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Controller detection in steam on solus

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 1 Stunde 26 Minuten

I have a pdp switch Pro controller which I would like to use in steam but it's failing to detect it. Dolphin emulator detects it no problem and it's detected straight away in steam on windows so there seems to be an issue either with steam on Linux or on solus.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem or similar?

Here's a link to the controller I have for reference: https://www.pdp.com/en/shop/controller/controllers-wired-fight-pad-pro


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Retail WoW Model viewer (collection tab, dungeon journal, etc.) crashes the client

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 19 Minuten

Came back to retail for 8.3 since 8.1, and since I've come back opening any kind of model viewer crashes the client. Quest dialogue that has a boss model, or dungeon journal, mount or collection tabs, anything like that cause the game to instantly freeze up until I kill the process.

Running via Lutris, I've tried changing my wine runner to tkg, Lutris default, and staging (5.0 I believe) with esync enabled and disabled on the supporting wine versions and have had no luck with any of them. Using DXVK as well.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem with retail WoW and if so what did you do to resolve it?

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anyone able to run Dragon ball Kakarot via wine?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 2 Stunden 49 Minuten

I'd love to play this game, but curious if anyone is able to run it? Thanks for any responses, haven't found anyone using it from searching online yet.

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So did linux gaming hit a brick wall with anti-cheat?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 18 Minuten

It seemed like there was a lot of progress made being done with DXVK and proton. However, DXVK has completed its stated goals and is now in maintenance mode and proton seems to have stagnated.

58% of Windows games on Steam work on proton. But the remaining 42% (which includes a lot of multiplayer games) are held back by multiplayer anti-cheat. Given the lack of apparent progress on the anti-cheat front, is that it? Is anti-cheat the Achilles' heel of linux gaming adoption?

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Quick Question About Gaming VM's

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. Januar 2020 - 21:12

Hello! I have used Linux for awhile now, but recently I had to switch back to Windows for multiple reason (The need for software that will just not run under Wine and games). I want to completely run Linux now, No dual booting. I have a PC with a AMD Ryzen 2600 6 Core, 24 GB Ram, Radeon RX580 4GB, and a Gigabyte AX370M-DS3H-CF. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to setup a gaming VM for playing games such as Rainbow Six Siege, and just running Windows software in general. The VM stuff is really confusing to me, and I'd prefer to not spend any money on another graphics card if thats possible, Or unless it's a really cheap card. Any suggestions? I have no idea where to start.

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The hero is dead so it's up to you to fix a glitched world - Lenna's Inception is out now

Gaming on Linux - 17. Januar 2020 - 20:25

Tags: Steam, Adventure, Action, Itch.io, Pixel Graphics, New Release

The debut game from Bytten Studio, Lenna's Inception comes from two former Chucklefish developers and it's out now. Disclosure: Key provided by the developer.

In Lenna's Inception you will be exploring a little island, filled full of dangerous dungeons as you work to bring order to a kingdom falling apart from glitches. Designed in a way that's much like classic Zelda titles, however it has a clever idea of letting you play through in either 8-bit or 32-bit pixel art styles and they each have a distinct soundtrack.

Watch video on YouTube.com

Feature Highlight:

  • Team up with a friend. Make peace with Shadow Lenna to enjoy the game in local co-op multiplayer!
  • Play again (and again). With two graphical styles, multiple endings, multiple boss forms, and procedural generation, you can’t see everything in a single playthrough!
  • Challenge yourself. Speed through the daily challenge dungeon with no sword, with only three hearts, or without taking a single hit. Show off a GIF of your playthrough on the connected leaderboard afterwards!
  • Recruit companions. Will you choose Henrietta, the free-range chicken with a vendetta, or perhaps Gourdon, the sentient pumpkin? (4 to discover)

If you find screen effects annoying or they cause issues for you, thankfully you can turn them off. The CRT filter can be removed, as can the major glitch and flicker effects. While in Lenna's Inception they're part of the charm and part of the hook, it's still good you're not forced to have them.

Charming in many ways, completely silly in others. Like how I had to hide in a Bear's house to catch a girl with golden hair sneaking in, and not let her see me as she went through different parts of the house…why does that sound so familiar? Suddenly getting hungry for some porridge.

There's a good number of silly things like that, which I really did enjoy. It's definitely not your standard Zelda-like action-adventure, it very much has its own feel. Puns, there's also some really great puns.

A great mix of story-based exploration and dungeon crawling with random generation to ensure that each play through is different. While it's definitely a retro-inspired experience, it felt good to play thanks to all the little modern touches. Crisp pixel art, lovely soundtrack and the story setup in particular is great, seems to flow together nicely.

Lenna's Inception can be picked up from itch.io and Steam for $9.99 / £7.19 / €8.19.

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Are there any alternatives to Parsec for Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. Januar 2020 - 19:18

I know that Parsec has a client for Linux but sadly it can only be used to connect to a windows machine, not host from a Linux machine. I have seen posts from 2017 suggesting that Linux hosting will come eventually but given that it has been 3 years I am not holding my breath anymore.

Yesterday I thought I had found a solution in Moonlight Game Streaming only to find that it needs Nvidia GameStream which again is not supported on Linux....

