Trüberbrook: now available for Linux on GOG and Steam

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Trüberbrook, the mystery adventure with handcrafted scenery, is now available for Linux on GOG and Steam!

»Trüberbrook« is a thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game.

Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery.

Railway Empire: new DLC "Germany" now available for Linux on GOG and Steam

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A new (paid) DLC for the management-game Railway Empire is now available for Linux on GOG and Steam: Germany.

New scenario - Patchwork (1850 - 1870)

Map expansion: Germany (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)

10 historical engines such as the Adler and the Rhein

Battletech: Patch 1.4.0 with german, french and russian localization released

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The huge Patch 1.4.0 for the turn-based strategy game Battletech has been released.

Besides a lot of fixes it also includes the complete german, french and russian localization:

LIVE - BATTLETECH 1.4.0 Release Notes: The One with Localization!

Welcome to BATTLETECH 1.4! This release contains a number of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as well as the official localized releases of BATTLETECH in French, German, and Russian. We have also improved performance for saving and loading games.

Surviving Mars: Patch "Kuiper" released for Linux

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The Patch called "Kuiper" for the city-building simulation named "Surviving Mars" is now available for Linux.

Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive have been hard at work to bring you a fresh set of fixes, updates, and helpful additions!

One big thing you'll notice is a series of hint messages and helpful encyclopedia entries to assist you in Surviving Mars.

Kuiper Patch

GOG: Black Friday Sale has begun

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Yesterday also GOG started a sale: the so called Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Sale!

500+ deals up to 90% off

Deals? Deals! Yes, that's right – deals. It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale time on GOG.COM – the DRM-free dispensary of exceptional value.
The sale will take place between November 21–27, and it is pure unadulterated savings so let's cut to the chase...
Beloved good old games only on GOG.COM: