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Turn-based political simulation game 'Lawgivers' adds Linux support with the latest update

Gaming on Linux - 14. Oktober 2019 - 15:17

Tags: Indie Game, Steam, New Release, Early Access, Strategy, Simulation

Today I came across Lawgivers, a turn-based political simulation game which recently added Linux support and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Since it's a political sim, you will be tasked with leading your party into elections. If you manage to get voted in, you will be responsible for approving laws and shaping your country’s destiny. Have a look at the trailer below:

Watch video on YouTube.com

Always great to see games add Linux support! Especially like this, where it's being quite highly rated with a "Very Positive" user score on Steam. It was originally a mini-game that sold quite well on mobile platforms so they adapted it into a full desktop game.

Feature Highlight:

  • Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
  • Approve or abolish laws with parliamentary votes
  • Take care of lawmaker's experience, popularity and loyalty
  • Bribe concurrent politicians in order to win majority
  • Build up relations with other parties and appoint the president
  • 15 playable nations such as the US, Russia, or South Korea
  • Over 100 ordinary and constitutional laws
  • 38 science advances

What's nice, is that they actually have a demo too so you can properly try before you buy and it seems to work without issues. Seems like it has a lot of potential and I say that since this is not a finished game, there's bound to be a few rough edges to it. Not overly complex either but still interesting enough.

You can find it on Steam in Early Access.

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Indivisible Review

Boiling Steam - 14. Oktober 2019 - 14:51

Please be advised: while I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, there are still a few in this article.

Four years after a successful Indiegogo campaign, Indivisible has finally launched on October 8th on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch port coming at a later date.

Four years later and, I’ve nearly forgotten about the game. And it still feels like a rushed product.

Indivisible is the second game brought to you by Lab Zero Games, the developers behind the fighting game Skullgirls, and is published by 505 Games. What’s the meaning of Indivisible, you ask? Well, I’ll do you a favor and list the definition from dictionary.com:

not divisible; not separable into parts; incapable of being divided

The strange thing is, that definition feels like an oxymoron when describing the theme of this role-playing game. The sixteen-year-old female character that plays as the main protagonist — her name being Ajna — discovers that her village, Ashwat, is under attack. Less than five minutes into the game, she gets into an argument with her father, and after they disperse, Ajna finds him dead. Who killed him? A man named Dhar.

Naturally, the hot-headed, stubborn girl seeks to avenge his father’s death upon seeing Dhar. After a brief battle, somehow, Dhar ends up being absorbed into Ajna’s mind. She will later be able to summon him in future battles.

So, in a nutshell, Ajna’s quest is to avenge her father, and destroying anyone who may have been involved in the plot — using the people she absorbs throughout her journey as help — while at the same time saving the world from the antagonist, Kala.

The people who Ajna encounters and get absorbed will join her team to ward off the baddies that come her way — including those of her own mind. These people enter into what is called Ajna’s inner realm and will be summoned outside of her body with every battle. While Ajna is meditating, she can visit this inner realm and interact with them.

The game is a bit of a hybrid — Super-Metroid-esque elements when it comes to exploration, and an RPG when it comes to combat. I have to say that honestly, this works out well. If you played the prototype, not much has changed here. Instead of a typical turned-based RPG, your team’s attacks are time-based. Your team can consist of up to four members at any given time, and each is assigned a button on your gamepad or keyboard. After the enemy has attacked, a circle will start to fill up by your character. When the circle is full, you can press the corresponding button of that team member to attack. Attacks can be chained into multiple hits, and they also have high and low attacks, which will become essential later on for enemies that can block attacks from specific angles.

Winning a battle will earn experience for all team members. Earn enough XP, and they will level up, increasing their stats. It seemed like every battle I fought, there was always at least one character that leveled up.

As for the exploration itself, Indivisible pits itself in a giant fantasy world, filled with spikes, ledges, spider-webs, walls to climb, enemies, and gems called Ringsels — collecting enough of these will increase either Ajna’s offense or defensive capabilities. The characters, like from Skullgirls, are beautifully hand-drawn, and the worlds themselves are a work of art. From time to time a cutscene will trigger, mostly on Ajna trying to figure out how to get to the next area. Sometimes Ajna will learn a new ability — like being able to dash through walls or axe through thickets of wood.

The voice acting is pretty good. There will be occasional spots where it gets awkward or cheesy, like the voice didn’t seem like it belonged there, but for the most part I didn’t have a problem with it.

Speaking of cheesy, the story itself feels… like it’s that way also. It seems as if that — despite how long it took for the final product to ship to shelves — it was a bit rushed. Despite there being a plethora of characters to choose from, some get less attention than others, and it feels like they don’t contribute to the story at all. While there are plenty of tutorials in the beginning, later on there will be some elements and techniques you’ll learn but are not given any explanation as to how to do whatever it is that you got. Beginners can feel a bit overwhelmed with the progression of the story — I think it would’ve been nice to get more characters added to my roster at a gradual pace. It feels like I got them all at once, and next thing I know I’m having to control four characters at the same time.

How long it took me to get to the end? Twenty hours. Not bad. That’s better than most single-player games that will last half that time. Is there much replay-ability value? Sadly, not at the moment. There’s no hard mode, and there’s barely any side quests. Recruiting the last few team members took me less than an hour. I’m hoping for a future update that will increase the play time, either by a new game or more side quests.

The Linux version of the game is alright. On my laptop, with an i5 and 8 GB of RAM, the average FPS I got was 20-30 with all graphics options set to high. Setting them off yielded a slightly better performance. Some areas will be hard-hitters; one particular map ran the game at 15 FPS. One important thing I will note is, you need at least 8 GB of RAM, and if you don’t have any more than that, you need to have 8 GB of swap space. If you don’t have that much swap, the game will freeze your PC when you’re moving from one world to the next. And if you have less than eight gigs of RAM, well… I couldn’t bear to see your frustration trying to play this.

There is also a game-breaking bug when visiting a particular area, and then going back to where you were. This is specific to the Mac and Linux ports. I have let the porter know about these issues, and he will take care of them soon.

Don’t get me wrong on my assessments of this game, though. I still highly recommend Indivisible. The combat is pretty exciting, and offers a unique twist to a typical RPG. If you’ve been looking for a single-player game that will last you for some time, this is the game to get. Special thanks to Renaud Lepage (Cybik) for making the Mac and Linux ports a reality. It’s been a while now but we interviewed him a few years ago to talk about his porting occupation: you may want to check our episode again.

So, to sum things up about Indivisible… The good:

  • Incredible artwork
  • Decent story length
  • Exciting combat
  • Metrovania puzzle elements that are interesting but not too difficult to get through

The bad:

  • Rushed, somewhat cheesy plot development
  • Lack of replay-ability or side missions
  • Some bosses are too easy or too predictable

The completely silly fighting game Foreskin Fury is out in Early Access

Gaming on Linux - 14. Oktober 2019 - 14:11

Tags: Indie Game, Action, Early Access, New Release, Unreal Engine

After a short delay, you can now jump into Foreskin Fury and have a cock fight. Yes this is a very real game.

Made in Unreal Engine, the aptly named Stupid Industries said it started off as a joke and they ended up actually learning Blender and Unreal Engine to turn the joke into something a little more real. Here we are, Foreskin Fury was accepted onto Steam and it supports Linux.

Watch video on YouTube.com

Feature Highlight:

  • Unique combat system - Build up your manhood and use it to trigger your special abilities. Be smart and use them carefully to become the undisputed champion of the arena
  • Dynamic and ruthless environments - To master the art of the Fury, you will need to understand and use your surroundings. Bounce over your enemies, sneak behind their backs, spit and transform the terrain or become a dangerous striking shadow.
  • Personalized character - Fury is nothing without style. As you move around, you'll find items to personalize and decorate your character. Your penis will quickly become a dangerous and stylish weapon, famous and feared in the cruel world of Foreskin Fury.

Trying it out with our contributor Samsai and the developer in a few games earlier today, it actually works quite nicely overall across both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The idea is completely ridiculous of course but good for a bit of a laugh. Shoot your…fluids at your enemies or run at them and wave your wobbly structure around to slap them.

As you run around and build up your Fury, once full you get a random special ability. This could be a spiky body, sticky fluids, a zipper trap (which is amusing) and more. A bit rough around the edges but for what it is, there's some genuine fun to be had if the crass humour is your sort of thing. If they add in some local multiplayer, this could make for a brilliant party game.

I've no doubt you will all come up with even more crude and hilarious jokes about this in the comments.

Find Foreskin Fury on Steam in Early Access.

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The currently free indie RTS 'The Fertile Crescent' should now work better at different resolutions

Gaming on Linux - 14. Oktober 2019 - 12:52

Tags: Indie Game, Free Game, RTS, Strategy, Itch.io, Alpha

The Fertile Crescent is an upcoming in-development indie RTS that feels like a retro Age of Empires and it's really quite good. A new update is out (and it's still free) fixing up the UI for different resolutions.

I think more of you need to try this one, it's a wonderful little RTS game that I honestly can't wait to see expand. Hopefully now more of you actually will be able to try it, as they've made it so the interface properly scales with your resolution. Previously, there were problems if you had anything other than 1080p. Not only that, most of the interface was actually redesigned and it gives you more information.

The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East.

Inspired by the rise and fall of Bronze Age civilisations, you must manage the delicate balance between food surplus and the maintenance of your army.

They've worked on the balance a little with this update too. Since you constantly need to be gathering food or else your people starve and it's game over, all difficulty modes now start with a little more to get you going so you don't run down so abruptly. Originally, you always started with 30 food and now on Easy mode you get 80 and all others 35. It definitely gives it a nicer feel with that change.

A bunch of other UI issues were solved, the help pages in the main menu were improved, the online multiplayer connection screen layout was improved and a bunch of bugs were also fixed for this release.

The developer, LincRead, said they haven't forgotten about adding in support for team-based games with it only currently supporting 1 on 1 against AI or online. Sorting the UI problems was needed first and they said there's an event they wish to show off The Fertile Crescent at, so having team games ready for that will be good and they have an "internal deadline" to get the feature out.

You can play it now free on itch.io.

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Chiaki, the open source and cross-platform PS4 Remote Play client now supports the PS4 7.0 update

Gaming on Linux - 14. Oktober 2019 - 12:15

Tags: Game Streaming, Open Source, Apps

Sony recently upgraded the system software on the PlayStation 4 which broke compatibility with the open source Remote Play client Chiaki. The developer acted quickly and a new release is up.

This is the software we tested out recently and came away pretty impressed with it. Allowing you to stream games from a PlayStation 4 to a Linux desktop, seriously handy stuff since Sony don't support it on Linux officially.

Here's what's new in Chiaki 1.0.4:

  • Add Regist with Np-AccountId (Fix #51)
  • Bump RP-Version to 9.0 for Session and Ctrl, #51
  • Add more logging to Ctrl, for #36
  • Add Audio Buffer Size Setting
  • Send one Feedback History Packet per Event (#41)
  • Use Qt MacExtras on macOS
  • Refactor Opus Decoding
  • Make YUV/RGB conversion more accurate

The way you actually link up Chiaki with your PlayStation 4 has changed now too. The PS4 7.0 firmware moved over to requiring an AccountID, so the Chiaki developer made a Python script to get for you. Run it in terminal with the self explanatory options it presents and it will get you what you need. You just need to copy and open a URL, login with your Sony account and then copy the redirect page URL into the script and it will then provide you with your AccountID. A little extra hoop required but still incredibly easy to do.

As a reminder, it also needs a PIN code from your PS4 console. To get that, load up your PS4 and go into Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Add Device and then you will be able to get the PIN that Chiaki needs.

Once you have both codes, enter them into Chiaki and then your console will be registered and you should never have to do any of that again. Here's another video to just to show it off quickly with the latest PS4 firmware and the latest Chiaki:

Watch video on YouTube.com

Compared with the previous version, performance actually seems better too it was more playable this time around. Love seeing open source projects like this filling another gap on Linux. Hope to see this continue expanding and improving.

See more about it on GitHub.

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SFB Games to bring Tangle Tower to Linux post-launch if there's enough demand

Gaming on Linux - 14. Oktober 2019 - 11:09

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Adventure, Point & Click

British indie studio SFB Games, developer of the highly rated Detective Grimoire are working on a new game called Tangle Tower and with a little push they could bring it to Linux.

Tangle Tower is a fully voiced point and click murder mystery adventure, set in a strange and twisted mansion. You will need to interrogate suspects and solve unique puzzles as you progress. Looks and sounds like a great game. Sadly though it's currently scheduled to release later this month only for Windows and macOS on October 22nd, so no Linux support at launch.

Watch video on YouTube.com

The good news is that they continue to remain open to supporting Linux. They were asked about this on Steam and they replied with:

Hi! We won't have a Linux version ready for launch I'm afraid. But if there's enough demand, it's something we would consider post-launch!

So if this does seem like your sort of game, it might be worth heading on over to the linked Steam forum post to let them know. It all depends on how much demand they actually want to see. The only official way developers currently have to see demand for platforms on Steam is wishlists. You also only show up as a Linux wishlist if you manually tick only Linux as your platform in Steam preferences. The downside of that, is that Linux users may not be wishlisting titles unless they are already confirmed to come to Linux.

As always though, unless it's something you would likely purchase it wouldn't make sense to post.

Hat tip to Eike.

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[Minecraft] Just found this path traced shaderpack that works on Mesa3D (AMD) on Linux!

