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Playing VRChat on Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 1 Stunde 16 Minuten

Playing VRChat? Wanna try playing VR from Linux? You need help? Join our VRChat Linux Community Discord ~Cheers https://discord.io/ncdlabs

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Why is Lutris so slow?[Linux Mint]

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 11 Minuten

Can someone help me fix Lutris?

It's slow, starting the program takes 2-3 min then everything I press in the UI takes a few seconds to load or it straight up freezes. I've had Lutris for about 2 months now the only time it worked normally(snappy and fast) was yesterday(literally the only time it worked normally) and I got all excited it finally works. To my surprise it's shitty again no updates or changes were made in between.


  • CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
  • GPU: RX570
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Crucial 500GB SSD


  • Linux Mint 20.1 x86_64 Cinnamon
  • Kernel: 5.12.4-xanmod1

Oh and I would like to point out I am noob when it comes to Linux been a user a few months but I never had to do any "advanced stuff". And of course thank you all for your replies.

To clarify.

I know this thread is not primarily about support but it seems fitting to be in this thread since Lutris plays an important role on gaming on Linux. But if anyone has a problem with it being in this thread no problem comment it and I'll take it somewhere else

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Troubleshooting Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition (AOE2DE) on Steam's Proton tool

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 48 Minuten

Hi all, I recently switched from Manjaro to Arch Linux and I'm having a problem with a particularly problematic game on Steam: Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition (AOE2DE)

  • Hardware: Lenovo T460 with Intel Core i7 6600U (Intel Skylake HD Graphics 520), 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD (luks/btrfs with @root and @home subvolumes)

  • I used to run AOE2DE reasonably well on Manjaro Linux (kernel 5.10) with the latest vanilla Proton version installed (desync issue in multiplayer was fixed based on ProtonDB posts)

  • currently I'm running Arch Linux with kernel 5.12.2-arch1-1 and KDE Plasma 5.21.5, and tried multiple vanilla and custom Proton versions (5.13, 6.3, and 6.8-GE-1 [the custom version 6.8 by Glorious Eggroll]):

  • on vanilla Proton versions: Steam shows AOE2DE as "running" and then not running; the game completely fails to launch

  • on Proton 6.8-GE: AOE2DE starts running, displays the splash screen, and then never loads the game menu; the process has to be manually killed

  • Other things I've tried:

    • disabled Steam Overlay while in-game
    • verified integrity of game files
    • tried the desync issue fix recommended on the game's ProtonDB page
    • generated text log for Proton 6.8-GE with PROTON_LOG=1 %command%
    • ProtonDB Wiki suggests installing correct video drivers but I am hesitant about touching video drivers: [user@host ~]$ sudo pacman -S lib32-vulkan-intel vulkan-intel lib32-mesa lib32-vulkan-icd-loader vulkan-tools llvm lib32-llvm lib32-llvm-libs llvm-libs [sudo] password: warning: lib32-vulkan-intel-21.1.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: vulkan-intel-21.1.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: lib32-mesa-21.1.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: lib32-vulkan-icd-loader-1.2.176-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: vulkan-tools-1.2.172-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: lib32-llvm-libs-11.1.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling warning: llvm-libs-11.1.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling resolving dependencies... looking for conflicting packages...

      Packages (9) lib32-llvm-11.1.0-1 lib32-llvm-libs-11.1.0-1 lib32-mesa-21.1.0-1 lib32-vulkan-icd-loader-1.2.176-1 lib32-vulkan-intel-21.1.0-1 llvm-11.1.0-1 llvm-libs-11.1.0-1 vulkan-intel-21.1.0-1 vulkan-tools-1.2.172-1

      Total Download Size: 131.31 MiB Total Installed Size: 761.57 MiB Net Upgrade Size: 475.50 MiB

      :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] n

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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been focusing hard on learning linux for a while and got a bit overwhelmed at trying to get into the networking portion, so I'm going to take a break with some gaming on linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 44 Minuten

I'm looking to try out hacking and would like to do as much in the terminal as possible. How could I learn to do things in terminal that would be done with gameconqueror and things like that?

Looking for resources

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Scarlet Hollow Episode 2 due out in early June, play the first episode free

Gaming on Linux - vor 3 Stunden 52 Minuten

Scarlet Hollow, a rather excellent horror-novel adventure is getting a second paid episode that will enter Early Access with Linux support on June 11. This follows on from the successful Kickstarter campaign late last year, and the free release of episode one which you can play now.