Steam has basic streaming support with remote play and I believe it can be tricked into using non-steam apps (untested by me) but its not ideal.

Which leaves the question, are there any options for Linux users at the moment in time and if so, which is best?

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Detailed open-world space sandbox game 'Avorion' leaving Early Access soon

Gaming on Linux - 17. Januar 2020 - 17:30

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Humble Store, Sandbox, Survival, Early Access, Online Co-op

Boxelware have announced that Avorion, their procedural co-op space sandbox where you build your own spaceship will leave Early Access soon.

After being in development for years, first appearing on Steam in early 2017 it's been seriously fun to watch it grow into such a massive game. Incredibly fun too.

Something they teased in a new video shown below, is that AI faction ships look to be getting a big facelift. Their goal, is so that all ships in a faction have similar visual properties making it easy to recognise them which includes the colour and overall structural design. They say the new generator will create much "prettier" ships and it will also be moddable, take a look:

Watch video on YouTube.com

As for the full release, they're leaving Early Access in "Q1 2020". As a sandbox game they said it's "hard to pick an arbitrary point where we you can declare a sandbox game as 'finished'" but the vision they originally had is pretty much there now. Boxelware certainly aren't finished with it, you know the drill, they're going to continue doing free updates and some DLC for "at least 2 years after release" and longer if it does well.

While Avorion may not have a huge player-base, it does regularly pull in hundreds of unique players daily and it's absolutely one of the best spaceship construction and exploration games around.

You can buy Avorion on Humble Store and Steam.

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Where do I start?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. Januar 2020 - 17:24

I've got Linux Beta set up on my Acer Chromebook R 11. The problem is, I can't seem to find any Linux games besides "Supertux2", "Neverball", "Pacman", and "Bomber". I know how to install .deb files, but can't seem to find any thing besides "Steam", "Discord", and "Opera". Where do I start?

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Wizard of Legend gets a little electric in a huge content update out now

Gaming on Linux - 17. Januar 2020 - 17:17

Tags: Steam, Humble Store, Action, GOG, Rogue-lite

Contingent99 just released a massive upgrade to Wizard of Legend, their fast-paced magical action game and it continues to be brilliant.

The Thundering Keep update brings in an entirely new stage complete with new enemies and a big boss battle which should make runs through it more interesting. Also added in this update you will find over 20 new Arcana (card spells), over 30 new Relics (items you equip to buff you up), new special moves, new outfits and plenty of balance changes and bug fixes. Check out the update trailer below:

Watch video on YouTube.com

One of the best features is easily the co-op support, running through the trials with a friend is a huge amount of fun when you get to mix up your abilities. Wizard of Legend has such smooth and easy to access combat it's pure joy to play, gives you a real feeling of actually having a little magical power.

A rogue-lite action game that really does depend on skill, not luck or randomness. While the order of the areas and enemies you encounter are random, you choose exactly what you want to bring into it and your skill is what gives you a win with good reaction times and well placed hits.

Being able to so easily swap around your cards to get different abilities, then just jump right in and have another go at it is fantastic. The problem with Wizard of Legend is that I just want more of everything. I love it.

Find Wizard of Legend on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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Nvidia or AMD for Linux gaming?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. Januar 2020 - 17:14

I have the option of using either an Nvidia GTX 780 or an AMD R9 280x and I'm not sure which is better to use for gaming on Linux. (Linux Mint)

They appear to be pretty evenly matched on Windows but I don't know much about driver support for them on Linux and if that has a big impact on how they perform.

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Linux and vr?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. Januar 2020 - 16:29

How good is wine at running vr games and does linux even see vr headsets?

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Steam reportedly coming to Chrome OS - Linux gaming across even more devices

Gaming on Linux - 17. Januar 2020 - 15:49

Tags: Steam, Speculation, Misc, Google

Android Police have an article up mentioning that Google is reportedly working on getting Steam working officially and supported on Chrome OS. While the details of this are a little sketchy, since neither Valve or Google have announced this, Android Police claim they spoke directly to Kan Liu at CES, the Director of Product Management for Google's Chrome OS who told them of their plans to make it happen.

Note: You can get Steam working on it in some form with some manual effort now, although it's not great. This seems to be about making it all official. Having it properly integrated, enabling ease of use would be good, part of what Chrome OS is supposed to be about—being simple and easy.

Weird though, typical Google perhaps with plans that don't quite fit into what they're doing elsewhere. Since Google are pushing their own gaming service with Stadia, you wouldn't expect them to do this. Gaming is a massive and powerful market though, giving a big boost to Chrome OS and Chromebooks with advertising that it works with Steam could definitely make some waves.

Chromebooks have historically been quite low-powered devices, for the most part anyway. However, that has been changing and they're continuing to get beefier devices with more storage (which would be important for this) out across different manufacturers. With more powerful AMD-based Chromebooks apparently planned, it might actually make a little sense given they would actually be able to run some of the games on Steam for Linux.

Another reason why developers may want to ensure their games work on Linux to then gain Chrome OS compatibility too? Sure, sounds good. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, this type of project could be a long time away if it ever happens. Who knows, could be one of the reasons or just a possible use case for Valve's Gamescope.

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