Hand of Fate 2: now available for Linux on GOG and Steam

Hand of Fate 2 Header
Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot

Hand of Fate 2 is now available for Linux on GOG and Steam!

Hand of Fate 2 is a dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy. Master a living boardgame where every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you! Choose wisely - your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches as he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge.

SmuggleCraft: latest update finally fixes Linux-startup-problem

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SmuggleCraft Screenshot

The latest update for SmuggleCraft, a beautiful low-poly-scifi-racing-game, finally fixes the nasty bug which prevented the game from starting on Linux:

Linux fixed!

Hello everyone!

Especially good news for our Linux friends - After being stumped for an unfortunate amount of time, our Linux build is live and working!

Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3 now available for Linux on Steam

Bendy and the Ink Machine Header
Bendy and the Ink Machine Screenshot

The third chapter to Bendy and the Ink Machine is now available for Linux on Steam!

If you've never heard of it: the game is a First-Person Horror-Puzzle-game with a very unique Comic-Look, and the first chapter is available for free.

Hard West: Patch 1.5 with new Quicksave-function released

Hard West Header

Today saw the release of Patch 1.5 for the very difficult round-based strategy game Hard West.

It adds a new function, which most players have been waiting and wishing for a very long time: Quicksave!

Additionally the patch adresses some long standing bugs, which could corrupt your savegame.

Patch 1.5! Save Game on Demand! The future is here!

Dollar Galaxy Bundle: 12 Linux Indie games for one Dollar

Dollar Galaxy Bundle Header

It has been only a few days since the release of the Dollar Rush Bundle by BundleStars.

Now they've published a new bundle: the Dollar Galaxy Bundle.

From the 25 included games are "only" 12 available for Linux:

- A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director's Cut

- Bacteria

- BitMaster

Dollar Rush Bundle: 16 Linux Indie-games for one Dollar

Dollar Rush Bundle Logo

Today BundleStars presents a new bundle for only one Dollar: the Dollar Rush Bundle.

It contains a total of 21 titles (as Steam-keys), and of these 16 are also available for Linux:

Asteroid Bounty Hunter

Duke of Alpha Centauri

Fly and Destroy

Neon Space

Neon Space 2


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