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Will there be support for the new halo game

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 1 hour 45 min ago

As you probably know Hallo mcc is coming to PC and I can’t wait but I’m not sure it will be supported and I cant find any answers online. (Ps for clarification by supported I mean native or proton or wine.)

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Does g mod work with ubuntu

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 2 hours 53 min ago

I am going to start using ubuntu today but before I do I was wondering whether or not g mod works on it since thats all my friends play. Ty

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Bakkes Mod for Rocket League on Linux.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 3 hours 8 min ago

I play Rocket League on Manjaro. There is a really cool mod called Bakkes Mode that adds a bunch of things for offline play. Unfortunately the mod is not available on Linux. Could I get this running on Linux through Wine or something? If so, could someone help me out. I haven't had to use Wine before so I'm not sure where I'd start.

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Stupider AI for a game through Proton

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 3 hours 52 min ago

Did anyone experienced worst AI for the games played through Proton?

I have noticed this for theHunter: the animals are way dumber than on the game from Windows. A lot of them get stuck into terrain details (cannot go around a bush or a rock for example)...

With whom should be addressed such a issue... I mean the game is not supported for Linux... should I report this to Steam/Proton?


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Will Huawei Battle drive china to replace Windows with tux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 5 hours 25 min ago

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/05/20/the-huawei-ban-will-linux-replace-microsofts-windows-on-future-huawei-laptops/ this article makes me reflect on which lesson Will china get from this situation. Eventually they could react fostering freedom from US sw companies.

This could drive in turn millions gamers to linux or....not?

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Tank Maniacs looks like some seriously good local multiplayer fun, coming to Linux soon

Gaming on Linux - 6 hours 4 min ago

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Coming Soon, Early Access, Party Game, Casual, Action

Tank Maniacs, a local multiplayer party game about blowing up everyone with tanks looks really fun and it's coming to Linux. I managed to get confirmation from the developer on Twitter, who mentioned a Linux build is now up for those testing it.

A game that doesn't exactly need a long description, you each pilot a strange tank and attempt to destroy everyone else. As the developer says "It's mostly about destroying your closest friends' hopes and dreams with weird tanks."—hah.

Watch video on YouTube.com

Looks incredibly fun, a simple idea that will take some time to master. Likely a fantastic game for me to pick up and play with the mini-me to have a good laugh with. The developer has already sent over a key for testing, so once it's released I shall have some proper thoughts up on it.


  • 11 wonderfully weird tanks
  • 7 different maps (we are continuously adding more during the beta)
  • 2 game modes
  • Couch madness up to 4 players
  • Support for a wide range of controllers
  • Unforgiving AI bots

You can wishlist/follow it on Steam, it's starting off in Early Access whilst they add in more content including maps, tanks, and game modes.

Pixel Noir, a turn-based RPG set against a film noir backdrop is entering Early Access soon

Gaming on Linux - 7 hours 7 min ago

Tags: Coming Soon, Early Access, RPG, Steam

Here's another game successfully funded on Kickstarter, one we missed, which looks fantastic and it's coming to Linux. It's called Pixel Noir and it sure does look stylish.

It was funded on Kickstarter back in 2015 with the help of nearly two thousand backers. Interestingly, the reason we didn't pick it up is that the campaign wasn't originally targetting Linux as a platform. It wasn't until nearly a month later, they put out a Kickstarter update which said:

Something we've seen a lot of interest in was Linux support. You guys have been vocal about wanting this and so we looked into it and we've found a viable path forward here. We are pleased to announce that Linux will be joining our target launch platforms!

Watch video on YouTube.com


  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.
  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Unleash devastating combo attacks by teaming up with other heroes in your team!
  • Explore Pinnacle City--a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade & hawked by colorful characters.
  • Use your investigation mode to reveal clues and over time unearth new secrets and storylines!

You can follow it on Steam, the Early Access release should be sometime soon going by their most recent Kickstarter update.

In the 2.5D puzzle-adventure Afterlight, you play as an isolated astronaut on Titan

Gaming on Linux - 7 hours 24 min ago

Tags: Crowdfunding, Puzzle, Adventure, Indie Game

Afterlight really does look beautiful, with a "2.5D" style this puzzle-adventure is one to firmly keep an eye on.

It's currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, with Linux as a planned platform for release "Our main platform is PC (Windows, Mac & Linux) via Steam" and their FAQ also makes it clear Linux is a target too. With 24 days to go, they're closing in on half of the $35K goal.

Afterlight is an introspective adventure into the mind of an isolated astronaut in Titan.

This journey is about trust and forced friendship, perception and psychological traumas -as a metaphor for toxic relationships in desperate overcomes. 

Check out their trailer:

Watch video on YouTube.com

The teaser doesn't give away too much but it does the job! As a space sci-fi fan, I think it looks very interesting. Will be keeping a close eye on this one!

