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Walking Stutter

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I troubleshoot Windows for a living so when I come home I’d rather not look at the darn thing. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and Steam. Some of my favorite games have a Linux port. Alien Isolation, Dying Light to name a few. These happen to be two games that have the issue I’m facing. Frame rate is staying very high 60 plus, however, when I walk or run my character around, there is a terrible stutter to the movement. This does not happen in the newer Tomb Raider trilogy or a few other high profile games. I don’t know if it is just the ports of the games or if I am new enough to Linux that I am missing a library or something else. I am in IT so I have tried many steps before coming here. Made sure the generic drivers are not running. Latest Nvidia drivers and older ones. Cycled through a ton of forums. Any help is appreciated.


8th Gen 6 core Intel MSI GTX 1070 ti MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Plus 16gb of ddr4

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Valve has expanded the Steam Play whitelist to include DARK SOULS III and plenty more

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Tags: Steam Play, Valve, Steam, Wine

There I am, in bed about to fall asleep when my phone lights up as I forgot to put it on silent. Thankfully so, as it turns out Valve just expanded the Steam Play whitelist and that's always a bit exciting.

What is the whitelist? These are titles that Valve are confident enough that work out of the box with no additional configuration required. You don't need to turn any extra options on, they should just be click and play like any other Linux game on Steam.

The list has some interesting titles in it as seen on SteamDB, here's the full list of new titles sorted in alphabetical order for easy viewing:

  1. 12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece (Platinum Edition)
  2. A Raven Monologue
  3. AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
  4. Acid Nimbus
  5. Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
  6. Bullet Candy
  8. Dungeon of the Endless™
  9. Endless Road
  10. Final DOOM
  11. FlatOut 2
  12. Glass Masquerade
  13. Hags Castle
  14. I’m not a Monster
  15. Jamestown
  16. LEGO® Star Wars™ III - The Clone Wars™
  17. Mega Man Legacy Collection
  18. Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game
  19. Nidhogg
  20. Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast
  21. PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+
  22. Pathfinder Adventures
  23. Picross Fairytale: Legend of the Mermaid
  24. Poker Night at the Inventory
  25. Primordia
  26. SEPTEMBER 1999
  27. STAR WARS™ - Dark Forces
  29. Samorost 2
  30. South Park™: The Stick of Truth™
  31. Star Explorers
  32. Starless Night
  33. The Curse of Monkey Island
  34. The House of Da Vinci
  35. The Room
  36. Tiny Bridge: Ratventure
  37. Wuppo
  38. Year Walk
  39. Zoombinis

Some rather varied titles available there, on top of all the titles previously added. Good to see Valve reasonably quickly add more, as things do progress forward with projects like DXVK (which forms part of Steam Play) quite quickly.

I'm assuming they won't be adding anything on the store to indicate Steam Play, until they've done a some more rounds on adding to the whitelist. They want it to make an impact of course, so the bigger they can do this the better it's going to be.

Will you be checking out any of the newer titles added? The LEGO game is tempting, since my son would probably absolutely love it and there's simply no sign of any LEGO game of that sort making its way to Linux officially through a proper port so this is the next best thing.

Hat tip to mphuZ on Twitter.

Could someone explain FAudio and XAudio to me ?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 3 Stunden 28 Minuten

I've heard those terms thrown around and have no idea what it is about.

Apparently there is also a guy called Ethan Lee working on these issues so it could be merged to WINE and then it will help.

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Which method to test OC and RAM timings?

