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How's your experience with Windows-only games that aren't officially released (fangames or old indie games basically)?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 3 hours 30 min ago

Proton and Lutris seem to cover commercially released games very well, but I'm kinda curious about games that are too obscure to be covered by these, like old fangames and indie games.

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Life Sucks and Life is Strange 2

Boiling Steam - 4 hours 5 min ago

Another sequel? Not exactly. Life is Strange 2 has pretty much nothing to do with Life is Strange “the First” (one of the finest adventure games ever made), except that it takes place in the same country and within some kind of a similar timeline. But the similarities stop there. This time, we follow the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel, of mixed culture and ethnicity (their father is Mexican and their mother is a white American). When the story starts, you learn that they live with their dad in a little town, and it looks like their mother, Karen, has bailed out for a long time now. Sean still remembers her and resents her for what she did, while Daniel, the youngest, barely has any memory of her.

On a fateful day, a fight with a kid from the neighborhood ends up in a drama, as the police intervenes and shoots their father dead. When this occurs, Daniel appears to have some kind of ESP (telekinesis) and apparently ends up killing the policeman before losing consciousness. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Sean, still conscious, grabs his brother and runs away on foot in the woods in order to escape the authorities. This is the beginning of a long road trip for the two of them. Ultimately, Sean has in mind to flee the country and return to their father’s homeland, Mexico, to avoid a life behind bars for his brother and himself.

The first Life is Strange almost followed the rules of classical unities (in drama): there should be one principal action, things should occur within a day or a few, and exist in the same physical location. Everything took place in Arcadia Bay, the action was revolving around Max trying to save/help Chloe… but it did not follow the rules of time. The whole mechanics of the game were about manipulating the past and the present to influece what was to come. It’s what made Life is Strange so brilliant and new at the same time (while being heavily inspired by movies such as “The Butterfly Effect”).

It took me a while to realize that Life is Strange 2 had no such trick up to their sleeves. This is a pure adventure game in the classical sense – very much like what Telltale does/did. Nothing wrong with that, while it is somewhat of a let down as there is pretty much nothing innovative in a narrative sense. But who needs that when you at least have a good story?

Well, that’s where it hurts me to say that… Life is Strange 2 is very poorly written. There’s not much tension while the kids are supposed to be tracked and hunted by cops. Most of the time it feels like the cops are on vacation, taking a nap, and never getting even close to catching them. Even the FBI is involved and all of them are clueless at stuff like tracking mobile phone signals (remember the story takes place in the recent years…) for days to find where the kids are. So realistic. When the authorities stop being completely useless, you are at the last episode, but that’s after 10+ hours of utter boredom.

Characters are one-sided and have no depth whatsoever. Sean is the typical teenager who’s not too confident in himself and who suddenly has to grow up in order to take care of his little brother. Daniel is still a little kid, naive and childish – he wants his way and often gets in trouble with Sean. To make things even more painful, Daniel is painted as an obnoxious brat. He’s supposed to be 9 years old but the writers gave him the brains of a 5 years old at best. So you have to babysit this crybaby the whole time who can’t exercise any form of judgment. Makes you wonder what kind of education he got for the last 8 years. To all writers out there: please, don’t write children as utterly stupid. They are typically smarter than you think.

The first Life is Strange, on the other hand, had UNUSUAL characters with complex problems. Max was the good student type of girl, skilled and interested in arts, but a little too shy for her own good. Her friend, Chloe, an extrovert, is failing school mostly because of deep-rooted familial issues and bad relationships. There were almost the opposite of each other’s. This always ended up making Max do things she would normally not do, pushing the player to experiment with the best ways to get something done out of their comfort zone.

Back to Life is Strange 2, where there’s no background story. Barely a skeleton of it. You end up with a short intro that lasts about 30 mins in the first chapter before the big event that will change their lives forever occurs. You never get to see Daniel or Sean going to school and what kind of relationship they have with their friends and classmates. This lack of background is significant, because you can’t really communicate what these 2 young people lost if we don’t even know what they had to begin with. This is also a major difference with the first Life is Strange, in which the first chapter was virtually a very long introduction to the world, the characters, their environment and what they struggle with in their daily lives. It seems like Life is Strange 2 skipped on all the goodness that makes for believable characters.

Not only Life is Strange 2 fails at providing some background, it also fails at providing some depth and new elements throughout the story. There is not much we get to learn about Daniel’s abilities or where they come from or what it all means. It’s not essential but it would have been a nice thing to provide some trickles of information as the story progresses to keep things evolving. In the first Life in Strange, Max progressively discovered things about her power and how it all related to what she was experiencing and living, making it another narrative element in itself on top of her relationship with Chloe.

