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Can't run Street Fighter 6 [Pop Os! 20.24 Nvidia]

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 40 Minuten 50 Sekunden


  • Razer Blade 15 RTX 3080ti + i7-12800H
  • Installed Pop Os! because F win11 omg
  • Installed Steam with Pop Shop
  • Installed SF6 within Steam
  • When I launch the game I get the following error:

Z:\home\emi\.steam\debian-installation\steamapps\common\Street Fighter 6\StreetFighter6.exe Fatal D3D error (1)

Already did:

  • Ran FTL and it worked great
  • Updated my system
  • Downloaded nvidia-driver-525
  • Disabled shader pre-caching option from Steam
  • Verified integrity of game files
  • Forced the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool [Proton Experimental]

Any ideas??

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The state of SteamVR in 2023

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 54 Minuten 34 Sekunden

How has your experience with SteamVR on Linux been recently? Is it as good as it is on Windows? What would you like to see improved, fixed, or changed?

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How can I set up stretch resolutions/custom resolutions for wayland desktops?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 23:43

I want to be able to play cs go stretched but at the moment cannot because I cannot set any custom resolutions in gnome or kde plasma. I do not want to run something like hyprland because it causes too many game compatibility issues. so I would rather stick to normal desktop environments. Also switching to Xorg instead of wayland would not be viable either because I am running two monitors. one 60hz and one 240hz. and in Xorg running those two monitors would cause framerate inconsistency on the 240hz monitor, for example dragging windows around on the 240hz looks like its drawn at 60 instead of full. pls help how to do custom resolutions in kde or gnome? or any other desktop environment that can run with wayland.

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I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and am burned out

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 23:06

I always used linux for work and school and am decently well versed in it for cybersecurity but damn getting games running on any distro I've tried from arch to Parrot to a regular install of Linux mint has been met with constant challenges, even games that should work through steam just straight up don't. For example elden ring starts, I see the easy anti cheat screen and that goes away and then literally nothing. Steam even says the game is running but no system processes for it are running nor windows for it.

Getting cyberpunk off GOG to run through lutris has literally been a nightmare and is still not running at all. (Blanks out screens when starting, screens come back on with wine desktop and a cyberpunk desktop icon and then crashes without loading the game at all.

Literally the only 2 games I got working ok have been jedi survivor and Mechwarrior online...

I honestly am kind of out of drive and ideas as I have tried damn near every single troubleshooting idea I can find on the internet and have even started from scratch with fresh installs multiple times. Does anyone have any good resources or ideas as I am burnt out troubleshooting ontop of troubleshooting when everything I have encountered has said these these should work even after following exact steps taken by others especially when everything is fine running in Windows and is easy to just pick up and play even though I hate Windows

Hardware: Ryzen 5 1600 EVGA 1080ti 32gb 2666 ram

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Ubisoft connect problem

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 21:12

Hello Dear Linux community, I heard that for honor was now playable on linux so I wanted to a play a few in it but I encounter a problem when starting Ubisoft connect and I havent found a post with a similar problem...

I have the game on steam but I installed it Ubisoft connect shows up and only shows like black sceen an nothing more is happening. when I go try to start Ubisoft connect to Lutris the same thing happens but I thankfully get a few error messages.


I dont now what to do with these tbh
I am Running Pop 22.04 btw
GPU Rtx 3080
Cpu R7 5800x
RAM 32 gb

I used a few different proton versions manly GE 8.0 and tried Proton experimental

I am honestly still a Linux noob so I you need anything from diffent configs just tell me what to do

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Right click on Battle.net

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 21:08

My right click has never worked on Battle.net. For the longest time I've been trying to find a fix for it, but I don't use this launcher a lot, and with the release of Diablo IV I was wondering if anyone has a fix for it.

All I see when I right click on Battle.net is a black square that disappears after a second, so I can't manage friends, or groups or anything.

Am I the only one with this issue, or is it that nobody cares? Because I've been searching for a fix but I haven't seen a lot of people discuss this issue.

Thanks all!

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TIL Metroid Primehack is in the AUR

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 19:54

For those unaware Primehack is a modified version of Dolphin emulator tailored to be able to play the Metroid Prime Trilogy out the box with mouse and keyboard (assuming you have your own ISOs to patch of course). I tried this out on Windows back in the day and was surprised how well it worked, but I didn't get very far because it wouldn't run well on my PC. Since I recently upgraded my hardware on my PC (nowadays on Arch) I was reminded of Metroid Prime, and I went to try and see if I can get Primehack working on Linux so I could finish Prime. On a whim expecting no results I googled "Metroid Arch Linux" and was shocked to find it's right there in the AUR ready to go easy to install! If you've been on a metroidvania kick like many out there, consider trying out the very IP that inspired it. It's also arguable the only first-person "metroidvania" game(s) ever made.