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hi fellow enthusiasts,

first of all: if this is not the right sub, please tell me and/or direct me to the right one, but since this is a mixture of linux related and kinda pc gaming i thought i might give this a try, so here i go:

i game on a linux desktop with R1700x and 16 GB g.skill flare X RAM with a gtx980ti

i experience occasionall random quits in cs:go and dota2 (my main games)

i suspect that the ram timings with the predefined xmp profile is the culprit since i set it to the profile of 3200MHz

with memtest the ram is fine but i suspect that there is some kind of allocation error going on...

also i replaced the amd wraith with a dark rock pror and looking to OC my cpu via the asus bios (asus b350 plus)

for stress testing the cpu i will go for the usual suspects

but my main questions are:

  • how OC the graphics card (if ot is possible)
  • what to use for testing RAM stability

i hope you guys can chime in with some insight, since i have my fair share of experience with the cli but i am new to oc'ing

ps: sorry for the formatting i am on mobile and will clean it up

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League Of Legends?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 23:17

I know that there was a way to play it and whatever, but can you REALLY play it like if u were on windows or mac? like, or at least playabe on a gt 640 (i know its a shitty graphics cards, but its what i can do xD) now with the updates and everything (I don't really know whats happening on linux, i was a big fan long time ago but not now since i mostly only do gaming on pc, not that much xD)

Sorry for bad english btw.

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Has anyone managed to get Fallout 76 to work?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 23:11

Has anyone successfully got the game to work yet? I was unable to get it working in my testing.

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error when opening config for lutris

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 23:00

I get an error whenever I right click a game and click on the configuration option. This happens with lutris 0.4.23 on arch linux. Any idea what the cause is?

INFO 2018-11-13 14:57:41,074 [lutriswindow]:Setting up view for first run INFO 2018-11-13 14:57:42,587 [dxvk]:Updating DXVK versions Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/lutriswindow.py", line 805, in on_edit_game_configuration dialog = EditGameConfigDialog(self, game, on_dialog_saved) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_dialogs.py", line 476, in __init__ self.build_tabs('game') File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_dialogs.py", line 39, in build_tabs self._build_runner_tab(config_level) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_dialogs.py", line 241, in _build_runner_tab self.runner_box = RunnerBox(self.lutris_config) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_boxes.py", line 595, in __init__ self.generate_widgets('runner') File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_boxes.py", line 89, in generate_widgets self.call_widget_generator(option, option_key, value, default) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_boxes.py", line 185, in call_widget_generator self.generate_editable_grid(option_key, label=option['label'], value=value) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/gui/config_boxes.py", line 401, in generate_editable_grid value = list(value.items()) AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'items' submitted by /u/zee220
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Fullscreen vs Windowed Benchmarks

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 21:47


I ran some benchmarks testing Fullscreen vs Windowed performance.

I ran the benchmarks on Solus OS kernel 4.18.16, Gnome 3.28.2 with an Intel i5-4460 and Nvidia GT-1030 driver 410.66

I ran the three Unigine benchmarks - Heaven, Valley, and Superposition. I also ran GRID Autosport's benchmark tool.

I tested using a two monitor setup and a single monitor setup.

All tests were done on a 1920x1080 monitor and for the two monitor setup I had a 1440x900 monitor with Discord, Steam, and Conky.

The single monitor setup had Discord, Steam, and Conky running also.

Solus OS Kernel 4.18.16 Gnome 3.28.2 Intel i5-4460 Nvidia GT-1030 Driver 410.66 Avg FPS Dual Monitor GRID Autosport Valley Heaven Superposition Fullscreen 84.61 47.80 67.2 36.93 Windowed 86.95 47.00 65.6 35.99 Single Monitor Fullscreen 87.75 49.50 69.80 37.10 Windowed 84.74 47.30 66.00 36.19

Detailed stats:

Multi Monitor


Single Monitor


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The Humble Dystopian Bundle is out with some nice Linux games included

Gaming on Linux - 13. November 2018 - 20:19

Tags: Game Bundle, Humble Store

For those of you after some fresh games, The Humble Dystopian Bundle is out and it includes a couple good Linux titles.

For the PWYW (Pay what you want) tier you will get Beholder and Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You. If you pay more than the current average then Orwell: Ignorance is Strength is yours.

And finally, if you pay for the top tier you will get >observer_ which is a personal favourite of mine. Great graphics, a story that kept me truly on edge and it really did leave a lasting impression.