Features they say it will have:

  • A creative interpretation of a large documentation on Titan's environment -bringing a dreamy and beautiful setting.
  • An emotional insight into mental disorders, not focused on the cliché aspects, but to talk about their consequences in relationships and personal growth.
  • Carefully crafted animations to tell from gestures and little details.
  • Vast possibilities in puzzles by getting to control giant robots.

If you wish to pledge your support you can find the Kickstarter here. If you wish to just follow along, it has a page ready up on the Steam store. The full release isn't for a while though, with an estimated date of sometime in "Q3 2020". They've said they do plan a DRM-free release too, with GOG being directly mentioned.

Hat tip to Cyril.

Regions Of Ruin, a side-scrolling RPG with town-building is now on GOG

Gaming on Linux - 7 hours 37 min ago

Tags: DRM-Free, GOG, RPG, Adventure

Regions Of Ruin from Vox Games and Poysky Productions, a side-scrolling RPG with town-building is now available DRM-free on GOG. A nice reminder of it too, one we completely missed actually being properly released for Linux.

The developer did reach out back in 2017 to ask for help testing but it seems we completely lost track of it, as it did gain full Linux support.

Watch video on YouTube.com

They claim it's a little like the side-scroller Kingdom, only with more elements of an RPG. It does look good, so I'm surprised we did miss the main release. The developer also mentioned earlier this year that Regions of Ruin 2 is on the way, although they're also working on Meeple Station.


  • Styled combat system with stats and levelling
  • Skill tree to focus your fighting style
  • Extensive loot and rare items to discover
  • Forge your own equipment or smelt it for resources
  • Open world exploration with a hand crafted environment, no randomized maps or levels, everything you see has been made with care
  • Customised town building and expansion
  • Rescue and recruit dwarves for your township (save them from extinction!)
  • Send workers to harvest resources from explored regions
  • Hire Mercenaries to help in battle
  • Multitude of Quests and a main storyline

You can now find it on GOG, also on Humble Store, itch.io and Steam.

Creature-building survival-action game 'Sipho' has a new breed in the latest update

Gaming on Linux - 7 hours 51 min ago

Tags: Action, Survival, Indie Game, Steam, Early Access, Itch.io, Update

Sipho is another pretty interesting indie game I'm following, one where you construct an organism from various parts and attempt to survive. The latest update adds an entirely new breed and it's pretty fun.

The whole idea of the game is pretty sweet, giving a different kind of action and survival experience. It has a nice gameplay loop to it already with you picking a breed, constructing your creature and then attempting to survive while also possibly unlocking a new breed if you collect enough of their DNA. Once you manage to take down the Queen, you also get to play with the Aquarium feature, which is basically a sandbox area to do whatever you want.

Included in the latest update is the Vagorians and they come with some interesting abilities like the Twister:

Another ability they have is the Burstopod, allowing you to launch a shell that breaks "with great force" making it useful for both defence and offence as it damages a small radius around it. They also have smaller structure blocks than the other breeds, allowing for some compact and interesting designs for creatures.

It's a really tricky game, one that does need you to stick at it for a bit but I honestly really enjoy it. A fun way I found to deal with the early game is to make heavy use of poison, by getting the smaller creatures to follow you as you leave a trail of deadly fumes. Once you manage to unlock the Grabber, it's quite amusing to pull a creature towards you and smother it in a cloud.

Works quite well…until you run right into the jaws of something much bigger—there's always a bigger fish.

Looking forward to seeing how much this one expands, although it's already quite interesting. You can pick up a copy of Sipho on Steam and itch.io.

Codeweavers Crossover promotions for their 23rd birthday starting today

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 9 hours 3 min ago

In case anyone is interested starting today they will have promotions on each of their products for three days, a different promotion each day.

Today seems to be the one off purchase with 70% discount, then will come the one year support version with 50% and finally the lifetime promo with 15%.

If anyone is interested now is the time I guess.

Hope this helps someone.

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Ryzen 7 2700 runs hotter on Linux than Windows

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 11 hours 43 min ago

Hi guys,

so I recently noticed my Ryzen 7 2700 is running hotter on Linux (Manjaro 18 Kernel 5.0) than on my Windows 10 installation.

While Encoding with ffmpeg i mostly get around the same temperatures on both ( ~74 ° celcius max).

But while gaming, my CPU is running around +10° more on Linux either using Steam-Proton or running the game natively.

In Tropico 6 for example my CPU stays at 55° - 60° on Windows while it spikes up to 74° under Linux.

I was using the IT87-driver for measuring so the sensor values should be correct

Does anyone noticed the same behavior or could tell me why this could be the case?

Thanks in advance

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Which packages do I need to download in order to undervolt/downclock my GPU card?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 18 hours 7 min ago

As title says. I already tried using certain commands, modifying GPU values on the fly -- but none of em worked. I even tried following what is being said on the Arch wiki... but no dice. Thanks in advance.

Bonus points if such packages are gui-based... but im okay if they are CLI.

Currently with a Radeon R9 200 video card, Arch linux distro.

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