SOMA: Update with "Safe Mode" released, Monsters won't kill anymore

SOMA Header
SOMA Screenshot

For the outstanding Horror-game SOMA an Update including the "Safe Mode" has been released.

If you start a new game in "Safe Mode", Monsters won't actively hunt you and can't kill you anymore.

Sadly on existing save files, you can't turn on the "Safe Mode".

But: SOMA is in my opinion one of the best games available on Linux, and you have to play it - with or without "Safe Mode"!

White Noise 2: Update #7 released with experimental Linux-Fix by Unity Engine-Team

White Noise 2 Header
White Noise 2 Update 7

Today the Update #7 (Codename Dark Purpose) for the Horror-Multiplayer-game White Noise 2 has been released for Linux on Steam.

It contains besides some new features, improvements and general bugfixes also a special experimental fix for Linux coming straight from the Unity Engine-Team, which should resolve problems by detecting the screen resolution.