Check out the The Humble Dystopian Bundle here.

That might not seem like a lot of titles, however, there's a few titles included that aren't on Linux. These are Tokyo 42, Distrust, Rain World and 60 Seconds! (which has a Linux beta). 

All of those work in Steam Play, although not all to a "Platinum" level.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury smites its way to release, some thoughts

Gaming on Linux - 13. November 2018 - 18:13

Tags: Review, DLC, Strategy, Steam

Dealing with all things related to faith and righteous violence, the latest expansion to the venerable medieval strategy title has spiced things up considerably.

Watch video on YouTube.com

Note: Key provided by publisher

Crusader Kings II holds a special place in my heart. Its character and dynasty-focused approach to gameplay provides ample opportunity for each player to experience their own personalized story every time they play the game. It’s also one of the first games that convinced me to switch to Linux full-time, more than five years ago. All of that gushing plainly stated, the various bits of DLC that have come out over the years have been something of a mixed bags. Often too specific, concerning itself with a single religion or area of the map, it’s been hard to recommend most DLC to the vast majority of players.

Holy Fury walks away from that specialized approach. This expansion has something for everyone and, in a sense, is a return to the game’s roots. Crusades are the most obvious example of this. They have gotten a much-needed retrofit with a slew of new events and mechanics for specific conflicts like the Northern Crusasdes or the Reconquista. From what I’ve experienced trying several different start dates and religions is that things are more cohesive, more flavorful and, most importantly, more fun. Events such as attempting mass conversions of pagans, coronation events and getting pious ancestors beatified do a lot to enhance that feeling of immersion that I’ve always appreciated best from this pseudo role-playing game.

It’s not just Christians that get all the shiny new toys. Reforming your faith into a modern, resilient religion is made more interesting with the addition of features that can be selected upon reformation. In short, it allows players to customize their faith in the way they prefer such as having autonomous religious heads or enabling polygamy or how aggressive it is at proselytizing. It’s a great system with plenty of variety that, even if you’re not a pagan, can be interesting to interact with.

Other additional features, like warrior societies, new portraits and graphics and bloodlines are small, but neat little touches as well. There’s loads of associated events and new situations that you can encounter and even with my obsessive playing over the last few days, I’m sure I haven’t seen all there is to see yet. I can’t complain about any of these new additions, really, save that it may seem like it’s not that much new content if you play only a certain religion in a certain corner of the map. It’s certainly not spread thin but I can see someone who, say, only plays as the Eastern Roman Empire not seeing that much difference save if they decide to delve in Hellenism again.

The last major features of this DLC are random and shattered worlds. As the name implies, it’s a game mode whereby the world is randomized with adjustable parameters and you get a different initial state of play. Expect new and different cultures, varying degrees of historical plausibility and a less historically-bound game in either mode. It works quite well and it’s fun to see the world as it could have been or to create something entirely new. Nonetheless, there is a clear novelty factor at work here and I think that the enjoyment a player might get will depend directly on how “close to history” they like playing. Personally, I don’t see myself playing much in either mode regularly, only when I’m bored of the regular setup. Combine that with the already-robust game rules feature, though, and the sky's the limit insofar choice is concerned.

As is customary in PDS titles, Holy Fury has come out with a free patch for all players. I know it’s a bit of a cliché at this point but this is a truly massive patch. The UI has been cleaned up and improved and many areas of the game map have been altered, beautified or otherwise rebalanced. I think nearly every part of the large map has been improved. Things like reworked events, flavor events for pregnancies, portrait effects (like freckles, disfigurements and blood) and a wholly revamped set of battle events have made it in. There's plenty of free content to please long-time fans and anyone who might be tempted to jump into the game now.

