's longer and more polished in a full experience.

If you did try the Prologue before, give it another shot since they've expanded and improved it too.

Find the Prologue on itch.io and Steam, the Kickstarter for the full game is here.

How is the Linux port of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

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I see that the recommended system requirements ask for a whooping i7 and 16GB of RAM. Are the requirements really that high?

My PC has an i5-4670k, 8GB of RAM and a GTX 770. Isn't that enough?

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Alan wake does anyone how to set the game to have both in game and cinematics sound?

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i tried but i got in game sound but not on cinematics.

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Can you play Undertale and Deltarune on Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Januar 2019 - 23:30

Games from Toby Fox

Do they have official linux versions?

I heard deltarune doesn't have an official linux version, only Windows and Mac, and so you can't play it.

is this true?

can you play Undertale and Deltarune on Linux? and do they work very well with no issues? or bugs/glitches?

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Discord says it needs an update(Update 0.0.7), AUR, flatpak and snap are all still on 0.06, anyone else?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Januar 2019 - 20:47

Also, is the only thing i can do now to download the tar.gz from the website? (Or use alien to convert the .deb to pacman format)

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The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle is out with some nice games

Gaming on Linux - 15. Januar 2019 - 20:23

Tags: Game Bundle, Humble Store

Another week and another new bundle has appeared! The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle is up for two weeks and there's some pretty good games going.

Pay what you want:

  • Mountain
  • 140
  • THOTH (not on Linux, Seems to work in Steam Play)

Pay more than the average:

  • GNOG (not on Linux)
  • Escape Goat 2

For the top tier of $10 (about £7.78) you will get:

  • Gang Beasts
  • Everything (this is the actual name of a game, just FYI)

The bundle is worth it alone for Escape Goat 2, a really great puzzle platformer from developer MagicalTimeBean. I have to admit though, I've wanted to try out Gang Beasts for quite some time and so I will probably pick up the bundle myself to play with family.

See the full bundle here.

Windowed mode...

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Januar 2019 - 19:13

I'm trying to run cs go on Ubuntu but it freezes then starts after a few seconds but it is always in windowed mode and I can't save settings because I can't access the lower part of the screen where I suppose a "save" button might be. How do I solve this issue. Thanks for your time.

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World of Warships accusing proton & wine user of cheating

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15. Januar 2019 - 18:19

So, from time to time I play World of Warships. Up until middle of november I used to have a windows PCI passthrough setup for windows only games. But after so many microsoft shenanigans, I went full Linux (Arch to be specific). Now, initially I ran world of warships through Proton. But since the patcher on steam would cause HDD issues, I shifted the game to a manual install through their wargaming client, and ran it through its own wine prefix. The game has been unmodified. Just a barebones wine prefix which is just able to run the game. 2 weeks after my last playsession, I suddenly get an 'interesting' email from Wargaming. See attached image. Did wargaming introduce some easy anti cheat shenanigans or what? So right now I'm holding off playing the game until this is resolved.

Wargaming.net sent me a nice email.

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