Tropico 6: Update "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) makes it snow

Tropico 6 Header

The newest update for Tropico 6 on Steam called "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) brings snow to your island and some more Xmas decorations.

Also some bugs have been fixed:

Tropico 6 update ‘Feliz Navidad’ (version 7.1) has been released!

Fellow Tropicans!
A new free update for Tropico 6 is now available, bringing Xmas to the isles!

American Truck Simulator: free update adds new Truck "International LoneStar"

American Truck Simulator Header
American Truck Simulator Lonestar Screenshot 1
American Truck Simulator Lonestar Screenshot 2

The newest free update for the American Truck Simulator on Steam adds a completly new drivable Truck: the International LoneStar!

The LoneStar is arriving in American Truck Simulator

There is a star that is shining brighter than all the rest, but you won't find this star in the sky. Easily recognisable by its shape, size and unique large front grill, this truck stands out wherever it travels.