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How to build osu!lazer for Ubuntu 18.04

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 1 Stunde 57 Minuten

Needed Dependencies are dotnet core sdk, get it here: https://www.microsoft.com/net/download

First Clone the Repo

git clone https://github.com/ppy/osu.git

cd osu/

git submodule update --init

Restore nuget packages by:

dotnet restore

Build osu!lazer:

dotnet build

to simply run osu!lazer:

cd osu.Desktop

dotnet run

to make a linux binary package:

dotnet publish --self-contained --configuration Release --runtime ubuntu.16.10-x64

You can expect the Package under: /osu/osu.Desktop/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1

There is a script available on my Github page that automates this process:


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I know it's getting said a lot but I just want to thank Valve for Proton

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 4 Minuten

I've just spent all morning playing SuperHot and Beatsaber in Ubuntu 18.04 with my gf without a hitch. She didn't even realise the games we're made for our setup!! Valve you guys are making a huge difference.

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Catalyst or Open Source?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 9 Minuten

Recently I've wanted to move my 2nd pc to linux and since I'm using the Antergos on my primary I would use it here aswell. My question is, since on that pc I'm having the AMD's Radeon HD 6570 (Turks), which would be the better driver to go for if anyone has ever had any chance of getting the benchmarks for the catalyst 15.9 and open source drivers? The GPU is pretty outdated but I'm just interesting if it would be better to run catalyst or not, thanks in advance.

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Disable vsync on csgo using compton

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 12 Minuten

Hello, as the title says I would like to have compton becouse it gets rid of tearing on firefox but it applies vsyn to everything including games.

Is it possible to add an exception to compton for games or only applying it to the web browser would be better.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot I'm using Manjaro with xfce, AMD FURY with mesa drivers

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An update on the status of porting Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation for Linux

Gaming on Linux - vor 3 Stunden 53 Minuten

Tags: Strategy, Steam

Writing an update on what's happening with Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation [Steam], the Stardock CEO mentioned Linux support again in a recent post on Steam.

Here's what they said:

We also have a base engine app now in Linux (not Ashes itself but one step at a time). 

Now, someone might argue why support Linux? Here's a reason you can share: You really can't port your engine to consoles without going to Linux first. It's really that simple. No Linux port, no console versions because you need a "clean slate" version of it.

I don't have any ETA on the latter part.

We may still be in for quite a wait on this, especially since they're still not giving an ETA. This is after they put out a call for people interested in a Linux version to post in this Steam thread, which was opened in May last year.

We don't have many strategy games like this, so it would be good to finally have it on Linux. The closest things we have right now are Planetary Annihilation and games like Zero-K on the Spring RTS game engine. That's not exactly much of a choice!

Hat tip to voyager.

FFXI with dx8

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 1 Minute

Old games like FFXI i've been playing with loads better with directx8, so i'm trying to make wine to use dx8 with argument "-dxlevel 81". However, the executable file requires argument itself too. Here's the command i am using:

primusrun wine xiloader.exe --server 123.456.789.00

i tried to force it to use dx8 with this command :

primusrun wine xiloader.exe --server 123.456.789.00 -dxlevel 81

but it doesnt work, cause the file xiloader.exe is taking the -dxlevel 81 as an argument for itself instead of for wine. Does anybody knows how can i make wine to use DX8 please?

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How to install DXVK on fedora?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 8 Stunden 6 Minuten

Hey, im having trouble installing DXVK on fedora and cant find anything online. Does anyone know the commands for getting it installed?

I tried following this: https://github.com/lutris/lutris/wiki/How-to:-DXVK

But kept getting "No match for argument: "

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How can I remap DualShock 4 buttons?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 12 Stunden 19 Minuten

Now that Steam Play makes it easy for me to play my Windows games on Linux, I'm running into an issue with needing to rebind my DualShock 4 buttons for some games that have horrible default control schemes (e.g. Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta). On Windows it's easy because the software needed to use the DS4 at all lets you rebind keys and save profiles. But I haven't been able to find a similarly easy way to rebind my controller and save profiles for the Linux side.

This is a game-breaking issue to me. I refuse to grapple with shitty control schemes. I can't imagine there's no way to deal with this, I just can't find it.

