Trüberbrook: two updates and free DLC "Travel Guide" released for Linux

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Trüberbrook Travel Guide Header

After a rocky release the developers of the adventure Trüberbrook have now released two updates for Linux as well as the free DLC "Travel Guide" on Steam.

Update #1

The first update for Trüberbrook is live! Thanks to all of you who keep us busy reporting bugs and giving us feedback. We really appreciate that! More updates incoming.
Added Steam Cloud Save
Fixed some Chinese Localization Errors
Fixed a bug which showed a wrong portrait for Greta in the Prologue
Fixed a bug which kept Hans asking for the cablecar key even after using the key
Fixed a Linux bug that made the Quit button useless
As a litte thank you for your support and feedback we just released the free DLC "Trüberbrook Travel Guide". Learn a little bit more about Trüberbrook and its citizens in a 24 pages booklet.

Update #2

The second update for Trüberbrook is live:
Improvements on Chinese, Korean and Japanese localization
Improved video performance on some systems ("black screen intro video bug")
Fixed a bug that caused unlimited supplies of "Bolzenschuss" in the cellar
Fixed the strongman game
Fixed a rare inventory bug when starting a new game
Fixed several of minor bugs throughout the game
We are aware that there are some performance-related issues, especially on macOS, and are focussing on these issues right now, as well as on overall improvements. Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports. We read and note every tiny bit of it and work non-stop to improve the game.

Lots of greetings from Team Trüberbrook!

DLC Travel Guide

Welcome to Trüberbrook – your favourite harbor of relaxation und recreation!
To keep you from getting lost, we have a Travel Guide for the international visitors - not just any old flyer but a proper 24-pages long booklet.

The Travel Guide contains following information:

An overview for the resort town plus a small map chartering the area
Interesting places, as well as tips for accommodation
Who is who: Introducing Trüberbrook’s unique villagers

We wish you an adventurous journey and relaxing holidays!

NOTE: The Travel Guide is placed in your game folder in the Steam Directory.