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Mouse and Headset?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 32 min 2 sec ago

Hi, I am trying to migrate to peripherals that are full funcitonality on linux, my keyboard is the wooting 60HE, however for mouse and headset I'm still using razer, they work ine and there is the Open-Razer project which helps a little bit but without synapse they just are not really configurable on Linux, so I want a mouse similar to a viper or g pro superlight that has software for linux or that is conigured via the web, and the same for a wireless headset.

Looking forwards to reading your recommendations!

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terraria wont use my gpu

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 1 hour 31 min ago

so ive been trying to make linux run terraria, but it only uses the cpu. im really new to linux and when windows started talking about being spyware i switched. so now im learning the quarks of linux. like how games wont use my gpu for reasons. so how do i fix this issue. i have an nvidia 1060 on the pc im trying to run it on.

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Intel Arc driver issues on Arch (sort of)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 1 hour 53 min ago

So I've been running HoloISO (which is steamos 3.x for any pc, for reference, hence the Arch in the title) on a homemade steambox in my living room for a few days now and it's working fantastically, but the Intel Arc A770 GPU I'm using (it was the only spare I had lying around) turned out to be a less-than-optimal choice. To cut a long story short, if I use the default i915 driver, then game mode works but switching to desktop results in a permanent black screen. If I set the kernel args i915.force_probe=!56a0 xe.force_probe=56a0 to use the new experimental intel graphics driver, then desktop mode works but switching to game mode results in a black screen.

I realize I could probably configure grub with two menu entries that use different drivers, but I'd like to be able to switch between the two modes without rebooting. Anyone have any idea how I might go about getting both modes to work with the same driver?

I originally posted this in r/holoiso but I feel this rides the line between being HoloISO specific and more broadly Linux related so figured I'd ask here as well.

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PSA: if you're using nvidia's beta drivers and gamescope causes your game to freeze up after a few minutes after launching try disable V-Sync beforehand

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 2 hours 31 min ago

I realize it's just a workaround but this is what finally resolved the issue in my case.

More details here in case anyone else has been struggling to make this thing work.

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trouble with virtual lanparty for playing minecraft with friend with windows

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 3 hours 13 min ago

my friend and I want to play (CRACKED) minecraft. he has windows 11, i have debian 12 (with gnome, if that helps in some way). we both installed zerotier, he configured a network, i joined, all good.

when i try to join the minecraft world, i get the infamous "invalid session" error. this never happened when i was using windows 10 with radmin VPN. moreover, back then the world automatically appeared in the server list, which doesn't happen now.

we have tried switchint the network host to me, changing the minecraft cracked account username, restarting the game several times... no luck.

do you know the fix to this? help will be greatly appreciated.

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A minor rant about my gaming experience

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 3 hours 26 min ago

Hello everyone!

Originally I made this post "reviewing" some aspects of Linux Gaming for someone who is relatively new to this world (again, used Linux back in 2015 or so but used Distros like Solus, Deepin, Elementary OS and others. Yep, set myself for failure I know.)

The more I wrote the more I realized I was basically just ranting (I would be perfect for IGN) and decided to instead just point out my quirks and see if people agrees or has some thoughts about it.

My first quirk is audio, as soon as I installed the distro I could tell that the audio is coming more from the right side and weak on the left side. I lost some hearing on my left ear but on Windows is not as noticeable as here, had to go straight into the audio settings and balance the audio to the left a bit. Did some research and the consensus is that PulseAudio is pretty mediocre and those issues should be fixed once we get PipeWire (at least on Linux Mint)

What does this has to do with Gaming? Well, I noticed it the most while playing games, not to mention that one game, Zombie Andreas (a standalone mod for GTA San Andreas) has some weird audio issues, the menu sounds, gunshots, voices, cars and more only sound from the left. Again, hoping that PipeWire fixes this (hopefully)

My second quirk is the modded experience, native RimWorld with more than 100 mods crashes my whole OS, not just the game but it freezes my whole system forcing me to hard reset with the button on my case.

The fix was just to use the Windows version with Proton but that still caused some crashes to the game itself when trying to alt tab forcing me to start the game again and stare at the loading screen for another 5 minutes. In addition to that I couldn't change the resolution, lost like an hour adding and removing mods until the game was "stable" when on Windows I was able to add all of them and just endure the loading times with no crashes.

And my last quirk is content creation, I'm a vtuber and it was a harsh experience. Native Veadotube didn't work OOTB and I had to use the Windows version with Proton/Bottles and had to look for alternatives due to OBS not having the game capture option (yes, I eventually used the color filter but yeah...)

That's another issue, OBS was pretty clunky to use and when trying to stream RimWorld it couldn't use the hardware encoder and I was forced to use the software encoder to be able to start my stream. I'm also missing the game capture option and it was not intuitive at all at least the first time.

Last but not least was my devices, everything worked OOTB but my microphone, for some reason when I connected the microphone it wouldn't work, started searching for solutions but it brought up terminal commands and in my experience 99% of those terminal commands are either useless or can cause other issues.

I bit the bullet and tried using Pavucontrol (which I had to download) and messing with some options I finally got it working. Not a very OOTB experience.

My rant is over! I hope you guys can give some insight, I believe those are some improving pointers for Linux, other than that the Wine (Bottles/Lutris) emulation worked pretty well and all games worked. Just that problem with Zombie Andreas.

Thank you bois! Cheers!

