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The sandbox RPG 'Spoxel' seems like it could be pretty amusing, releasing soon

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Tags: Action, Indie Game, Steam, Coming Soon, Adventure, RPG, Sandbox

Spoxel is an action adventure sandbox RPG that's been in development for a few years now, with it almost about to leave the long and dark development tunnel.

It's had Linux support for quite a long time, one I've watched gradually grow into something really quite quirky thanks to the developer providing a key some time ago. Not many games will give a tutorial that has you craft a shark-sword and make a spell that fires chickens at your enemies, so that sure was something.

The creation system for weapons and spells is seriously ridiculous, as the developer showed off a small slice of what to expect in a recent video:

Watch video on YouTube.com

We have a lot of platformers and a good few sandbox-RPG type experiences, with Terraria being the closest game I could compare the feel to. It is very similar for obvious reasons like the mining and crafting but Spoxel may just find an audience thanks to the rather unique creation tools it has. Not just the ability to make unique spells and items, the building system allows you to manipulate blocks into different shapes too, which adds a whole new flavour to the genre.

For those who don't want to go alone, it has both single-player and multi-player which could result in some amusing gameplay with you all throwing around your weirdly designed spells.

The release, according to Steam is currently scheduled for March 28th. The most recent update to the game, did mention it was the last major content update before release.

You can wishlist and follow it on Steam.

The Linux beta of X4: Foundations has been running nicely, a new update is now out

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Tags: Steam, Beta, Simulation, Action, Sandbox, Open World

Egosoft recently put out the Linux beta of X4: Foundations as promised, it's been running well on Linux and a fresh update is out now too.

Today, the big 2.20 patch has been released and it does note a Linux-specific bug-fix with "joystick hot-plug issues" being solved. There's quite a lot of other bugs that were fixed too including several crash-bugs, so hopefully the game is a bit more stable overall.

This patch has various improvements as well like improved carriers launching fighters against targets, ship behaviour when docking at other moving ships, subordinate handling in long distance movement and improved time taken to generate mass traffic for extremely complex stations when loading saves. There's a few new features too like multiple new encyclopedia entries to help guide you along, a player-owned shipyard tutorial and more.

You can find the full changelog here.

I will say this, it's definitely not a user friendly game. The tutorials were a bit naff but once you get into the swing of it, there's a lot of details to appreciate in it. Frankly, the tutorials were so dull they were easy to forget, I learned a lot more by just travelling around. I think if they truly want more to appreciate it, a properly streamlined tutorial is a must for such an expansive game.

For the Linux version, you don't need to opt into any beta on Steam. Just download it as you would any other game. You can grab a copy from Humble Store and Steam, no Linux build on GOG yet but I imagine it will when it's ready.

GameHub is another open source game launcher, giving Lutris some competition

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Tags: Apps, Open Source

Not a fan of Lutris or just want to try something different? GameHub could be a pretty good option for you.

I've been meaning to try this for a while, after many people emailed it in over the last few months. I finally sat down with it this weekend to give it a good run and honestly, I'm pretty impressed. While it claims it is "designed for elementary OS" it of course works across different distributions.

The first feature that really sticks out, is the friendly introduction when you load it up, instantly asking if you want to link it to different stores to pull games from:

This works really nicely too, I was able with a few clicks and logins be able to add my Steam, GOG and Humble accounts with relative ease.

One issue I wasn't particularly fond of, is how it becomes unresponsive on the first big sync of your games. I own a lot, sure, but that's going to need a pretty big improvement as I honestly thought it had crashed on me. Once settled though, it really is quite nice and makes it super easy to manage games across different sources.

For those who want to save their eyes a little strain, it does also offer up a one-click dark theme too which is quite lovely:

There's also a nice alternative list-view:

Outside of the usual stores, it also offers up support for running games through Wine/Proton, DOSBox, RetroArch and ScummVM as well so there's quite a lot of options available to you.

Find it on GitHub here under the GPL. They make it real easy to try too, since it offers up a deb, AppImage and a Flatpak.

Second Earth, a base-building game from the developer of Broforce has a Linux build

Gaming on Linux - vor 4 Stunden 47 Minuten

Tags: Tower Defense, Strategy, Indie Game, Early Access

Broforce is the game from developer Free Lives that made me fall in love with platformers again, can they do the same for base-building tower defense games? Second Earth could be good when further developed.

To be clear, Second Earth is in the very early stages to the point that they're calling it a prototype. Even so, I've played with it for a little while and the Linux version seems to run pretty well.

If you want to see some gameplay, one of their team took it for a spin live and you can see it on YouTube below. You can skip along to around 7:00 for when the gameplay starts:

Watch video on YouTube.com

It's pretty early on but even so I really love the basic idea they're going with here, I also rather like the Starship Troopers references too.

