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Weekly Tech-Support Thread for February 23, 2020: Ask your tech-support questions in this thread please

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 1 hour 25 min ago

When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

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What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

Gaming on Linux - 1 hour 53 min ago

It's been quite some time since we last had an open discussion about what you've all been playing recently. Let's get things going again.

We've almost finished the second month of 2020, we've had tons of Linux games that have released this year already and a huge amount more on the way. Now with the rise of game streaming, Steam Play Proton and more options appearing constantly there's never a shortage of gaming to be had.

Personally, I've been getting back into the deck-builder Faeria (Humble/Steam).

With the big recent patch, it gave me a new reason to pick it up and I had honestly forgotten just how good the gameplay is. Building the board as you go really does spice up the usual turn-based tactics, as does the single-player content that's quite plentiful. Gamepad support that was recently added has also made it more accessible than ever. Crafting a good deck of cards is always the hard part but Faeria is fun to learn.

So, over to you: what have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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Virtualization: Alternative to GPU Passthrough

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 2 hours 30 min ago

Hey! I'm migrating to Linux from Windows and macOS. My computer only has one GPU, however, so I can't(?) pass it to a Windows VM for games, and there a few games I play that won't run properly using Steam Proton.

Are there any viable alternatives to GPU passthrough for gaming in a Windows VM?

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Check out 'Aseprite' a popular cross-platform pixel-art tool to create 2D animations and sprites

Gaming on Linux - 2 hours 51 min ago

Although I'm not into game development, after finding about this popular 2D pixel animation program while researching something else, I decided to cover it here on GOL in the hopes that someone finds it useful or time saving. Aseprite is a tool developed by small Argentine developer Igara Studio, that has been around in some form for almost two decades, having its version 1.0 released on Jun 6, 2014. Right now on Steam it has 2897 positive reviews by Steam users, out of 2923 total reviews, reaching as a consequence an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' status.

This is the official trailer, which features a particularly catchy music:

Watch video on YouTube.com

These are its main features, which were extracted from the official site:

Animation & Layers: Create, copy, move, drag & drop layers; create, copy, move, link, drag & drop frames or cels; include several animations in the same file tagging sections; loop a section in forward, reverse, ping-pong modes, change preview speed; see other frames as reference to animate; choose different onion skin modes.

Color & Painting: Copy & paste, drag & drop, resize palette; palette entries with alpha value; select color harmonies; create light and shadows with the shading ink; create perfect strokes for pixel-art; avoid extreme pixel distortions when rotating tiny sprites; create patterns repeating the image in a 3x3 grid; create custom brushes for dithering; composite layers to create color effects.

Import & Export Files: Open or save a sequence of images; create animations and save them as .gif files; export your work to sprite sheets in .png and .json files; recovery [sic] your sprites in case of crash; integrate Aseprite in your assets pipeline with the command-line interface (CLI); store several animations in one texture atlas.

Besides, you will find on the official site well detailed documentation, video tutorials and an always handy Cheat Sheet. There is also a community forum and a Discord channel. The source code is also open on GitHub, although it's not open source as it's under their own EULA but it does allow you to compile it yourself free.

You can also check the trial to see if it's a program that may suit your professional needs. If that were the case, you have several options to buy it: itch.io (DRM-free + Steam key), Humble Store (DRM-free + Steam key) and Steam (DRM-free). Just as a curiosity, it seems it was possible to get an itch.io key if you bought the program from Steam, but apparently the developers later stepped back after some people took advantage of that option.

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What is the best ram calculator for 3rd gen ryzen when it comes to using linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 hours 58 min ago

I only know of the DRAM calculator created by 1usmus at the overclock website and unfortunately that's only for windows. I could try running the 1usmus calculator through wine but I want to use something native to linux.

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Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2020-07 #Drückblick - Rimworld mit großem Changelog - Unrailed für Linux - Mandate in Heaven-DLC für Total War: Three Kingdoms - osu! jetzt mit nativem Linux-AppImage

Holarse Linuxgaming - 5 hours 29 min ago

Ein herzliches Willkommen zu unserer neuen Wochenend-Rückblick-Sammelnews Nr. 07 im Februar 2020. Hier listen wir interessante und informative Neuigkeiten aus der Linuxspielewelt auf, die wir zwischen dem 16.02.2020 und dem 23.02.2020 zusammengetragen haben.