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 14. Oktober 2019 - 09:16

It's called Molly and it's still a work in progress (aka there are still some bugs), but looks are really stunning and performance is great on an RX 580!
It's available on Patreon and there's a Discord server too!
You might give this a shot if you play Minecraft on an AMD graphics card! :)


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open source Nouveau driver vs nvidia proprietary drivers which is better?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 14. Oktober 2019 - 02:07

I always used amd on my linux machines, so now i'm using nvidia gpu so there is any difference between them in terms of which has better performance overall?

right now i'm using nvidia own drivers and i decided to ask here for people who used both or either for a better understanding of which is better choice.

however so far i noticed that unlike w10 my gpu doesnt reacts well with overclocking on linux, minor issue thou. worth the freedom of playing and using linux :)

submitted by /u/Thorwoofie
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Proton: Back to Normal?

Boiling Steam - 14. Oktober 2019 - 01:36

After a couple of months where Proton seemed to decline in terms of overall compatibility (some of it explained by regressions, others by newer Windows games not running as well as other games relatively speaking). it looks like Proton is back is business in September:

It does not look the best yet if you focus only on the Gold/Platinum ratings, but the number of Borked games (i.e. games not running at all even with user attempts to fix things) is back to what it was in June this year. This is what I expected after contacting Codeweavers last month about the trend.

I was just looking at the top 30 new games reported upon by users in September as well, and the number of borked games there was just 6/30 – which matches the 20% ratio you see on this graph pretty closely.

Games that stopped working such as GTA V are also being worked on, as proven by a recent Proton release notes (4.11-6):

The Surge 2 is now playable (currently doesn’t work on radv).

Beginnings of support for Rockstar’s new launcher. There is more work to do here, but Grand Theft Auto 5 should be playable again.

Update DXVK to v1.4.

Next I will cover the list of newly compatibles games running with Proton in September 2019, at least in terms of popularity. Stay tuned!

[FIX] White Battle.net Launcher With Lutris

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Oktober 2019 - 23:20

Hey guys,

I recently have had problems with Battle.net Launcher being white whenever I launch World of Warcraft through Lutris after the most recent Bnet update. I thought I would post how I fixed this in case anyone else comes across a similar issue.

First things first:

wine-staging 4.17-2

lutris 0.5.3-1

winetricks 20190912

linux 5.3.5.arch1-1 Arch Linux

Lutris settings*:

These following settings are not necessarily what your settings should be, just the settings for my setup specifically.

Esync - Enabled

DXVK/D9VK - Disabled

Wine version - ge-protonified-nofshack-4.9-x86_64

  1. Start Lutris
  2. Right click on your desired Blizz game, click 'Wine Configuration'.
  3. On the menu at the top of the window, select 'Libraries'.
  4. Under "New override for library:", enter api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0 into the text box, then click 'Add' to the right.
  5. Repeat step 4, this time replacing api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0 with ucrtbase.
  6. Under the 'Existing overrides' category, ensure both of the overrides you just added are marked as (native, builtin).
  7. Click 'Apply' in the bottom right, and you should be good to go!
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External Video Recorders

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Oktober 2019 - 21:36

Anyone of you GNU/Gamers have a recommendation for a external video recorder? Because AMD is a joke with their drivers I - there is no hardware accelerated video recording options and recording off my CPU is pathetic. Any ideas?

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Any way to force lutris to use a specific file manager? (KDE/dolphin)

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 13. Oktober 2019 - 21:27

Im reposting this from a request I put on /r/lutris a while back because its been bugging me for a long ass time and I finally figured it out so if any one else runs across this issue, want to make sure it can be found.

as the title suggests.

I've noticed this is an issue only on distros that does not have my file browser/DE of choice as the default. When I was using manjaro with KDE as the pre-installed DE, it would load Dolphin as the default which is what I'd prefer to use.

however Im now using Pop_OS! and its default DE is, well im not sure exactly what it is, I think a POP flavored gnome 3 variant, I've never cared enough to look into it because I really dont like it. I always switch to KDE via loading the kubunt-desktop installer via the package manager.

in settings, Dolphin is set as the default file browser and pretty much every program obeys this rule with out any issues except lutris, lutris doesnt seem to care what the default is now. Any time I do a right click > "browse files" it always seems to use the default file manager the system came pre-installed with.

Is there any way I can force this? a config file some where perhaps?

EDIT: I actually I think I figured this out, entirely by accident and updating my post in case any one else runs across this.

I was trying to get mComix to open an entire folder of images and noticed that after setting it to be "remembered" chrome was trying to open mComix when I'd choose "display in browser" for downloaded files. I set dolphin back to be "remembered" as the program for opening folders and have noticed that lutris is now defaulting to dolphin.

here is what you'll do.

  1. open dolphin, find any folder/directory.
  2. right click said folder
  3. hover over "open with" > "add other application"
  4. search for Dolphin
  5. check the box that says "Remember application association for all files of type "folder" (inode/directory)"
  6. hit OK
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