Stable Steam Client 20.01.2022 released for Linux

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Another update to the stable Steam-Client (20.01.2022) has been released for Linux.

20 January - Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Steam Input

Fixed XINPUT_KEYSTROKE input for Steam Input controllers
Fixed an issue where Victrix Pro Fight Sticks could lose input after rebooting the PC


Fixed downloads failing on some systems due to max open file descriptors too low



Oversteer 0.7.0 released

Oversteer GUI

The steering wheel manager for Linux called "Oversteer" has been released in the version 0.7.0:



Added Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T150 and T500RS to the list of supported wheels.
Added German, Finnish and Turkish translations.
Install udev rules by default in more sensible locations (check the README in case you need to remove the old files.)
Bug fixes.


ScummVM 2.5.1 (Codename "Californium") released

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The new year 2022 is already off to a good start with the release of version 2.5.1 (Codename "Californium") of ScummVM.

With ScummVM, classic point-and-click adventure games (LucasArts, Sierra etc.) can be brought back to life on many systems.

Jan 2, 2022: New year with Californium(*)

Posted by sev, rootfather

Indoorlands: Update 0.8.0 with editor for own rides and sandbox-mode released

Indoorlands Header
Indoorlands Screenshot

The update 0.8.0 with ride editor and sandbox mode for the indoor park management simulator Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.

Update 0.8.0 - Build your own rides or go play in the sandbox


Today is the day. Our probably most influential Early Access update for "Indoorlands" is now available. A little pre-Christmas present for you