  • Team Reptile, das Team hinter dem Windowstitel Lethal League Blaze, spendiert seinem Titel wohl langfristig einen Linuxport. Link
  • SCS Software hat angekündigt für den Euro Truck Simulator 2 und den American Truck Simulator in Zukunft auf die FMOD-Soundengine zu setzen. So möchte man bessere Audioprofile und technologische Möglichkeiten nutzen können. FMOD steht auch unter Linux zur Verfügung. Link
  • Spung von 1.0 nach 1.1 auf gutem Weg, neue RimWorld-Version mit riesigem Changelog im unstable-branch veröffentlicht. Link
  • Dwarf Fortress verzeichnet einen Anstieg der Versionsnummer auf mittlerweile 0.47.03. Link
Releases Open Source
  • Für UnCiv Version 3.5.14 wurde 2 Tage später noch ein Patch veröffentlicht. Link
  • RogueBox Adventures, ein, dem Entwickler zufolge, einzigartiger Mix aus Roguelike und Sandbox, liegt seit Kurzem in Version 3.0.0 vor. Link
  • Free Space 2 SCP kann es nicht lassen und bringt wieder Nightlys. Link
  • Die pixelige freie Städtebausimulation Cytopia liegt seit dem 20. Februar in Version 0.2 vor, ist aber weiterhin als pre-alpha tech demo zu betrachten. Link
  • FreeCol hat es geschafft die Arbeiten an Version 0.12 abzuschließen, was interessierten Spielern ein aktualisiertes Programm beschert. Link
  • osu! bietet nun ein AppImage-Linux-Paket zum Ausprobieren an. Link
Treiber und Hardware Community
  • Die Menschen hinter Dwarf Fortress geben, neben der oben genannten neuen Version, wieder schriftlich einen Einblick in den Programmierprozess. Link
  • Dying Light feiert seinen mittlerweile fünften Geburtstag und feiert vier Wochen lang mit verschiedenen Aktionen. Link
Wine, Crossover, Proton, etc.
  • Wine in Version 5.2-developement veröffentlicht. Link
  • Proton veröffentlicht ebenfalls eine neue Version. Dieses Mal ist es 5.0-3 und bietet u.a. Support für den DX12-Modus des vor kurzem veröffentlichten Metro Exodus. Link
  • Hatnix spielt drm-frei und WINE-Spiele unter Linux und hat wieder einen schönen Streamplan für euch. Streamplan.
  • Corben78, meistens donnerstagabends. Twitch
  • Nerdgrrrl, Linuxgamerin mit Schwäche für Zombies. Twitch
  • Z-Ray Entertainment spielt alles unter Linux, was nicht bei drei auf den virtuellen Bäumen ist. Twitch
  • GtuxTV spielt gerne neue Titel und bedient sich allem, was Wine und Proton aber auch nativ zu bieten hat. GTuxTV
Holarse Services / Dedicated Server

Derzeit bieten wir folgende Dedicated Server für alle Linux-Gamer an:

  • 7 Days 2 Die unter gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de mit dem Server-Passwort holarse.
  • Minecraft unter minecraft.holarse-linuxgaming.de. Hierzu bitte vorher im IRC oder Discord in die Whitelist aufnehmen lassen.
  • Minetest unter gameserver.holarse-linuxgaming.de mit dem Standardport 30000.
Rabatte und Sales
  • Tropico 6 kann seit dem 21. Februar 2020 auch auf drm-frei gog.com erstanden werden und kommt dort zur Feier mit einem kleinen Rabatt daher. Link
Picks der Woche Schönes Wochenende

Das war's wieder einmal für diese Woche und mit diesem "Drückblick". Ihr habt Anregungen oder Anmerkungen? Lasst es uns wissen, entweder hier unten in den Kommentaren oder besucht uns im IRC (oder #holarse auf FreeNode) oder im Discord oder quatscht mit uns im Mumble (holarse-linuxgaming.de, Server-Passwort ist 'holarse')!

Noch direktere News mit, von und über uns findet ihr im Übrigen auf unserem Twitter-Kanal, aber auch auf dem freien Netzwerk Mastodon und einige Reviews auch auf unserer Steam-Curator-Seite.


alsa-lib 1.2.2 breaks all Unity games

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 6 hours 40 min ago

They get SIGSEGV. Downgrading to alsa-lib fixed the problem. I use Arch BTW.

How do I find out whether it's a bug in ALSA or Unity?

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Will we ever be able to drop 32 bit support and move to a clean 64 bit environment?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 8 hours 46 min ago

I think it will take at least a few decades more, at least for me. I still have a bunch of closed source games via steam that is in 32 bit that I regular play. So I still need to have 32 bit support for some apps.

