Curious Expedition: free update adds Multiplayer-mode "Rivals"

Curious Expedition Rivals

The "Roguelike Expedition-Simulation-Game" Curious Expedition has received a new free update, which also adds a multiplayer-mode called "Rivals":

New content update: RIVALS
Find the golden pyramid to access the Curious Expedition 2 Closed Alpha!

Have you ever wondered what Curious Expedition would be like as a massively multiplayer game? Make sure to play the new RIVALS mode we launched today to find out!

Sigma Theory: leaves Early Access

Sigma Theory 1.0
Sigma Theory Screenshot

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, the "" leaves Early Access after seven month with a new update.

Sigma Theory is finally out of Early Access!
The 1.0 update is available to download from Steam now!
The current game has nothing in common with the one we've released 7 months ago. We've worked hard fixing bugs, improving feedbacks, adding content, fine-tuning mechanics and balancing gameplay with your feedback and support to come up with the best version of the game you get today!