"Trapped in the dying Appalachian mining town of Scarlet Hollow for the funeral of your estranged aunt, you quickly find yourself at the center of a dark mystery that threatens your life and the fate of an entire town. Who lives, who dies, and the fate of an entire town rests on your shoulders."

Watch video on YouTube.com


  • A heavily branching narrative where your choices matter. The relationships you forge and the decisions you make will dramatically alter your journey.
  • Terrifying and funny. Charming characters and snappy dialogue flip to pulse-pounding horror at a moment's notice.
  • A complex relationship system that changes how characters act around you. Characters don't just like or dislike you. Become friendly rivals, bitter adversaries, best friends, or mild acquaintances with everyone in town based on how you approach the story.
  • Trait-based dialogue and role-playing. Scarlet Hollow's dialogue system is driven by role-playing elements that let you choose who you want to be. Are you quiet and observant? Hot and clueless? 21 different character builds change how you interact with the world and how your story unfolds.
  • Original monster designs inspired by Appalachian myths and cryptids. You won't find any predictable vampires or zombies here.
  • Five romance options. Whether you're into goths, dads, Youtubers, mysterious recluses, or lo-fi beats to study and water your plants to, we've got all your bases covered.
  • Dozens of meticulously hand-drawn and traditionally inked backgrounds. Every background in the game is drawn by hand and inked on massive 19x24 inch paper.
  • Hundreds of immersive sprites. Each major character has dozens of hand-drawn sprites that interact with backgrounds and capture a full range of lighting, emotion, environment, and outfit changes.

The plan is for the full experience to stay in Early Access until all 7 episodes are done.

Follow on Steam and play the first episode free on Steam too.

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Stuck on preparing to launch

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 4 Stunden 13 Minuten

When I try to open killing floor 2 from steam it just does not work It gets stuck on preparing to launch and nothing happens and after I close the pop up menu steam bugs for some time making me unable to open any other game.
Any Ideas?

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Vulkan (Linux) vs DirectX

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 12 Minuten

I was quite surprised to see that fps of few games on linux through wine surpassed the performance of DirectX. Both of them were using radeon GPU. Although , for now , Vulkan on linux (using wine) performed equally or in some cases surpassed DirectX , will we see a lot of improvement in vulkan using radeon GPU on linux in the future ? (assuming wine won't be necessary for most of the titles in the future)

Thanks in advance.

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Valve Index Firmware Updates

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 36 Minuten

Have a question. So I use my valve Index on Linux and recently had to RMA one of my trackers. When I get the new one will I be able to update the firmware from the SteamVR Linux client or some how pass it through a windows VM?


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The Humble DeckBuild & Battle Bundle is live, remember to check out the Covid Bundle too

Gaming on Linux - vor 6 Stunden 44 Minuten

Need some more games for the weekend and the coming months? Humble are back with the Humble DeckBuild & Battle Bundle.

This bundle is quite a small one overall, with a selection that's not the best but hopefully by us highlighting it some of you might find a gem or two you've been meaning to pick up. Here's what's included with Linux-supported titles highlights for you to make it easier.

£0.72 / $1 - Thea: The Awakening

Beat the average for: Cultist Simulator and SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

£8.65 or more to get:  Imperator: Rome, NEOVERSE, Thea 2: The Shattering, Fantasy General II

The Humble DeckBuild & Battle Bundle is live for two weeks.

This is also a good opportunity to remind you of the The Humble Heal: Covid-19 Bundle, where 100% of the proceeds will be going to charity. There's tons of great games in that too with four days left.

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AMDVLK noob questions

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 6 Stunden 58 Minuten

Hi, I recently installed ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop hp pavilion 15-n027sl with apu a4 5000m and GPU Dual AMD Radeon HD 8330G / 8670M and now i have doubts which driver amd i must installed on my system, or if i can install in my laptop.

seeing the amdvlk site the drivers are compatible with the 8000m series but I don't know if there are limitations with old systems like mine.

I can simply download the deb from the official page of the site, or, as I understand, i have to follow the build instructions even if my system does not meet the ram requirements?

sorry for my bad English and for my noob post :(

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Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2021-20 #Drückblick - Mit dem Überraschunggast Realpolitiks 2 doch unter Linux - GoGodot Jam angekündigt - Space Haven mit Geburtstags-Release Alpha 12 - Unvanquished Beta 0.52 mit neuer Dæmon-Engine

Holarse Linuxgaming - vor 7 Stunden 14 Minuten

Ein herzliches Willkommen zu unserem Linux-Gaming Wochenend-Rückblick Nr. 20 im Jahre 2021! Hier listen wir interessante und informative Neuigkeiten aus der Linuxspielewelt auf, die wir zwischen dem 09.05.2021 und dem 15.05.2021 (Redaktionsschluss ca. 14:30 Uhr) zusammengetragen haben.

  • Godot Engine kündigt das kommende "Go Godot Jam" an, ein Online-Festival rund um die Game-Engine. Es beinhaltet auch einen GameJam. Link
  • Mumble wechselt für seine Übersetzungen auf das Weblate-Projekte. Link
  • Path of Titans Dev Blog #49 - Link
  • Project Hospital hat seinen Workshop-Bereich vollständig umgekrempelt und abgeschlossen. Link
Releases Updates
  • Conquer the Skies behebt in Version einige Fehler und verbessert die Performance. Link
  • AI War 2 2.902 Rather Refined Ghosts & 2.903 Journals For Miles - Link 1 und Link 2
  • AI War 2 2.909 The Hunt Intensifies - Link
  • Europa Universalis IV Update 1.31.3 ist nun verfügbar. Link
  • Hex of Steel bring euch nicht nur einen Karteneditor sondern gleich einen ganzen Szenarien-Generator (!) mit im Update 5.0.0. Link
  • Oxygen Not Included bekommt für die Spaced Out!-Erweiterung das Pflanzen-Update "The Peculiar Plants Update". Link
  • Secret Government bereinigt das Spiel an vielen Stellen, damit ihr ordentliche Verschwörungen aufbauen könnt. Update steht euch nun dazu zur Seite! Link
  • Space Haven veröffentlicht die Alpha 12 - das Geburtstagsupdate! Link
  • Valheim aktualisiert seine Engine und behebt zahlreiche Problemchen in Update 0.153.2. Link
  • Vendetta Online Vendetta Online 1.8.553-554 - Link
  • Wayward möchte mit der Beta 2.10.4 noch weitere Problemstellen glätten und hat für Einsteiger ein neues Tutorial-Video bereitgestellt. Link
  • Ziggurat 2 bringt den Ulmar Fish aus dem ersten Teil im Update #33 wieder zurück. Link
Open Source Wine, Proton, SteamPlay, Emulationen
  • Proton (GloriousEggroll) unterstützt mit 6.8-GE-1 wieder einige Spiele mehr. Unter anderem den neusten Resident Evil-Teil, Forza Horizon 4 und Nier Replicant Link
  • Proton korrigiert im Release 6.3-4 einige Probleme, unter anderem mit dem 2K-Launcher. Link
Tools Treiber und Hardware Windows-Spiel der Woche mit Proton In eigener Sache
  • Source und Binaries von GL-117 mit den neusten Releases von 2002 bis 2005 jetzt im Holarse-Archiv hinterlegt. Link
  • Wir haben die loki_compat_libs in unserem Archiv vervollständigt und archiviert. Link
Holarse Services / Dedicated Server

Wir stellen für folgende Spiele einen oder mehrere Gameserver über unseren Server gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de und dem Server-Passwort holarse zur Verfügung:

Spiel Version Port Anmerkung 7 Days To Die Alpha 19.4 26900 Factorio 1.0.0 34197 Insurgency 27015 Coop Minecraft 1.16.5 25565 Karte Minetest 5.4.1 30000 MineClone 2 0.7.1 30009

Urban Terror 4.3.4 27960 Valheim 2456 Steam-Server-Browser: Port 2457 Linux-Streamer und Linux-Gaming-Youtuber