When do you think it will be gone and dead? It is only recently that 386 was dropped and we supported was moved to 686, which seems to be the new baseline. Would we ever see 686 being dropped ?

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Do you guys think there exists a theoretical scenario that the game industry could operate on FOSS? How would you envision it working if you do?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 9 hours 12 min ago

I know linux doesnt mean FOSS, but they are related and this got me thinking, so here goes:

So when looking at the game industry, the big problems I identify are

  • the constant microtransactions and companies formulating the whole of the game design on maximizing these game transactions

  • as we go more digital we technically lost the right to own our games or to be able to play our games in the event of a company shutting down servers

  • releasing games lacking critical features that are advertised

FOSS solves all of these problems. However it does lead to some of it's own problems, namely developers have to move from a rather direct form of payment to something much more risky and indirect.

Of course the free in FOSS is more like freedom than $0, but they tend to go hand and hand in terms of software.

Some ways I can think of for developers to make money:

  • pay if you want: this one is obvious. knowing the active part of gamer culture, this could work. For really popular and beloved games like stardew valley, goose game, or cuphead people do buy multiple copies of the games on different platforms just to show their support. Question here is do enough people do that? This will for sure lower the number of games that are financially viable since only the most beloved games would be able to afford a fully staffed team.

  • merch: this one is also obvious. People are very attached to stories and characters from games, so a developer could rely on merch to support development. Though this will probably lead the conflict as the dev's want to advertise this option while players will want to not even see this.

  • tournament and other events: this one is probably more for just multiplayer games, but we can look to the music industry does concerts and our current esport industry to see that this is a way to make money while providing the game for free. Of course this requires the margins to be good for this to be something more than just a big ad.

  • streaming (once latency is reduced even further): this one may be a bit unusual but I think this could be an option in the future once latency is more manageable. Hardware is expensive and I think dev's (or in this case their publishers) offering a way to let all players a chance to play the game on higher end graphics/resolutions would be an excellent way to make revenue, even with the game technically being free.

I can only think of these 4 ways, and I'm not sure that is enough.

I know it's not enough for the huge AAA games to be a normal occurrence(for better or for worse), but maybe if the industry as whole went towards the smaller projects this could be viable.

What do you guys think? Is this even possible? If so how?

Would it being mostly FOSS in terms of dev tools, but the actual games being closed source be the more realistic option?

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Controllers from Aliexpress - Any experiences and recommendations?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 10 hours 23 min ago

Considering getting some cheap controllers for Trine local multiplayer and don't want to pay too much. I've seen that DS3, DS4 and Wii U Pro knockoffs are popular but not sure if Bluetooth connection will work in Linux. Will only ever be using them in Steam.

Anyone had any experiences with these cheaper controllers in Linux?

Thanks for your help.

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How To Install And Run Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Using Proton - Fixed Audio

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 15 hours 23 min ago

Hi everyone.

So I've released my latest tutorial on running Windows games on Linux, this time its Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.


Currently if you install and run the game using Proton 5.0-3 then the game will now load, but you will have no audio.

All the solutions on ProtonDB did not seem to resolve the missing audio for me, so I fixed that problem with the following four steps:

Step 1 - Install Winetricks

Step 2 - Install the Media Foundation workaround for Wine in the game's pfx folder.

Step 3 - Install Microsoft Visual Runtime using Winetricks, again to the game's pfx folder.

Step 4 - Rename or delete the Video in the game's Assets folder.

On launch, you will get an error about the Video folder being missing, but click OK and the game will still load up.

This took a while to figure out, but hopefully this is helpful for someone, and if you like this kind of content, please subscribe to my channel to support me.



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NVIDIA talk up bringing DirectX Ray Tracing to Vulkan

Gaming on Linux - 22 Feb 2020 - 10:37pm

Tags: Vulkan, NVIDIA, Misc, Game Dev

With Ray Tracing becoming ever more popular, NVIDIA have written up a technical post on bringing DirectX Ray Tracing to Vulkan to encourage more developers to do it.

The blog post, titled "Bringing HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan" mentions that porting content requires both the API calls (so DirectX to Vulkan) and the Shaders (HLSL to SPIR-V). Something that's not so difficult now, with the SPIR-V backend to Microsoft's open source DirectXCompiler (DXC).

Since last year, NVIDIA added ray tracing support to DXC's SPIR-V back-end too using their SPV_NV_ray_tracing extension and there's already titles shipping with it like Quake II RTX and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. While this is all NVIDIA-only for now, The Khronos Group is having discussions to get a cross-vendor version of the Vulkan ray tracing extension implemented and NVIDIA expect the work already done can be used with it which does sound good.

