Descenders: großes Update aktiviert Cross-Play

Descenders Update Cross-Play

Das neue Update zu dem Radrennspiel Descenders aktiviert System-übergreifendes Cross-Play und fügt u. a. weitere Strecken hinzu!

Es ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich.

Hey there everyone!

We've been a bit quiet recently because we've been working on some COOL new stuff!

In this new BIKE PARKS, BEARDS and BOUNCY CASTLE update, here's what's new:

THREE new bike parks:
MT. Slope, Drylands National Park and Dutchman's Rock (Saba). The team are really proud of these, so go ride them IMMEDIATELY
A NEW code for you to redeem: PRIDE.
Grab some flags and fly your colours!
We've added BEARDS for you BEARDY folks

We've also added more HAIRSTYLES
, so you can ride with STYLE
Crossplay is enabled between Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox PC Gamepass and Steam.
Go and make some new friends out there!
Added a FUN BOUNCY CASTLE in the hub world

We hope you enjoy this new update, especially the cool new parks! We'll see you out on the trails <3

- RageSquid and No More Robots