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Amd hybrid graphics

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 10:46

I noticed that kernels from 4.15 and up enables my dedicated graphics card by default. Is there a way to change that?

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Usage data for X-Plane 11 as of June 2018

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 03:32

X Plane has had a Linux client for quite some time now, and Laminar like to publically shows stats every few months:


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Alienware Steam Machine?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 03:22

I'm new to Linux and on a budget so honestly I'm really just using it to Game on and was curious if anyone had any suggestions on games.

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Need some help configuring controller inputs on the GPD Win 2.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 01:50

So I got myself a GPD Win 2, and there's a lot of potential here, but I absolutely do not want to have to deal with Windows. I upgraded to kernel 4.16.16, which comes with a handy patch for controller compatibility, courtesy of Ethan Lee. Unfortunately, in the Xbox default button layout, the X button defaults to being "decline" and the B button defaults to being "accept", which should be B and A, respectively. I've remapped the controller using Steam BPM, but some games seem to ignore these mappings, like the Sega Genesis collection, which detects that I'm giving it controller input but certainly doesn't bother to do anything about it. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that I might be able to remap how the buttons are read by default so that the inputs all read like a vanilla Xbox controller before we even get into Steam. Assuming I'm correct, does anyone know how I would go about doing so? I'm on Kubuntu 18.04.

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Arakion Book I - Release

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 01:42

The core of Arakion is based on Blobber RPGs. With that said, Arakion takes inspiration from many games including Might and Magic, Dark Cloud 2, Dungeon Master and many more to create a truly unique experience.



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GOG version of Fallout Game of the Year edition crashes every time I try to start a new game.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 20. Juni 2018 - 00:20

I recently brought Fallout Game of the Year edition from GOG recently. Install it through Playonlinux,and I will get as far as the title screen,and try to start a new game,and it crashes. My specs are Ubuntu 16 OS,64-bit,8GB of RAM,Intel Core 2 Duo CPU,and an Intel Integrated Graphic card. Thanks.

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The Way of Life: DEFINITIVE EDITION is now available on Linux

Gaming on Linux - 19. Juni 2018 - 21:23

Tags: Steam, Indie Game

The Way of Life: DEFINITIVE EDITION officially arrived on Linux yesterday. A story-based game that aims to tackle some serious themes. A game that's supposed to make you think a little, sometimes we do need to slow down a bit.

Doesn't have many review on Steam and the few critic reviews out there gave it a pretty mixed reception. Not one I've played myself, so here's how they describe it:


The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION will make players live several life experiences from the point of view of three characters of different ages: an adult, an old man and a child.

The game’s strength is that every experience has a different gameplay mechanic, one that makes the player really feel the character's limits, feelings and fears in every situation. The only thing the three characters have in common is the first person view, which fully immerses the player in every character’s life.

The Way of Life DEFINITIVE EDITION tells stories about several serious themes: from euthanasia to the death penalty, from war to love, from bullying to discrimination. Every one of them is tied to the other by the game’s main themes: personal growth and the different ways of perceiving reality.

You can find it on Steam. Also see the free version for a brief tester.

Game store itch is having a big summer sale

Gaming on Linux - 19. Juni 2018 - 20:40

Tags: Itch.io, Game Sale

For those who want to show their support for the smaller game store itch.io, now might be a good time as they're doing their own summer sale.

You can find everything for Linux on sale at this link, however I do have a few choice indie game picks for you:

Remember, they also have an open source client to keep your stuff all nicely up to date too.

If you find something nice, be sure to share it in the comments. There's quite a lot of decent stuff on itch, but they can be hard to find.

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness DLC is now out

Gaming on Linux - 19. Juni 2018 - 20:20

Tags: DLC, Humble Store, Steam, Roguelike

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness DLC brings quite a bit of new content to the gothic roguelike and it's now officially out.

One of those games that drives me mad. On the one hand I love it, the style of it is really quite amazing and the gameplay is engrossing. On the other hand, the gameplay is also infuriating at times too. For those who do love the game, this is probably a no-brainer to grab. Anyway, launch trailer is below…

Here's what it features:

  • New region: The Farmstead!
  • Endless Quest: Survive as long as you can while getting lost in time and space, confronted by unending waves of enemies new and old, pushing ever closer to the crash site of the Comet.
  • Twisted new trinkets, available for purchase from the Jeweler. Put your gold away—he trades only in Comet Shards!
  • All-New Enemy Faction: The Miller and his loyal workmen have become eerie husks of their former selves.
  • 3 new bosses - The Miller, The Thing From the Stars, and the Comet itself!
  • New Curios help keep your party in fighting shape as you face the endless hordes!
  • Expand your Hamlet with 4 new District buildings and reap their benefits.
  • New Quirks, with unique and powerful effects!
  • Our biggest soundtrack addition yet from Stuart Chatwood

In addition, the main game also got a massive patch as well. This includes the Musketeer class, that was previously a Kickstarter exclusive that's now available to everyone as a free DLC. Full patch notes here, be warned it's a massive document of changes.

You can grab the DLC from Humble Store and Steam, GOG doesn't have it just yet.

Steam games not launching

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 19. Juni 2018 - 20:10

I am having problems with Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Hitman. When I run steam from the terminal, I get that the game's crash reporter started, but it doesn't even produce a crash log. The respective crash directories for the two games are empty.


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Linux kernel 4.17.2
  • Mesa from Padoka stable PPA
    • AMDVLK is also installed
  • Ryzen 7 2700X
  • ASUS Strix R9 Fury
  • G.Skill Ripjaws V 3333MHz CL16
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Fps drop on heroes of the storm

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 19. Juni 2018 - 19:43

Hello, I've recently changed from Windows to Manjaro KDE, and my fps rate used to be 50-60 in windows, and now is 15-20 in Manjaro. I've read that it's because of Direct X9 and by playing the game through Wine. Is there any alternative such as using OpenGL in order for the game to run with more fps?

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