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[help] steam tray icon broken

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 14 Stunden 7 Minuten


leftmost icon is steam icon. I don't know why it's like this.

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Crossover steam help

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 14 Stunden 13 Minuten

I am trying to get windows steam working with crossover on ubuntu 16.04

Linux steam works fine also so does "big screen" and i cant select ps4 controller from options in big mode.

I can get the windows version of steam to work fine except "big screen" mode. it just boot to black screen i can hear splash screen sounds though. the problem i have is to use the ps4 contoller i need to tick a box only available in big picture mode, but that mode is just black screen......any ideas? I have tried WINE and POL but never got windows steam working. crossover gets it working i just need to use ps4 controller with it

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[TGS 2018] Smach Z, News and Upcoming Milestones

Boiling Steam - vor 14 Stunden 15 Minuten

This year’s Tokyo Games Show was full of surprises. First, I did not expect to see the Smach Z there! At least 3 of their representatives were there, from technical side to marketing/financial side, and they were showing a prototype at their booth. Unfortunately, it was not functional.

Oscar de la Torre from Smach Z told me that they have recently had issues with the connection between the PCB and the screen (they needed another chip in between apparently) and they had to wait another 2 weeks before they could get a new PCB to fix the issue. So they could not have a working prototype in time for the TGS.

While it is a shame, they said they will targeting first production runs at the end of this year, or early 2019 (first quarter). While you could not play with the Smach Z, it was possible to hold it: it’s quite large, definitely bulkier than a Switch, and heavier too. But not too the point where it would become too uncomfortable. The haptic feedback pads on each side are very similar to what you have on the Steam Controller, albeit a little smaller in diameter.

As for the launch plans, they plan to have 2 versions, one with Windows, and one with Linux – the Linux distribution will not be SteamOS anymore – instead they will have a build based on Arch Linux. I also inquired whether or not they would be using a mainline kernel, and apparently not – some hardware drivers will require additional patches that are not upstreamed at this point. They hope to manufacture and sell about 10 000 units in 2019. This sounds small, but it’s probably realistic, especially in a market where there are already alternatives like the GPD Win 2.

Anyway, while I am still cautious about the state of this project, meeting the guys behind the project in person gave some reassurance that this is probably not a scam but a genuine project that should hit the market soon-ish. Let’s look for more tangibles demos in the next few months as they finalize the prototype.

Civilization V and DLL mods

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 15 Stunden 45 Sekunden

It's possible to use dll mods in the civilization v linux version? I use Ubuntu btw

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Dual Boot Concepts

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 21. September 2018 - 23:30


i just read about people tending to dual boot a PC with Linux and Windows.

Usually people tent to install both OSs on the same drive. This has always lead to trouble and often loose one system, loose the other as well.

Installing a single OS on one drive and using your user data on the same drive also often leads to loose one, loose the other as well in case of problems.

Same goes for the boot hirarchy.

Placing the bootloader on the windows drive may let you loose access to both drives in case of problems.

A prooven concept for a safe dualboot home machine is, to use one SSD for one OS and a second drive for your data.

So for a dual boot machine im using 2x SSD for the OS's and 2x HDD for my data.

  • Windows OS is on /dev/sda (c:) primary master
  • Windows my data is on /dev/sdb (d:) secondary master
  • Linux OS is on /dev/sdc (e:) primary slave
  • Linux data is on /dev/sdd (f:) secundary slave mounted as /home !!

The bootloader grub2 is installed on primary slave, my LinuxOS boot SSD and is set in BIOS to boot first.

The reason is, otherwise grub will be installed on my Windows c:\ drive and once the Linux drive is out, off, broke, i cant access my Windows anymore due to bootloader problems cant find my Linux, so i need to reset the bootblock on the c:\ drive. Thats bad so im booting into primary slave.

Linux on the other hand is accessible when the Windows OS drive is missing or failed.

I hope i could get some people inspired to think about the concept they want to dual boot their PC.

Cheers^ ^

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osu!lazer build scripts based on dotnet core.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 21. September 2018 - 21:37

I made some scripts helping me getting always the newest osu!lazer build.

Read more at my GitHub page: https://github.com/Alexmitter/osu-lazer-linux-installer

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