The granular nature of Paradox Development Studios’ DLC policy means that it’s entirely possible to skip something if you’re not interested in it. For example, if you’re never going to play as a Muslim ruler, there’s no reason to get the Sword of Islam DLC. I end most of these review qualifying that your enjoyment will vary depending if you play only in a certain way or in a certain part of the map. This isn’t really the case here and I truly believe Holy Fury is one of the best expansions that Crusader Kings has gotten in a long time. There’s something for everyone and every new system is well thought out and polished. If you’re into Crusasder Kings II, then getting Holy Fury should be an easy decision. Even if you do decide to skip this one for whatever reason, it’s well worth checking out the game again due to all the changes in the free patch.

You can get Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury on Paradox’s Webshop, the Humble Store or Steam.

Proton Stats

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 16:51

I don't work on Proton, Wine, DXVK or FAudio, I'm a game tester and was curious how many Steam games are now supported out of the box via Proton.

https://www.protondb.com/Amazing site.

I did some basic number crunching. There's 70,264 appid's on steam (not all are games). Of those appid's:
26,385 are games that are currently available on Steam.
19.5% are Linux Native. (5,150 of 26,385)
80.5% are not Linux Native. (21,235 of 26,385)

In Proton:
25.5% games have been reported (5,425 of 21,235)
53.8% games work (2,920 of 5,425)
74.5% games have not been reported (15,810 of 21,235)

That makes Linux Native + Games that work in Proton:
30.5% of games available on Steam.

But to be fair, ignore the games that aren't being reported:
76.3% of games work which have been reported and are Linux Native (8,070 of 10,575).
https://www.protondb.com/ On the top right, you're able to link your Steam Account. Once completed, it lets you explore the status of each game in your library. You're able to filter by games that don't have any reports, sort by how many hours you played each game, the average user review, and more. The top says Contribute, which lets you submit a game report.

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Anyone knows if Winepak will resume development in the near future?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. November 2018 - 15:35

There's a redesign branch https://github.com/winepak/winepak-sdk-images/tree/redesign but it's not active anymore.

I need WoW64 Wine inside a Flatpak and I wonder if anyone made it work. Please share if you did! Right now I can compile 64 bits easily but not WoW64 (no 32 bits development libs). I also have a working setup with Winepak and I started compiling the redesign branch but it needs so much GBs and compiling takes forever. So I gave up after the first try and getting messages about problems with the 32 bits links.

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Deadly Days, the strategic zombie survival rogue-lite has changed dramatically, we have keys to give away

Gaming on Linux - 13. November 2018 - 14:40

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Early Access, Zombies, Rogue-lite, Survival

It's been a good few months since I last looked at the Early Access strategic zombie survival rogue-lite called Deadly Days. During this time, it's changed a lot. Note: My own copy was personally purchased.

Sometime in the future, the fast food chain MKing put some secret addictive additives to their meat. Tasty, sure, but it had a rather devastating affect on the population. It practically shut down the brains of people who ate it and so the apocalypse began.

Watch video on YouTube.com

In the original Early Access release, it didn't feel like it had any sort of flow or purpose to it. That all changed with a major revamp they did recently. You now have meta progression, there's a home base where you pick missions and the exploration has expanded quite a lot. Honestly, it's a completely different game and much improved over what I tested before. They're definitely taking it in a more interesting direction now.


  • Powerful special abilities that can dramatically change the outcome of a battle
  • Currently more than 30 crazy items that make each game unique, including toothpaste.
  • Three different specializations where you can unlock new abilities, items and weapon types
  • Currently over 20 weapon types with randomly generated modifications
  • More than 20 survivor skins to discover
  • More than 10 different types of zombies that only want one thing: Brains.
  • Additionally three unique bosses to defeat
  • Procedurally generated cities and missions
  • Lovingly designed pixel artstyle

Key Giveaway

As they're looking for more testers to give feedback on both gameplay features and any bugs, they've supplied us with six keys to give away. If you wish to win a copy, simply make it clear in your comments and late tomorrow I will hand them out at random.

If you don't want to wait for a key, you can find it on Steam right now.