If anyone needs me I'll be dying over and over trying to kill The Omega Pirate...on Linux😎

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Steam game not working

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 19:53

The game is called Virtuaverse

i am on linux mint 21.1 (vera) xfce and at first the game didnt run at all but when i forced steam play in the settings with proton experimental it launched with a white unity launcher box with a picture of the game shortcut and a loading bar and it crashes before the loading bar can reach the end or it crashes on launch also the box is titled Virtuaverse-Unity 2020.3.0f1_c7b5465681fb,

i also tried running this through lutris with wine but to no avail,

i still have my windows7 but it would be convenient if i didnt have to switch every time to just play this game,

i havent seen this issue anywhere else it seems to run well for everyone else on debian,fedora and Arch from one article i found about this game on gamingonlinux https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2020/05/cyberpunk-point-and-click-virtuaverse-is-out-now-and-looks-incredible/page=2/i havent seen anyone run this game on linuxmint so this is my hail mary sort of if someone has heard of a similar issue and can help ,

it doesnt seem to be an issue with unity though since i had no problems running unity applications on linux mint in the past but it could be something with this game specifically but hopefully not.

running it in terminal doesnt do anything different and doesnt leave any logs

also i have no idea which flair this deserves lol

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Diablo 4 on Steam Deck is quite magnificent (and desktop Linux too!)

Gaming on Linux - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:54
Diablo 4 is just about to release for everyone, and after blasting through the Early Access I've been thoroughly impressed by how it runs on Steam Deck and desktop Linux.

Van Helsing 1 Crash (with Log)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:34

I'm playing Van Helsing 1 using Lutris (and Wine 7.2.2).

From time to time I get a crash.

This is the log that I got:


Maybe someone can help me, as this is one of my favorite games <3

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Quasimorph is a brutal sci-fi extraction roguelike

Gaming on Linux - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:26
As it turns out, bringing extraction mechanics into a modern roguelike works like a charm. Here's some thoughts on Quasimorph.

Tips for managing Steam library

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:23

Recently I ended up deleting a bunch of games on my Steam, some of which I ended up regretting, fortunately Steam allowed me to revert and them back to my library.

I was wondering how y'all manage your library and keep them clean, I have lots of games I never played and probably never will.

I am aware one can hide them and create separate categories, how y'all do it? Any tips?

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Issues with Steam Libary post Win 11 Switchover

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:06

for context I have dabbed in and out of dual booting Ubuntu over the years but finally I have jumped in with two feet and ditched Windows ( the Steam Deck finally swung me over if that can handle gaming my Pc should have no issues within reason)

I had a set of large gaming directories on my Win 11 machine I have a 2TB NVMe just for steam about half full formatted as NTFS. I have 23.04 fully installed on a 2nd NVMe drive and a collection of other games epic / blizzard / Seven Seas / retro roms on another SSD drive.

Got all games up and running Diablo 4 is amazing no issues. My slight issue is with Steam it defaulted my primary library to /usr/lib/modules which is fine but I tried adding a 2nd library on my 2Tb NVMe drive got a folder must be empty or something similar issue. Setup a new location downloaded a small gave to set up file structure then copied my entire library in there it worked steam did it validation thing and I was all up and running in about an hour.

What is happening now is that on restarts steam does not see that 2nd library, when i add it manually everything all pops up as intended. next restart same problkem again. It is shown as an external drive did I miss a step. I have checked the mount options and it is set to mount at system startup ??

and advice would be grateful as I have said before i have some experience but not a exactly an expert but eager to learn

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Fedora 38 being weird. Steam acting weirdly.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 18:00

I have been experiencing some weirdness regarding steam specifically. This is kinda of a collection of issues and i kinda expect them to be coming from the same source. I mainly just want to see if someone knows how to exactly to handle this.

  • tf2 and gmod would crash on boot due to a missing package (which was present in the game files) that i fixed by downloading the package and putting a symlink to it inside both games bin folder.

  • randomly steam will just refuse to update games and complain about file system privileges ( downloading and removing games work fine). This is on a external game library on a hard drive formatted as btrfs.

  • aperture deskjob will just crash on boot, why? No clue. Worked fine i tried to launch it under a Ubuntu live disk (although controller support was not working since snap). I tried looking up the logs but there wasn't any useful information in there.

There's only one unusual thing about this install. My external game library used to be on a ntfs partition before i copy and pasted the files to a btrfs one. I kinda expect this to be related to a package issue but not clue how to go about debugging such a weird series of internment issues.

To note: i installed steam from rpm fusion. I'm using fedora 38 KDE. Full amd system.

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Is debian good for modern gaming

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 17:34

I always wanted to use debian since the slow update cycle and stability seem like great boons to me, however I am afraid I wont be able to play more modern games (like the new dooms) because of the older software so I wanted to know from your personal experiences if my fears are unfounded.

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Street Fighter 6 stuck at 1920x1080 or below (2K monitor)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 05. Juni 2023 - 17:11


I am running Proton 8.0 experimental on Arch Linux (WM bspwm) and trying to get Street Fighter 6 to display at 2560x1440. The game launches and is playable, but anything above 1920x1080 is greyed out.
I've tried gamescope in order to force 2560x1440, but the game doesn't display at all.

Any help welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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