Worse, the whole writing in LiS2 is caricatural from beginning to end. There’s the not so subtle political commentary about the US, and the constant encounters with stereotypes: cops are evil bastards and shoot before asking questions, about half of the white people you meet are evil racists, religious folks are evil fanatics, and hippies are all good guys who just happen to love drugs… like WTF? Did they really have to paint such a binary world in which everyone is either supremely good or incredibly evil without any inch of subtlety? If I wanted to get some low level political satire, thanks DONTNOD, but I know how to find my way to Twitter anytime. I don’t need that kind of cartoonish crap in my games.

Jean-Luc Cano, the main writer, excelled at writing about relationships between 2 teenage girls in the first Life in Strange in a suburbian town, and completely stumbles when it comes to talk about two teenage boys and their experience as they travel in the US. I cannot fathom how a writer can fall from great to mediocre levels in such a short time. Either they lacked ideas in the first place, or they were asleep at the wheel on this one. Narration deserves a solid F.

The game hammers down “Decisions will change how the game unfolds“. Really? I have never realized how my decisions would actually impact anything but the immediate problem at hand. You would be unable to judge the game anyway on this aspect unless you purposely restart every chapter one by one to see what could happen. Life is Strange 1 was innovative in that regard since it forced you at several times in the game to reconsider your choices with the time-travel mechanism. Here we are in a Telltales games algorithm where choices don’t really matter as you never have a clear hint to what they lead to later on in the game.

Talking about actions anyway, I have never seen such a dull collection of actions required in an adventure game. Most of what you have to do is to “pick up stuff”, “look at something”, “draw something”, “talk with someone”. There’s no real puzzle to solve, no challenge, no real difficulty to figure out what to do next. I can’t imagine why they decided to make the game LESS exciting to play than your daily chores at home.

The story turns out to be amoral as well. The whole point of LiS1 was that there was a balance in the universe and to get what you wanted, some other things would have to be destroyed in exchange – call if karma or what you like. Here in LiS2, you can literally get away with murder, avoid any consequence and make it to live on the beach and drink beer in the end. I guess extradition treaties don’t exist in a cartoonish world. Life is Strange, indeed.

Too bad the writing is so poor since everything else about the game is a great jump from the first one. The art department did a wonderful job, avoiding photo-realism while giving everything the colors and feeling of the real world. The attention to details is rewarded by a number of cinematic scenes whenever you arrive in a new place, lingering on object, landscapes, animals… all very well done and evocative. The game feels even more wasted in light of all the art that was produced.

Ultimately as the credits rolled, I felt absolutely nothing about the story, the characters and their relationship. None of it was interesting, gripping, memorable or even thoughtful. I can still remember distinct moments in Life is Strange 1 YEARS after playing it, and I can’t say the same about the second one just days after I am done with it.

A word about the port

I tested the port from Feral (no Proton magic this time around) and they did another very solid port. Performance is very good most of the time (I only noticed some heavy frame drops whenever you faced a mirror in a room), and I can run the game at High Settings (60 fps, full HD) with a GTX970 or a GTX1060 3GB, which are considered to be relatively low-mid range GPUs nowadays. Very High Settings would result in less than ideal switches between 30 fps and 60 fps for a marginal increase in visual quality in my opinion.

I did encounter a few weird crashes (and reported them) when my Steam controller would disconnect after 10 minutes away from the screen, and tried to reconnect it – for some reason it make the game freeze or crash at least twice. This had no big impact on my experience of the game since the game saves your progress automatically as you go, making it almost painless to restart and continue. Other that that, it was all good and as solid as all recent Feral ports I have tested. Every time I see ports as good as this, it makes me wish Feral could produce a lot more of those.

Strange performance differences with Valve Index on Linux and Windows (with advanced frame graphs)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 hours 9 min ago

I recently got a new system with a Ryzen 9 3900X, an RTX 2080 Ti and a Valve Index, intending to use it on Linux. Unfortunately, performance is way worse on Linux despite the systems performing similarly in a normal benchmark. First off, Unigine Superposition scores on Linux v Windows. Unfortunately, it's borked with the official Proton (textures missing) or Proton-GE (horribly low framerate) so only the OpenGL scores are really interesting.

Base system Linux: Up-to-date Fedora 31
Base system Windows: Up-to-date Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC N

Linux graphics driver: 440.62
Windows graphics driver: 445.75

System Setting Detail Score Avg FPS Min FPS Linux High Compositor 13456 100 69 Linux High No Compositor 15739 118 74 Windows High DirectX 18948 142 101 Windows High OpenGL 16174 121 84 Linux Extreme Compositor 6420 48 36 Linux Extreme No Compositor 7447 56 43 Windows Extreme DirectX 8593 64 50 Windows Extreme OpenGL 7350 55 45

However, in VR the difference is startling - especially the way the graphs look.

Windows SteamVR: 1.10.32
Linux SteamVR: 1.11.5 beta

All graphs taken with 200% render scale and default settings unless indicated otherwise.

Linux, Unigine, VR Optimum: https://i.imgur.com/M7MPO0Q.png?1
Windows, Unigine, VR Optimum, DirectX: https://i.imgur.com/L5np2Zw.jpg?1
Windows, Unigine, VR Optimum, OpenGL: https://i.imgur.com/YHIQAGk.jpg?1

It's even more extreme in Vivecraft. I directly copied the MultiMC folder, so everything is exactly the same. This is walking around in explored territory after the game has settled down a bit. (Otherwise, it stutters badly on both systems.) I know Vivecraft wants you to use their internal supersampling setting instead of the Steam one but doing so crashes it on Linux and it's just about having a direct comparison.

This is with render distance 8, fancy graphics, DokuCraft textures, DocteurDread shaders on Low with God Rays and Lens Flares disabled. Otherwise default.

Windows, OpenGL: https://i.imgur.com/Q27FJs2.png?1
Linux, no legacy reprojection: https://i.imgur.com/YLBr7qp.png?1
Linux, legacy reprojection: https://i.imgur.com/CTY9CqN.png?1

Vivecraft uses OpenGL on both systems.

Can someone explain if these very different-looking graphs are even indicative of an issue or if they come down to differences in how graphics are rendered in general? It's not just that they look different, VR games are almost unplayable on Linux especially if you have a direct comparison - everything just feels much, much more fluent and natural on Windows.

What are other variables I may have missed here that I could try changing?

(I'll update with Superhot shortly as that, too, runs horrible on Linux and perfectly well on Windows. Changing legacy reprojection doesn't fix it. Just have to figure out how to transfer my save.)

(Album in case I add or change anything and the links break: https://imgur.com/a/tua09Sq)

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KDE Neon Goes For The TV With Plasma Bigscreen

Boiling Steam - 5 hours 43 min ago

Paranoid of smart TVs regarding privacy, data collection selling, or censorship? Take that spyware out and replace it with the open-source Plasma Bigscreen.

Like the name implies, Plasma Bigscreen is a Linux-based operating system — a modified ARM version of KDE Neon, specifically — designed for living room usage and navigation. The desktop environment Plasma Bigscreen uses is, well, Plasma Bigscreen, and features the open-source MyCroft AI assistant for voice commands. Plasma Bigscreen also includes libcec — the CEC stands for “Consumer Electronics Control” and allows the operator to control their TV with either a standard remote or a voice-controlled one.

It’s easy to set up, according to the official website. You’ll need a Raspberry Pi 4 (unfortunately in my testing it won’t work with model 3 — but I think my Pi’s broken anyway) and a MicroSD card 8 GB or greater in capacity. Download the image, flash it to the SD card, put the card into the Pi, then give it power. Connect the Pi to your TV and then follow the on-screen instructions with your TV remote to connect to the Internet and create or log in to an existing MyCroft account.

Screenshot courtesy of It’s FOSS

Additional apps (or skills) can be downloaded: at the time of writing this there’s six apps altogether, including YouTube and Soundcloud. SSH is also installed should you need to remotely connect to the Pi to issue commands from the command line or transfer files. I’d imagine it’s fairly painless to get steamlink set up to remotely play your Steam games from another desktop or laptop on the same network.

It’s nice to see more open-source projects like these emerge, amidst all the data leakage that most of us are aware of from proprietary services. It’s good to know we can look at the code (although I’m not a programmer) and see what’s actually going on behind the scenes. Just one thing to keep in mind, this project is in beta, so issues are likely to crop up as you use it.

The KDE community has been pretty busy; they’re not just working on this project — they’re also working on Plasma Mobile in addition to the standard desktop environment. If you’re a developer and willing to help out, they’re looking for programmers for Plasma Mobile. I’m certain they’d also appreciate donations (no, I’m not getting paid to advertise KDE).