The way you have to build up your power reserves is really interesting, run out and you're likely to be very quickly overrun. The more power you have in reserve, the faster your turrets will charge and you can also put down buildings to store that extra power, as sandstorms will come along and cover up your solar panels preventing you even generating any.

The latest build, released only a few days ago adds in terraforming too:

Terraforming is a visually powerful theme that we really wanted to explore, and we'd like to add more possibilities to make it more meaningful.

They certainly are going in a very interesting direction with the game, so I shall be following this along with great interest!

One thing I noticed by accident, is pressing TAB brings up a little cheat menu. Pretty handy for playing around with the early builds, so I hope they keep that in for a while.

You can find it on itch.io.

Hat tip to chorn.

[Help]Porting Unity game to Linux

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I am porting Game named Inside :


to Linux using this guide:


I brought this game (GOG) previous year and runs perfectly on latest wine.

but,still want to run them natively.I want some help from you guys.

1)There is dll file named nativeoptimizations.dll in /INSIDE_Data/plugins

Anybody has that file in .so format?

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Reshade working in Wine >= 4.3

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All right here is a followup on one of my posts a few months ago about Reshade working with DXVK. This time its not about DXVK, but running Reshade with wined3d.

The problem with Reshade was that it always crashed with a stack overflow when using Wine's wGL and directX solutions. After digging in both code bases for some time, looking at the logs, tracing and discussions with some really helpful frogs, we found the problem. Reshade is hooking functions that are called internally in other functions in wine, which it also hooks. This resulted in cyclic calling of Reshade=>Wine=>Reshade functions (the stack overflow mentioned above). Problem found time to fix it!

The solution to this problem is pretty trivial and often used in wine, when programs hook internally used functions. A static wrapper function. There would have also been the possibility of changing the order of the called functions in wine, but I was advised to do it this way. The submitted patches have been merged in time for wine 4.3, which means people can easily try it out themselves.

Now that the introduction is done lets get to the fun part!

What is Reshade?

See https://reshade.me/ or use the preferred search engine of your choice.

How do I use Reshade?
  • Know the architecture of your application. To figure this out, if you don't know it already, run file your_program.exe and look at the output.
    x86-64 is 64Bit and 80386 is for 32Bit
  • Get Wine >=4.3, because this won't work with older versions!
  • Get the d3dcompiler_47.dll that matches the program architecture.
    64Bit: https://lutris.net/files/tools/dll/d3dcompiler_47.dll
    32Bit: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/D3DCompiler_47.zip
  • Get the shaders/textures for Reshade: https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders
  • Get Reshade: https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_4.2.1.exe
    You don't have to run the setup in Wine. It is easier to extract the exe with the unzip program of your choice! The executable contains both a 32 and 64Bit Reshade.dll.
  • Move everything into the program folder:
    d3dcompiler.dll, shader/texture folders, Reshade.dll
    Make sure you don't mix architectures!
  • Rename the Reshade.dll to the graphics API you want to hook.
    d3d9.dll for Directx9
    dxgi.dll for Directx11
  • Set the dll overrides in winecfg:
    d3dcompiler_47.dll: native
    d3d9/dxgi: native, builtin

You should be all set now to run your application with Reshade. Maybe you need to add the path to the shader/textures under the settings tab, but that's about it. I will edit the post to add missing information, if there is anything I forgot.


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The latest progress report for PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 is looking good

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Tags: Emulation, Update

The RPCS3 team have a huge mountain to climb to get more PlayStation 3 titles playable but it's all coming together now.

The latest report shows that 1,119 titles are now class as playable, up from 1,081 reported the month before. Considering the amount of effort required in such an emulator, it's really impressive. Some of these newly playable titles include Skate 3, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace and more!

Their latest video to show off some improvements can be seen below:

Watch video on YouTube.com

One of the biggest features seems to be the multithreaded SPU cache compilation, which has resulted in drastically quicker startup times "when using the SPU LLVM recompiler". An example they gave was Red Dead Redemption, which went from over 12 minutes to just over 1 minute. The other noted change are FBO improvements, which resulted in plenty of games seeing improved graphics or fixed crashes.

As always, if you want all the details do take a look at their blog post.

Video games are fun

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 5 Stunden 53 Minuten

Who’s with me?

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Football Story blends a narrative campaign with competitive multiplayer, coming to Linux

Gaming on Linux - vor 6 Stunden 9 Minuten

Tags: Adventure, Sports, Coming Soon, Steam

For those who love their games that involve sports, Football Story sounds like it could be one to watch. It's being developed by fructus temporum, with publishing by Crytivo (The Universim).

