Revhead: Update 39 und DLC "Nightvision Pack" veröffentlicht

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Das Update 39 zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Zusätzlich ist nun der (Bezahl-)DLC "Night Vision Pack" auf Steam für Linux erhältlich.

Date: 21-04-2023
Version: 1.5.9507

Dear Revheads!

Update #39 brings some modifications and new free content in the game as supporting our new Night Vision DLC.

As always, we give aways some content for free in the main game. This time you can win or found in newspaper some of the Night Vision DLC contents. While you would need to buy the DLC to unlock all the features, this update brings some of the content for your for free.

We have fixed several bugs, updated our translations, modified environment lights at night as well as tweaked our headlights for better performance. Also, added some new limited night races, which has time limits to enter.

Support for Night Vision DLC
Added some free content from Night Vision DLC
Tweaked environment lighting for nights
Updated road materials for better lighting effects at night
Added new Night Races
Limits of taking petrols moved down from 1000 to 50 for Gas Guzzler Achievement (so you can unlock in one lifetime)
Show times in Race Lobby
Bug fixes

Night Vision DLC contains more than 60 new headlights and racing headlights, which provides better vision at night. Using these lights the driver can see better and with a greater distance during night races. Some of the new headlights can be attached to the front of the car, some to the motor hood or to the roof. Using these extra lights, other than the obvious help with more lights, it also gives a nice visual touch to your car or extra protection against physical damage.

Two sets of extra headlight for each car
9 extra front race headlights plus reinforced versions
7 extra hood race headlights plus reinforced versions
2 extra roof race headlights plus reinforced versions
2 new factory designs for headlights (Buthanbang and Walea)
8 Reinforced factory headlights for more protection against physical damage
12 yellow coloured lights for some cars