Civilization VI: Ethopia Pack jetzt für Linux erhältlich

Civilization VI: Ethopia Pack Header
Civilization VI: Ethopia Pack Screenshot

Ein weiterer (Bezahl-)DLC namens "Ethopia Pack" für Civilization VI ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich!

Civilization VI - Ethiopia Pack Available Now
We’re excited to announce the Ethiopia Pack is available now, as part of the New Frontier Pass or as an individual $4.99 purchase.

American Truck Simulator: DLC "Idaho" veröffentlicht

American Truck Simulator: DLC "Idaho" Header
American Truck Simulator: DLC "Idaho" Screenshot
American Truck Simulator: DLC "Idaho" Road Map

Der neue (Bezahl-)DLC "Idaho" zum American Truck Simulator ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich!

Welcome to Idaho, a land of rugged beauty that is home to millions of acres of wilderness and a landscape that ranges from desert to fertile farms. Best known for its world famous potatoes, Idaho offers drivers the opportunity to get involved with some of the States' largest economies such as farming and timber harvesting.

American Truck Simulator: großes Update 1.38 veröffentlicht

American Truck Simulator Update 1.38 Header

Zum American Truck Simulator wurde das große Update 1.38 für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Es fügt unter anderem der Grafik-Engine SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) hinzu, nimmt Verbesserungen an der Stadt Las Vegas vor und vieles mehr:

American Truck Simulator 1.38 Release

Euro Truck Simulator 2: "Sounds Rebalance Package" veröffentlicht

Euro Truck Simulator 2: "Sounds Rebalance Package" Header

Zum Euro Truck Simulator 2 wurde heute das "Sounds Rebalance Package" für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht:

With the Operation Genoa Bridge event still ongoing and the bridge nearing completion, you may have noticed that Euro Truck Simulator 2 received a small update on Steam earlier today. Don't worry, we did not release the next update behind your back. It was actually a focused, small but important mini-update that deserves explaining.

Euro Truck Simulator 2: neuer DLC "FH Tuning Pack" veröffentlicht

Euro Truck Simulator 2: "FH Tuning Pack" Header
Euro Truck Simulator 2: "FH Tuning Pack" Screenshot

Für den Euro Truck Simulator 2 ist ein neuer (Bezahl-)DLC erhältlich: das "FH Tuning Pack".

Truck tuning is something that is close to the heart of all truckers. If you have ever been to a truck show, you would see that the amount of love and effort that some drivers are willing to devote to their vehicles is unbelievable. Tons of chrome, expensive hand-made parts, lights, and paints - they can turn a regular truck into the work of art!