Football Story will put your skills to the test in an ultra fun multiplayer mode and tug at your heartstrings in a narrative-driven single-player campaign. When you're not showing off in a PVP football match, explore a massive city littered with quests and interesting activities. Bolster your reputation, earn experience, customize your character, and craft your own story.

They've yet to put out a full trailer, so here's some shots of it:

It's made pretty clear on the Steam store page that Linux will be supported, with it also noted on the Crytivo store page (their publisher).


  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • 8-Player Matches
  • Deep Customization
  • Unique Training System
  • 4 Diverse Stories to Experience in Single Player
  • Massive City to Explore
  • Varied Quests
  • Team Management System

No word on the release date yet, so we shall follow it along.

Looks like Battle for Wesnoth is being ported to Godot Engine

Gaming on Linux - vor 6 Stunden 29 Minuten

Tags: Strategy, Godot Engine

Battle for Wesnoth, the classic open source turn-based strategy game has been around for a long time and it seems they're going to switch over to the Godot Engine.

In a Twitter post sent out yesterday, the team teased "Are we working on a thing? We might be working on a thing. #gamedev #GodotEngine" along with this image:

According to the replies, it's a complete re-write of their legacy code and it's only in the early stages right now.

The developers also said they will be writing a longer post, to explain why they are doing this when they have more to show. I imagine with all the built-in features Godot has, it could make working on it a lot easier.

You can check out The Battle for Wesnoth on the official site or on Steam.

Hat tip to Acrophobic.

SDL2 has pulled in support for the Wii U/Switch USB GameCube controller adapter

Gaming on Linux - vor 6 Stunden 46 Minuten

Tags: Game Dev, Toolkit, Misc

SDL2, the cross-platform development library has now merged in support for the Wii U/Switch USB GameCube controller adapter.

This work is the result of the successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign from Ethan Lee, who previously ported a ton of games to Linux and Lee now also works with CodeWeavers to help with Steam Play/Proton development. This campaign was a personal project of Lee's, done across a few weekends.

From the commit:

hidapi: Add support for Wii U/Switch USB GameCube controller adapter.

Note that a single USB device is responsible for all 4 joysticks, so a large rewrite of the DeviceDriver functions was necessary to allow a single device to produce multiple joysticks.

This means that in future, you will be able to use the classic GameCube controller or perhaps even the DK Bongos if that's your thing. Considering the amount of projects (both games and game engines) that use SDL, eventually support for this will be quite broad.

The linux build of Rust has been completely unplayable for over a week. There is no official developer response.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - vor 13 Stunden 23 Minuten

As you may or may not be aware the linux build of Unity game engine, Rust, crashes when launched from nvidia cards immediately and on AMD all mobile entities explode into a mess of eye shattering polygons, with weird colors and reflections shooting off all materials and items in hands exploding to cover screens so as to blind you when you put anything in hand. It was well received last week in a linux_gaming reddit post that they had an update.

This all began when the developers upgraded the engine to try and better support linux with Vulkan, which was an excellent way to boost framerates. It ended up bricking the current build of the game.

The developers have made no official response to either roll back the game nor about the cause of the issue or how they're addressing it. And from the heat on the forums I am unsure if the developers are even aware there is an issue or are paying attention to any bug reports at all coming from linux users.

It has been down since last Thursday and tensions are getting heated on the forums for the few of us that do want to still play the game but physically cannot. Users are already trying to reproduce the issue on their own Unity builds and may have reproduced the error and the fix for it even as Facepunch carries on unaware.

The only thing of note was a dev responding that the game playtested fine on their nondescript "Ubuntu install with the latest drivers"

Hoping for some support egging out an official statement from the developers to calm folks down!


Be kind, but please help Tweet @playrust to see if we can get an official & public response or time table on when they can address the fact that the game is entirely unplayable on every linux machine.

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Linux Gaming News Punch - Episode 4

Gaming on Linux - vor 17 Stunden 12 Minuten

Tags: GOL Podcast

For those who have trouble keeping up with all the happenings, here's another bite-sized round-up of some interesting Linux gaming news recently.

The Linux Gaming News Punch - Episode 4 is officially here. As usual, it comes in both video and audio-only flavours.

Watch video on YouTube.com

MP3: Download | RSS Feed


OGG: Download | RSS Feed


Do note: This week was a little iffy due to some recording issues, which I think I managed to clean up pretty well overall. I'm investing in some better audio equipment thanks to all our supporters. This should make future podcasts, videos and livestreams much nicer.

Topics covered, click me

Dwarf Fortress

Valve stuff [1] [2]



Shotgun Farmers

Gunslugs:Rogue Tactics

Godot 3.1