Stable Steam Client 25.10.2023 released for Linux

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Another new stable Steam-Client 25.10.2023 has been released for Linux.

Steam Client Update - October 25th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


Improved colors for HDR screenshots
Display shader cache disk usage information under Settings->Storage.
Fixed notifications not showing in Big Picture Mode while in-game.
Fixed an issue with art for some games not properly updating.
Fixed some DLC art displaying in the wrong language.
Fixed games attempting to open achievements page in overlay loading the incorrect page.
Fixed a case where proton related configuration options could show up on Windows based systems.
Fixed links in the desktop overlay's Game Overview tab opening in the main Steam window instead of the overlay
Fixed small mode dimensions not restoring correctly if previously sized smaller than the minimum large mode dimensions.
Fixed resize grip showing sometimes when windows are maximized.

Remote Play

Improved colors when streaming HDR games
Fixed rare case of the connection hanging when starting to stream
Added support for low latency networking option on Steam Link
Use fixed bitrate in automatic bandwidth mode to improve picture quality
Fixed the streaming client not consistently getting focus when streaming to Windows
Added a low latency network setting, which reduces latency at the cost of bandwidth
Fixed audio crackling while streaming
Fixed only streaming a portion of the screen and a doubled mouse cursor when display scaling is enabled on Windows hosts

Steam Input

Restored ability to rename controllers in the Options->Controller menu.
Fixed delayed input when opening the standalone On-Screen Keyboard
Fix for Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Dualsense gyro.
Partial fix for older Gyro "As Joystick" modes, but there are still known issues. Renovation is underway.
Fixed Steam Input remapping for some games using WGI
Minor UI tidying.
Added support for the PowerA Nintendo Switch Nano Wired Controller
Fixed for opting into or out of Steam Input on the configurator page not updating the configuration until the next time the configurator was opened
Fixed a UI error in the controller settings when a controller hasn't been mapped yet
Added the ability to bind the capture button on the Google Stadia controller
Fixed bug preventing user-created templates and other workshop configs from being permanently deleted
Temporary Fix for SIAPI GetMotionData and legacy gyro modes using a buggy version of the sensor fusion quaternion.
Fix for DualShock 4 autocalibration not working unless on the calibration screen.
Fix for stale antidrift values being loaded from the cloud (antidrift values only save and load locally, now).
Three New Gyro Modes: "Gyro To Mouse", "Gyro to Joystick (Camera)" and "Gyro to Joystick (Deflection)"
Expect frequent changes to UI and behavior while we evaluate these new replacements. ("As Mouse", "Joystick" and "As Joystick" gyro modes will remain for now.)
These modes share improvements to our Gyro processing.
Gyro sensor timestamps are now used resulting in better overall accuracy of the Gyro.
Gyro over Bluetooth improvements - gyro motion is extrapolated when Bluetooth packets are delayed, resulting in smoother movement. Any error incurred is corrected gradually over time, during high speed movement to avoid "Ouija effect" during precise aiming.
Natural Sensitivity Scale: use "Dots Per 360°" to calibrate both the Flick Stick and Gyro's real world angles into in-game angles. In this way, your Gyro Natural Sensitivity Multiplier can be consistent across games, with "Dots Per 360°" being the isolated tuning value for each game.
1€ Filter: Smoothed low level gyro noise without adding delay.
Speed Deadzones and Precision Zones will allow you to tune preferences for hand shake during fine aim.
Gyro Momentum Option: releasing your gyro activation button can maintain some rotation from the gyro. Tune the momentum on independent axes to bias toward horizontal movement vs vertical movement.

New Gyro 3DOF to 2D Conversion Styles:
Local Space (Advanced) uses the local rotation of the gyroscope (as with legacy modes) and allows fine adjustment to the angle of the Primary horizontal axis, and the Complimentary axis's contributions.
Yaw, Roll, and Yaw + Roll - legacy "Local Space" settings brought forward for easier onramp.
Note: Yaw + Roll is slightly different from "Yaw & Roll Combined" in the previous mode. It has been re-written to avoid "ping-pong" horizontal output response during "figure 8" movement of the gyro.
Player Space (Experimental). Vertical output uses local pitch, as usual, but horizontal output comes from rotation around the gravity axis due to local yaw and roll. Many thanks to Jibb Smart.
World Space (Experimental). This conversion style mimics Splatoon and other Nintendo aiming standards.
Laser Pointer (Experimental). The Cursor is driven up, down, left and right due to an imaginary ray pointing out of the front of the controller/through the SteamDeck Screen. This mode is most appropriate for mouse cursor movement/UI interaction.
A note on gyro orientation convention in the new conversion styles Previously we considered "pitch", " yaw" and "roll" to be relative to the hardware - Yaw is considered the axis that rotates about a joystick's central axis on any controller. Moving this convention over to handhelds (i.e. SteamDeck or mobile) has caused confusion for many due to how the controller is tilted in order to look at the screen. To address this, we now compensate for that tilt, and consider "yaw" to be "Human Oriented". So, on Handhelds: "Yaw" is the axis that goes from the top to the bottom of the screen (so turning the handheld around that axis generates "Yaw") & "Roll" is considered the rotation axis through the screen (steering wheel motion). This only changes the expected axes on Handhelds - standalone controllers have the same orientation as ever.

Steam Overlay

Fixed microtransactions dialog failing to reopen if the overlay was closed without canceling the transaction.

Big Picture Mode

Modal dialogs now dismiss when you click the background.
Resume button in main window won't navigate to a blank page when clicked.
Fixed Discovery Queue background color.


Fixed in-game overlay keyboard input not working on systems with ibus, such as gnome desktop environments
Include 64 bit, enabling the new VR gamepad UI in SteamVR beta.
Improve screen reader support.
Fixed a case where the client would fail to handle some open URL requests.
Added the -cef-force-accessibility flag to force steamwebhelper to enable accessibility support.


Fixed a case where the client would fail to handle some open URL requests.

Steam Community

Fixed friend profile Message button not working


This release is a component of today’s big release of SteamVR 2.0! Read all about the new changes here.