NVIDIA go on to give an example and sum it all up with this:

The NVIDIA VKRay extension, with the DXC compiler and SPIR-V backend, provides the same level of ray tracing functionality in Vulkan through HLSL as is currently available in DXR. You can now develop ray-tracing applications using DXR or NVIDIA VKRay with minimized shader re-writing to deploy to either the DirectX or Vulkan APIs.

See the full post here.

Eventually, with efforts like this and when Vulkan has proper cross-vendor ray tracing bits all wired up, it would give developers an easier job to get Vulkan ports looking as good as they can with DirectX. This makes the future of the Vulkan API sound ever-more exciting.

Article from GamingOnLinux.com

LunarG's Vulkan developer survey results out now - Vulkan also turns 4

Gaming on Linux - 22 Feb 2020 - 9:49pm

Tags: Survey, Vulkan, Misc, Game Dev

LunarG, the software company that Valve sponsors who work on building out the ecosystem for the Vulkan API recently conducted a Vulkan developer survey with the results out now.

Before going over the results, just a reminder that Vulkan just recently turned four years old! The 1.0 specification went public on February 16, 2016. Since then, we've seen some pretty amazing things thanks to it. We've had Linux ports that perform really nicely, the mighty DXVK translation layer advanced dramatically, to the vkBasalt post-processing layer and so on—there's been a lot going on. However, as a graphics API do remember it's pretty young and has a long life ahead of it.

As for the LunarG survey: there were 349 replies to it, and while not a huge amount it gives us an interesting insight into what some developers think and feel about how Vulkan is doing as a whole. Overall, it gives quite a positive picture on the health of Vulkan with over 60% feeling the overall quality of the Vulkan ecosystem as "Good" and almost 20% rating it as "Excellent".

It's also a good way to find out what needs to improve, as a result of the replies to the survey LunarG noted the key areas that may be hindering adoption as (in order):

  • Complexity of the API
  • Driver quality and inconsistency
  • Tutorials/samples/documentation
  • Tool deficiencies

This has been improving though, with the Khronos Group announcing both a Vulkan Guide and a Samples Repository in the later half of last year.

Something else that's very interesting for us here at GOL is that just over 70% of the respondents said they working on Desktop Linux as the target of their development. Not only that, over 50% said their Vulkan development environment was Linux too. Keep in mind that the survey isn't just game developers though and it does include a mix of people studying and working with Vulkan for commercial use.

You can see their blog post here, with the results PDF file here.

Article from GamingOnLinux.com

Popular free rhythm game 'osu!' now provides a Linux build with releases

Gaming on Linux - 22 Feb 2020 - 6:19pm

Tags: Free Game, Music, New Release

osu!, going under the current development name of osu!lazer is a very popular free rhythm game and they're now doing official builds for Linux gamers.

It's actually inspired by an older game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, which was released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. osu! was originally only available for Windows, then ported to macOS and eventually they started work on osu!lazer as an open source remake of the original client to eventually replace it. There's been various unofficial builds out there, since it's open source and up on GitHub but they're now making Linux a bit more official.

With the 2020.221.0 release, they provided an AppImage to hopefully enable osu! to be played across many distributions with ease. Keep in mind since this is the first attempt it's still in testing, with no auto-updates just yet but they're working on it which is awesome.

How popular is it? Amazingly so! This is what their official stats said earlier:

15,210,892 registered players, 18,526 currently online in 663 games

If you wish to try the new Linux build, you can grab the AppImage from GitHub. Learn more about the game from the official site.

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Canonical need a little testing hand for a newer Steam package on Ubuntu 20.04

Gaming on Linux - 22 Feb 2020 - 3:27pm

Tags: Steam, Ubuntu, Apps

With Ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa" being released in the next few months, the team over at Canonical are looking for a little help testing their updated Steam package.

To be clear, this is only for the 20.04 release, they're not looking for feedback for earlier versions of Ubuntu.

It's not a drastic change to the Steam package with it pulling in an update from Debian, but this newer build does have updated udev rules for some devices. Canonical also did some of their own tweaks for NVIDIA due to the differences between Ubuntu and Debian.

You will need to use a temporary PPA which will be removed when the test is over, found over here. They need people to try clean installs without any Steam, upgrading from an existing Steam install and purge removals of the steam package. Additionally, testing with a Steam Controller and supported VR devices would help them too.

This is your chance to help ensure the next major version of Ubuntu has a good working Steam package.

You can see their post about it here for the full details.

Article from GamingOnLinux.com