Drivers for 2080, ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS or 19.10?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 9 hours 44 min ago

Samsung finally delivered my ssd so im ready to install linux on my laptop.

i need a stable system that i can do work on, but i also want my 2080 to work properly. will LTS give me any problems in gaming with a 2080?

also the laptop came pre-installed with windows on a tiny ssd and an extra hdd, can i still point steam (linux) to the hdd for storage? or that will cause problems (new system so i dont think much is on the hdd )

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Suggest Top Down Survival Horror Games?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 10 hours 57 min ago

I'm looking for some linux native top down survival horror games.

  • No crafting

Too many of the games I've been finding have crafting and it just throws me out of the game.

Bonus if the game can be played co-op and available on GOG. An example of a game that I play often with my family in this vein is Crimsonland & Jupiter Hell.

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Unable to launch Age of Empires 2

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 11 hours 30 min ago

I installed Wine from the Linux Mint 19.3 Software Manager, tried to install AoE2 (from original game disc from 1999), and the game wouldn't launch. I tried uninstalling AoE2, then installing PlayOnLinux from the Software Manager, went through it's install wizard for AoE2, and tried launching the game to this error: "Error in POL_Shortcut Binary not found: age2_x1.exe".

Where do I get this file and where do I put it? Or should I install the game using a third method?

Edit: Apparently it can't find "AOKCONFIG.exe", and told me to put "fixme-all" in some logfile it won't tell me about a second time.

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Proton GE 5.5-GE-1 Released

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 12 hours 23 min ago


NOTE: This is a pre-release. Includes media foundation fixes that allow borderlands as well as many other games to display videos.

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XBOX Controller Audio Output

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 11:41pm

Hey guys how can i use my xbox controller audio output like when on windows?

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Do we think Google Stadia being driven by Linux will have any meaningful effect on the Linux gaming eco system?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 11:35pm

I firmly believe that Linux gaming can only really be a thing if big companies get onboard and find a way to make a profit. With Stadia being driven by Linux it's my understanding that the supported games (of which there are currently quite few) should have full Linux support.

What impact, if any, do people here think Stadia will have in this regard?

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Looking for people with PDP controllers

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 11:17pm

I'm adding driver support for PDP controllers to Linux, and because it's unreasonable to buy every controller, I'm reaching out to Reddit!

I need the ID for the controllers, to view them, open terminal, type "lsusb" and copy the ID left of Logic3

This would be of great help to me :)

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Looks like there's going to be a 'Streets of Rogue 2' and I'm definitely happy with that

Gaming on Linux - 4 Apr 2020 - 11:00pm

Streets of Rogue released in 2019 and it's one of my absolute favourites from last year (still is this year to be honest with you, it's just that good). The developer, Matt Dabrowski, recently outlined their future plans which will include a sequel.

The 2019 release was after over six years of development, and at least half of that it was available in some form to the public. First as a free taster and later a full game. In an announcement on Steam about the latest update, Dabrowski mentioned how they would like to "take Streets of Rogue in some big new directions" and so they've "decided to begin work on a sequel".

I can't tell you just how excited I am at the idea of all the gameplay mechanics from Streets of Rogue, placed into a bigger world. Oh the possibilities! Just look at how ridiculous and fun it can be already:

Watch video on YouTube.com

Speaking to Dabrowski today about the sequel and Linux support for it, they mention to me that they "don't see why the sequel wouldn't appear on Linux" as long as Unity doesn't cause them "any horrific technical issues". However, they were keen to mention that it's "a WAYS off" as they've barely even begun on it.

You can buy Streets of Rogue on Humble Store, GOG and Steam and I do highly recommend it.

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"Advanced Optimus" and linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 10:27pm

So I just wanted to ask around or maybe start a discussion on new nvidia laptop stuff supposedly coming out in the near future.

So basically Nvidia says they are going to start supporting G-sync on MUX-less optimus laptops.

Does anyone have any idea what are they talking about? How's this gonna work? Is it gonna work on linux?

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Help with libstrangle

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 8:36pm

Hey everyone

I am new to linux gaming and linux in general but really want to experience gaming on this os. Since I want to play csgo but dont have a good pc I searched for ways to boost performance and came across libstrangle. I tried downloading it just how it was written in the gitlab readme file, but when I try to execute the command in the terminal, it says that this command doesn't exist. I am asking for help that a beginner could understand. I use lubuntu(Incase it matters)

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CSGO maps won't load on linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 Apr 2020 - 7:29pm

So today i installed linux on my laptop, i will only use it for csgo I got a version i heard it's good for gaming (sparkylinux) and yeah... maps wont load any help?

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