Revhead: Update 38 released

Revhead Header
Revhead Update 38 Header

The Update 38 for the racing-simulation Revhead has been released for Linux on Steam.

Date: 22-03-2023
Version: 1.5.9378

Dear Revheads!

We are starting this year with a new update to improve underground racing. The last update introduced a new Airport, while it was "empty", without any racing. Now we have brought night races in the airfield, in a bit of a special way. it is only available at night with some party feeling.

AppGameKit Studio: V2023.01.25 released

AGK Studio Update 2023.01.25
AppGameKit Studio Screenshot

The version 2023.01.25 of the (game-)development-tool AppGameKit Studio is now available for Linux on Steam.

AppGameKit Studio 2023.01.25 update released!

Welcome to this new update for AppGameKit Studio. It focuses on improvements to the Visual Studio CODE extension and a range of important bug fixes and improvements.

Visual Studio Code Extension

Revhead: Update 37 released

Revhead Header
Revhead Update 37 Header
Revhead Achievments

The Update 37 for the racing-aimulation Revhead is now available for Linux on Steam.

Update #37 - Achievements

Date: 29-12-2022
Version: 1.5.9265

Dear Revheads!

A long time waited wishes is Achievement. Xmas just passed, New Year is almost here, so what better time to give you this new feature!

Achievements are now available for all Revheads!

UPDATE: SteamOS 3.4 (inkl. Hotfixes 3.4.1 und 3.4.2) released, disables hardware de- and encoding

Steam Deck Header

The long-awaited update to SteamOS 3.4 (incl. hotfixes 3.4.1 and 3.4.2) for the Steam Deck was released today in the "stable" channel.

Unfortunately, besides all the nice improvements, there is also a less nice change: hardware de- and encoding (for video streams) has been disabled with this update.

Indoorlands: Update 1.2 and Hotfix 1.2.1 released

Indoorlands Header
Indoorlands Rollercoaster

The Update 1.2 as well as the Hotfix 1.2.1 for the Indoorpark-management-simulation Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.

Update 1.2 - Less winter, more roller coaster

The year is coming to an end and we have an update for you!

Rollercoaster skins
You can make your coasters, using car theming, even more appealing.