Steam Winter Sale 2018 and Steam Awards voting starts tomorrow (20.12.2018)

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On tomorrow's Thursday (20.12.2018) the 12. annual Steam Winter Sale starts and the voting for the Steam Awards begins.

There are also some titles available for Linux nominated... ;-)

Announcing The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees

The Steam Community has spoken, and we are proud to announce the finalists for The Steam Awards 2018 -- but we still need your help choosing the winners!


Beholder 2: Update with german localization released

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Beholder 2 Screenshot

For the dystopian strategy-game Beholder 2 an update has been released today on Steam, which (among other things) adds the german language to the game.

The version on GOG will get this update for sure soon.

Beholder 2 Update

Today the Minister of Updates wishes to report on some recent developments.

Vikings-Wolves of Midgard: Update 2.1 brings Linux-version on same patch-level as Mac and Windows

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Vikings-Wolves of Midgard Screenshot

For the Hack-N-Slash Action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard the Update 2.1 for Linux has been released on Steam.

Now all supported operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows) are finally again on the same patch-level.

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard update 2.1 has been released!

Surviving Mars: Patch "Kuiper" released for Linux

Surviving Mars Header
Surviving Mars Screenshot

The Patch called "Kuiper" for the city-building simulation named "Surviving Mars" is now available for Linux.

Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive have been hard at work to bring you a fresh set of fixes, updates, and helpful additions!

One big thing you'll notice is a series of hint messages and helpful encyclopedia entries to assist you in Surviving Mars.

Kuiper Patch

Everspace: Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) released for Linux

Everspace Header
Everspace Screenshot

The Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) for the SciFi-Roguelike Everspace has been finally released also for Linux on Steam!

Patch 1.3.3 (+Hotfix) - Changelog
We've just released a new patch with some smaller tweaks and a number of bugfixes. We've also added a special "retro graphics" graphics mode that you can unlock as a reward for finishing a hardcore mode run! Have fun!

SC-Controller: v0.4.6 and v0.4.9.2 released

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux-user-mode-driver for the Steam- and other controllers (like DS4), has been released today as Version 0.4.6 and v0.4.9.2.

The new branch v0.4.9.2 is a complete rewrite of the driver in C. It is currently experimental but works besides on Linux also on BSD, Windows and (eventually) Android: