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Can Linux video every approach Windows performance?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 36 Minuten 51 Sekunden

I'm doing my best to make Linux my primary desktop OS. Running Mint 20 with an i9 CPU and nVidia RTX 2070. I've even loaded the proprietary nVidia 450 drivers.

Video is never as smooth as stock Windows or Mac. There is slight tearing when I move windows around the screen, and even watching a single 1080p video results in less than optimal results. Mostly great, but every 8 to 10 seconds there is a bit of jitter, slight tearing, or less-than-smooth video.

I don't know what else to try. I've got high end hardware, a current distro, and have tried both the open source and proprietary video drivers. I've been an avid Linux user since the mid-90s but have to honestly admit that the video performance has never matched my Macs and Windows PCs.

Is there anything different I can try to get better performance out of my video card?

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CSGO perfromance on RX 560

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 1 Stunde 22 Minuten

So I checked some benchmarks online for CS:GO on the RX560 and I saw that the average was 110 FPS. I tested it on my machine which has an RX560 for the moment and the FPS Benchmark Map gave me 180 FPS average. Is this normal for Linux or is it because of my good CPU + Wayland?

System info:

CPU: 3900X

GPU: RX560

Memory: 32 GBs @ 3600MHz

OS: Gardua KDE on Wayland

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Interstellar Despot Simulator (formerly The Hive)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 4 Stunden 45 Minuten

Sorry about the last post, it was my first Reddit post, I usually use Linkedin and Github, and Gitter. Itch.io link

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PulseAudio keeps forgetting the playback device for streams now.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 26 Minuten

I have had pulse working well for ages, but last week I cloned my Slackware Linux install to a new SSD and this time used GPT/EFI instead of MBR. For some reason since then pulse has just sent everything to the fallback device (kind of). The system was an identical clone apart from booting with EFI now, but both sound devices are still there just like before.

I have tried deleting ~/.config/pulse and starting again but that doesn't make a difference.

I usually have speakers as the fallback device. If I start up csgo and set both streams output device to headphones then it works OK on headphones and tdbdump xxx-stream-volumes.tdb shows

key(43) = "sink-input-by-application-name:csgo_linux64" data(93) = "B\021m\02\01\02v\02\00\01\00\00\00\01\00\00001talsa_output.pci-0000_08_04.0.analog-stereo\001talsa_card.pci-0000_08_04.0\00"

After quitting csgo the tdb still shows the same thing. But then next time I start up csgo one stream is still on headphones but the other is on the fallback device again and tdbdump shows

key(43) = "sink-input-by-application-name:csgo_linux64" data(23) = "B\021m\02\01\02v\02\00\01\00\00\00\01\00\00000N0N"

Quitting and starting csgo again ends up with both streams on the fallback device. It's like every time a remembered application is started and stream-restored it is then forgetting about it.

I also tried setting headphones as fallback and starting Armello and sending it to speakers but after restarting Armello it has also forgotten the setting again and removed it from the tdb.

This was happening on pulse 13.0 but I just updated to 14.0 which I hoped would fix it but it didn't.

Anyone know why pulse would be forcing remembered streams to fallback even though the remembered device is still there?

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steam Invalid Depot Config Error?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 31 Minuten

I cannot install borderlands 2 on linux via steam.
It just errors out with "Invalid Depot Config Error"

Restarting/letting the client update does nto work, nore does removing the client and re-installing entirely.

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Terraria performance problem

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 46 Minuten

I started using Linux a few days ago and because I didn’t want to switch completely to linux I made a windows partition. So I started by trying a couple of games like hearts of Iron 4 and Team fortress 2, which worked fine. Then I tried it on Terraria. When I,m just mining or building basically not doing much the fps are 140 when you’re either in the underworld or fighting a lot of monsters the fps drops to 100. Now the problem is that on linux I’m using the Samsung SSD 860 Evo while on windows I use a shitty 4 year oldToshiba HDD and I don’t have a single fps drop. The game settings on windows and on Linux are the same, all my softwares and drivers are updated and upgraded so what could be the problem?I’m also using Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS.

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Rust Server for linux users!

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 23:58

I created a rust server MCHEROBRINE X2 VANILLA!!! It's only got a few quality of life mods and double resouces, with the game now running on proton 5.13-2, I'm not new to server running but want to join?

copy/paste into console without quotes


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Some problems I have with Linux Gaming as a Noob

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 23:01

I'm a Linux noob and want to share what problems I have with gaming:

1.Some Games don't work good on Proton/Wine and I have to play around with the versions

This problem is obvious,but I want to mention it,cause for popular games proton and wine often work great,but for old games,indie games or mods,it's often very buggy.

2.It's noob unfriendly to use things like MangoHud or Gamescope

On Windows I could go into the amd driver settings and set which game uses which ssaa settings,being able to make exceptions and activate settings globally,for Gamescope I have to add some command in the "Exec=" of Desktop Shortcuts and that's crap,cause I could forget the settings and I can't activate it globally at all,I mean yeah I could use a script that sets it globally for every Desktop Shortcuts,but I can't easily edit the settings and make exceptions for programs I don't want to use the same settings,and even if that works it's not as noob friendly to use a script as going into a gui and set the settings for all games.