  • As Reiter spielt ausschließlich unter Linux sowohl Open Source, nette Indietitel aber auch Windows-Spiele unter Proton. Youtube
  • Corben78, VR-, Sci-fi- oder Horrorspiele unter Linux. Twitch
  • derhass bezeichnet sich - paradoxerweise - selbst nicht als Streamer, streamt aber ab und an! Hauptsächlich Overload Multiplayer. Aber immer Linux. Twitch
  • GTuxTV spielt gerne neue Titel und bedient sich allem, was Wine und Proton aber auch nativ zu bieten hat. GTuxTV
  • Hatnix spielt DRM-frei und WINE-Spiele unter Linux und hat wieder einen schönen Streamplan für euch. Streamplan.
  • Nerdgrrrl, Linuxgamerin mit Schwäche für Zombies. Twitch
  • opensource_gaming: Nicht zwingend Linux-Only aber dafür OpenSource. Zu sehen auf Twitch.
  • Z-Ray Entertainment spielt alles unter Linux, was nicht bei drei auf den virtuellen Bäumen ist. Twitch
Schönes Wochenende

Das war's wieder einmal für diese Woche und mit diesem "Drückblick". Ihr habt Anregungen oder Anmerkungen? Lasst es uns wissen, entweder hier unten in den Kommentaren oder besucht uns im IRC (oder #holarse auf FreeNode) oder im Discord oder quatscht mit uns im Mumble (play.holarse.de, Server-Passwort ist 'holarse')!

Noch direktere News mit, von und über uns findet ihr im Übrigen auf unserem Twitter-Kanal, aber auch auf dem freien Netzwerk Mastodon und einige Reviews auch auf unserer Steam-Curator-Seite.


Check out the demo for Increlution, a survival-idle game up on Steam

Gaming on Linux - vor 8 Stunden 10 Minuten

Increlution is quite unusual and somewhat engrossing, an idle-styled game about survival and seeing how long you can last while doing various tasks.

It blends together elements of an idle game, a clicker and a text-adventure all into one package. It's a little weird but surprisingly it actually works quite well. I've been somewhat enamoured with it, keen to see more as I explore and unlock new activities. The game sprinkles in story elements too as you explore, it's just such a great idea if you love the basic idea behind it.

"Survive the ever increasing pressure of time for as long as you can! A minimalistic idle game about time management that takes inspiration from roguelite games, with a focus on meta-progression. Every generation will have better chances at survival, because previous lives influence its instincts"

Watch video on YouTube.com

Check out Increlution on Steam and try out the demo now.

The release is planned for Q3 2021, with it planned to be in Early Access for 6-18 months while the developer continues to expand what's possible with it.

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Anyone know how to disable controller in yakuza 0?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 8 Stunden 30 Minuten

I have a dualshock 4 which I can't unplug as I use its headphone jack for my headset. The game keeps trying to switch between controller and kb+m, casuing all sorts of issues. Tried disabling steam controller input, didn't work. Tried switching proton versions, game doesn't run at all, (requires 5.0-10).

On Ubuntu 20.10, anyone got a solution?

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Looks like it's all over for the once promising Smach Z handheld

Gaming on Linux - vor 8 Stunden 55 Minuten

Press F to pay respects. Remember the Smach Z? A handheld gaming unit where you could pick between Windows 10 and SMACH OS (Linux) - well it looks like it's all over now.

The situation surrounding the Smach Z has always been a bit of an odd one, with the team behind it often going completely silent with plenty of people out there who considered it a scam from the beginning. It's had multiple funding rounds with €474,530 from Kickstarter and a further bunch from IndieGoGo in 2016, and they had pre-orders available since 2018 too. Over time it seems they pulled in some investors too but the well has run dry.

In a forum post from the Founder, Daniel Fernandez, which isn't available to view publicly (but reposted to Reddit) Fernandez goes on to mention how they "might soon enter bankruptcy" due to their main investor pulling out of the project and they were the only thing keeping it afloat.

Fernandez makes it clear that despite all the money, "the project was way more ambitious than the budget we were managing" and they even had aid given by their government and private investors but "after a few missteps, the investors felt forced to decide to stop supporting the project".

What does Fernandez claim are the reasons? A mixture of COVID, the charging unit failed an emissions test and problems with the batteries heating up too with continued delays that has led to this.

Will anyone get their ordered devices? Considering some have pre-ordered units for close to £1,000, it's a lot of money to lose on your dream handheld gaming device. Sadly, it looks like a no and there's only three people on their team so it's clearly not going to happen. How about refunds then? If they do declare bankruptcy, anything they have left will apparently go towards refunds. They also claim to have been providing refunds "for a very long time" already but they can no longer do it now due to the investor pulling out.

Sounds like a clear message: It's dead, Jim.

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