PC specs for reference: OS: Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon RAM: 8X2 DDR4 3200MHz Motherboard: Asus a320m Prime Ryzen 5 4500 Nvidia GTX 1660 Microphone: Elgato wave:1 USB

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So I wanna try and get into linux but have problems picking a distro

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 4 hours 6 min ago

ive been testing out a bunch of linux distros via the usb and narrowed it down to these, linux mint or mx linux
I kinda wanna use linux mint instead because of the more polished experience, mx linux uses less ram but it looks like it needs more work from me

heard stuff about input lag and latency over at cinammon mint so i'm worried about that since i play alot of shoot'em ups and input lag is very very important to me and this genre

oh also here are my specs
its a kinda old acer laptop, still has a dvd drive that can double as a third hdd slot and vga

i5 6200u
nvidia 940mx
6gb of dual ram (for some reason its 3gb each)

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I can't believe how much Linux gaming improved. Elden Ring on high in a GTX 1050 ti(bellow requirements)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 5 hours 26 min ago

Description - Elden Ring on high in a old GPU

I've used Linux since Debian six times. At that time, I had a GTS 450; even installing Morrowind was a nightmare. The nVidia driver? It was full of strange dependencies, and installing it was very hard. The game constantly crashed, mainly when I tried to use alchemy or enchantment. In Skyrim(now run flawlesly), I failed to run and had to use dual boot to play it, even using PlayOnLinux. Oblivion ran flawlessly; there was no Vulkan, no DXVK, and wine could only run properly up to DX9. Now, I'm running this amazing AAA game in High at 40 to 45 FPS on a very old GPU.

I still have my M$ bloatware and spyware installed only if I need to code in .NET, but I haven't booted my Windows hard drive in more than a year. I will not install Steam there and download a very heavy game only to see how the performance is, but according to every benchmark that I saw, Elden Ring on Linux runs much better than on Windows.

That GPU is below the minimum requirements.

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Elden Ring broken on Ubuntu 24.04

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 5 hours 52 min ago

I thought I might give some folks a heads up given what is coming in two days.

  1. For Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards owners, Ubuntu's current Mesa version, 24.0.1, causes visual artifacts in Elden Ring. You have to install the kisak-mesa PPA to get that fixed. I do not know if this is applicable to other generations of Radeon graphics.
  2. Elden Ring just fails to launch. I have to use the old EAC disablement workaround, delete original start_protected_game.exe and rename eldenring.exe to start_protected_game.exe.

This is with steam installed using the .deb package so no snap snafu needed to encounter these issues. I tested with multiple versions of Proton and saw no difference.

Does anyone has a better solution to the EAC issue? I'm also curious of who and with what setups is and isn't seeing these issues. I'd make a poll but the options matrix makes it impractical.

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Trying to play Sea of Thieves (Steam), getting Pure virtual function being called while application was running (GlsRunning == 1)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 6 hours 46 min ago

Like the title says. Itll show the UE, Xbox, and Rare logos, show the spinning wheel, and then show a popup with the message "Pure virtual function being called while application was running (GlsRunning == 1)". Says nothing in steam logs. Unsure what to do, ive tried changing proton version, used GE, and validated the game files, to nothing. Anyone know how to fix this?

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distros for old pc?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 6 hours 52 min ago

i have this pretty old core 2 duo pc that requires a good distro for gaming since windows 10 sucks and i need a fast distro that runs low on resources and accepts intel drivers etc, and would be pretty thankful if it got good wine support since all of my games are EXEs

also i was using mint but it was slow so i am looking for a better and more reliable distro.

also i know my pc limits but when i used it with windows 11 it used to run games pretty fast and far better than windows 10.

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Has anyone heard of Garuda

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 6 hours 56 min ago

Has anyone heard of the Linux distro Garuda if so, what are some positives and negatives about it because I have a few distro in l if so, what are some positives and negatives about it because I have a few distro in mind that I want to use in case I ever decide to switch from windows this is one of the three I had in mind along with mint and the latest version of fedora. I’m just not sure what to do because of how bad windows is becoming, especially with the new recall feature.

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Introducing KDiskInfo, a CrystalDiskInfo alternative for Linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 7 hours 52 min ago


KDiskInfo is a QT GUI which wraps around the smartctl utility to provide a functionality similar to CrystalDiskInfo on Windows. You can find it here.

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Bluetooth Latency in Games – USB Adapter Suggestions?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 7 hours 53 min ago

I’ve noticed a latency between the action in games and the sound when using Bluetooth headphones, but this latency isn’t noticeable when watching videos or online videos. I’d like to know a few things:

1. Would a USB/Bluetooth adapter help with this latency? 2. If so, could you suggest some good USB adapters? 3. My headphone is an Anker Life Q35, which does not support aptX. Does this impact the latency or the choice of adapters?

Since I primarily use Linux, a suggestion for an adapter with good Linux support would be preferable.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Is there something wrong with my GPU?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 8 hours 7 min ago

The frame slicing happens in every browser I try video playback, not visible in games.

Brand new NVIDIA 4070, latest NVIDIA driver

Debian Stable

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Bazzite on LegionGo can’t change resolution.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 8 hours 41 min ago

Hi, I recently installed Bazzite on my LegionGo after MS announced their privacy nightmare. Bazzite works really well on the LegionGo hardware, but when I connect to my thunderbolt dock to use it in desktop mode the resolution on my monitors is locked to the smallest resolution available with no option to change it. I’ve updated the OS and restarted the device and the dock but it will not allow me to change the external monitor resolution on either (2 external monitors) monitor. Both monitors show up and can be used as extended displays but they are basically useless with this resolution.

What am I missing?

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How to configure razer keybinds?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 8 hours 42 min ago

I can't find a way to configure my mouse (Razer Basilisk Ultimate) on Linux. I tried OpenRazer and Polychromatic, but they don't offer a way to configure the buttons.

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