For MangoHud it's easier,I can change the settings in GOverlay,but still can't easily change the settings for all games and would have to change the "Exec=" in the desktop shortcuts,cause I can't use it globally for OpenGL,I mean I could set the Environment Variables in etc/Environment,but then I can't manage easy which games use MangoHud or not.

Before you say "use Lutris",for Lutris I have to add every Game separately,cause it doesn't see most of my games,then I have to create a desktop and application menu shortcut and then change the icon and descrption,and that for every single game,it's easier to go into a gui and manage which game uses which settings instead of doing this crap.

3.There's no Reshade

I know there is vkbasalt,but the problem is that I can't change the settings with a Reshade like menu in game,I have to close the game,enable a shader in GOverlay and then go into the the game again to see the results (that's an vkbasalt problem I think,cause if I edit the the config file I still have to restart the game).

On Reshade I liked it to test many shaders easily,that's just not possible on Linux right now.

Another problem is that I can't change the settings of Reshade with GOverlay,and that's shit,cause some effects look bad if you don't adjust their settings (I don't know if I can do that in the vkbasalt config,but again,that wouldn't be noob friendly ).

4.There isn't any way to display the Twitch chat in game

I liked to use the Transparent Twitch Overlay on Windows,but on Linux that doesn't exist,otr I don't know about it,and I can't stream without it,cause I am a single Monitor user.

So for the first problem,there isn't any solution except to wait for the future until wine is better than Windows or even better,if every game has a native Linux Version.

For all the other problems,it's because the programs are noob unfriendly.

The strange thing is that I didn't see much people complain about that,I mean does no one want simplicity,but just want editing config files the whole day?

I mean I would never switch back to windows,cause I want privacy,but problem 2-4 are really annoying.

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Is there any good voice changer?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 22:18

I wanna troll the boys on Discord.

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Amusing adventure game HIVESWAP: ACT 2 is out now

Gaming on Linux - 26. November 2020 - 21:30

With no prior knowledge of the Homestuck web comic series needed, the second part of the video game adventure is out now with HIVESWAP: ACT 2.

"The artistry and humor of the golden age of adventure games meet hand-drawn 2D animation in this love letter to the point-and-click classics. Bizarre, beautifully illustrated alien landscapes and colorful characters make Alternia a joy to explore."

Watch video on YouTube.com

You don't even need to play the first act, as it contains a nice in-game recap although you don't really get the full deal unless you do play through the first part, especially as it can take your decisions from the first game. The good news there is that HIVESWAP: ACT 1 is currently 50% off on Steam making it £2.79 until December 1 so don't miss out on a fun adventure series. There's going to be four parts too, so get stocked up ready.

For ACT 2, it looks to be another hit. A day since release and it's already rated "Very Positive" from Steam users, so that's a good sign for the next two episodes - hopefully they won't be another three years apart though.

You can find HIVESWAP: ACT 2 on Steam with 10% off until December 2. Only the first part is currently on GOG.

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Has anyone got the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller working properly on linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 20:30

Is there any way to fix the mappings for the controller. lsusb detects it as the ThrustMaster eSwap PRO Controller . Is there anyways that I could fix the axis and button mappings to work like a proper xbox/ps controller.

I started by going down the face buttons in clockwise order, then tapping the triggers (not moving the right stick at all) and going down the face buttons counterclockwise.


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My connection keeps dying on Minecraft servers

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 20:21

When i'm playing on 1.8 servers i always disconnect and a random error like "java.io.ioexception" or just "disconnected" happens, and this error happens before the loading screen of a server joining, it happens when i'm entering a server, it shows that dirt loading screen for like 40s and then it says those errors, and i dont know what to do, and i think it is a Linux problem cause on Windows everything is normal.

Linux Mint Ulyana 20

RX 550, Intel Q9550, SSD 240GB

Things that i already tried:

Deleting .minecraft folder ----- i worked for the first 10 times joining a server, then i disconnect

Reinstalling Java and other versions ----- no difference

Reinstalling Linux ---------- it worked, but the loading screen goes slower everytime i see it, and there is a time that a disconnect.

And that's all. I really hope you guys can help me, i really enjoy playing servers.


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Xbox One Controller Mapped Incorrectly

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 20:01

Until a few weeks ago, my xbox one controller was working fine when connected directly via usb.

It suddenly stopped being recognized unless I ran "sudo modprobe xpad". Now, it's recognized, but the mapping is all wrong. The right stick axis is mapped to the left trigger, the right trigger is mapped to the start button, etc.

Has anyone encountered this before? I could remap manually but I really do not want to.


EDIT: I was able to get it working via bluetooth with xpadneo... but it still doesn't work correctly wired. I'd prefer to use it wired as my bluetooth connection is finnicky

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I need help at finding the right hardware for a gaming Pc.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 26. November 2020 - 19:38

Hello, I want to build a PC in the next year and need some help on finding the hardware for it.

I am planning on using Manjaro and mostly play games on the pc.

I have a budget of 300€ to up to 1000€ (357,3900 USD up to 357,3900 USD).

Because I heard that the drivers of Nvidia GPU's aren't so good, I would also like it, if you wrote something about this.

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