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Varied shoot 'em up Dark Old Sun adds Linux support, lots of different enemies and upgrades to try

Gaming on Linux - 17. März 2018 - 20:42

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Action, Shoot 'em up

For those who can't get enough shoot 'em up action, Dark Old Sun [Steam] recently added Linux support and it looks pretty varied. It originally released on March 8th, with Linux support arriving only a few days later on the 16th. 

It has three different game modes: An Arcade/Story mode with 6 different stages, a Challenge mode and a Survival mode where you face off against waves of enemies and random events.

There's 17 different weapons, tons of upgrades (they say over 70) and varying difficulty to suit players with different skill. There's a huge variety in the types of enemies you will face too, they say it has over 50 enemy types and more than 200 variations with different behaviours and attacks.

I must say, for a shoot 'em up it sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the tip, scaine!

Why no one talk about UnrealTournament ?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. März 2018 - 20:36

Hi, Unreal Tournamant is free to play and runs great on Linux it's so much fun, i can't believe i never tried it before. This game is so underestimate. I wanted to play Fortnite but this game is even better and already working with Linux.

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Wine 3.4 released with more Vulkan support

Gaming on Linux - 17. März 2018 - 20:34

Tags: Wine

Another Wine development release with Wine 3.4 that continues to add in more Vulkan support making another exciting release.

Here's the highlights:

  • More Vulkan support, including integration with the X11 driver.
  • Better handling of privileged instructions on x86-64.
  • Hex edit dialog improvements in RegEdit.
  • Assortment of patches merged from wine-staging.
  • Various bug fixes.

In terms of bug fixes, there were 45 noted in total. As usual though, some of these may have been solved earlier and only now tagged as fixed. In terms of recently fixed: the Black and White 2 demo should no longer crash on startup, Foresight, Gamestudio Venice, GOG King Arthur Collection all needed a fix that made it in, the AvP Classic 2000 (Steam) launcher should no longer crash when starting a game and plenty more.

Good progress as always, Wine is going to be in very interesting shape by the end of the year. What are you most excited about when it comes to Wine development?

Help a noob out?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. März 2018 - 17:32

(posted this to /r/wine_gaming initially to no avail, I'm hoping maybe someone here can help me out!)

So just to preface I recently made the switch from windows to Linux, starting out with Ubuntu. I've recently gotten into Wine and trying all these new games using Lutris, but I've been finding performance lackluster, even with games that use Vulkan (Doom 2016). The two games I play are Warframe and the aforementioned Doom. I have the Winehq-devel dependencies installed to my system (these issues occurred even with stable installed), which has an rx480 and a 1600x. I'm using the latest Mesa drivers from the padoka ppa (18.1 Dev) with the latest RADV (Vulkan 1.1) driver as well.

In my "testing," I found that Doom only launches with staging 2.21 (maybe PBA 2.21 as well), and even though I get around 70-80fps, my frame times are really high (14-25ms) so the experience is really choppy. With Warframe, PBA 2.21 gives me serious rendering issues, with staging 2.21 I can barely hit 60fps on all low settings (with whatever recommended settings enabled/disabled), and on staging and PBA 3.3 raw FPS is decent but frame times are insanely high and with PBA 3.3 there are game-breaking rendering glitches. Fwiw, I didn't compile any runners from source I've just installed them from Lutris.

I do realize that wine 3.4 was just announced, so I may try to install that with DXVK to see if there are any improvements with Warframe and Doom if someone can validate that Doom (vulkan) at least launches with 3.4.

Any tips?

Thank in advance!

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Game recommendations for new Linux gamer.

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. März 2018 - 16:19

I've been out of the gaming loop for many years with the last games I played being Diablo 1 and 2, and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 to give you an idea of how long. I'm looking for a Diablo type game, something sci-fi like strategy, and perhaps some easy hack and slash or rogue-like RPG I can play with a controller to get back into it.

I did just try Torchlight 2 but couldn't get into it.

I have difficulty with a lot of things going on at once such as building cities, armies, mining resources etc. I need to be able to focus on just one character and a fairly linear story.

GTX 1050Ti 4GB card with Ryzen 1700 overclocked to 3.9GHz, 16GB Ram.

Thanks for your input!

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I’m having troubles running Skyrim

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. März 2018 - 12:00

I have a Intel GPU and a AMD GPU. When I launch Skyrim it would load up to the main menu but will not show the play button. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation.

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Are games from itch.io drm free?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 17. März 2018 - 03:24

So the game Celeste, looks interesting. Unfortunately its not available through my retailer of choice (GOG). I refuse to use Steam due to DRM, so I'm afraid I'll just have to pass up on this game.

However it is available through itch.io and if it doesn't have DRM, I'll pick it up from there?

As an aside, how easy is the installation and uninstallation process for games packaged from itch.io?

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Feral Announces Life Is Strange BTS for Linux

Boiling Steam - 17. März 2018 - 01:52

If you were worried about Feral becoming less and less active, (after all there was some kind of gap in releases in 2017), well this piece of news should comfort you somewhat. Life Is Strange was one hell of a game we got back 2 years ago, and since then the prequel, Before the Storm, was released on Windows but not Linux. Feral is coming in to fix the situation, and announced that the game will come in spring for our platform.

This spring, Life is Strange: Before the Storm comes to macOS and Linux. The Deluxe Edition will include all three episodes along with the bonus episode, “Farewell”. Hit the minisite to learn more about Arcadia Bay and its strong cast of characters – https://t.co/G8iTTo0UkO pic.twitter.com/a5ldS1d6yT

— Feral Interactive (@feralgames) March 14, 2018

While it will be difficult for the prequel to match the intensity and originality of the first game, it’s been getting decent reviews and I for will enjoy returning to the world and characters. Note that the prequel was not developed by the same team behind the first Life is Strange (this time it’s Deck9, an American studio).

With Before the Storm, this is the third game that Feral is porting for a spring 2018 release window. We are also awaiting Rise of the Tomb Raider, and the new Total War: Britannia, sometimes soon. Secure your free time!

I'm a Windows 10 gamer, convince me to switch to Linux

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 16. März 2018 - 22:59

Kinda getting tired of Windows's fussy BS but am reluctant to game on Linux due to 1. limited Linux knowledge 2. lack of developer support.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda runs in DXVK v0.31!

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 16. März 2018 - 22:36

Hey guys, been trying to get Andromeda to run in Wine for months now. Just tested it out and it finally works! So excited. :D

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2


  • Elementary OS 0.4.1 (Ubuntu 16.04 base)
  • GTX 970 (Proprietary Driver 384.111)
  • Wine-PBA 3.3 x86_64
  • DXVK 0.31 (d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll binaries)
  • Origin Client w/ Lutris

Performance seems ok so far, definitely not Windows level but still playable. If anyone is interested in a tutorial, let me know!

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Wine 3.4 Released

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 16. März 2018 - 20:21

The Wine development release 3. is now available.




What's new in this release (see below for details):


- More Vulkan support, including integration with the X11 driver. - Better handling of privileged instructions on x86-64. - Hex edit dialog improvements in RegEdit. - Assortment of patches merged from wine-staging. - Various bug fixes.


The source is available from the following locations:

http://dl.winehq.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.4.tar.xz http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.4.tar.xz


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:



You will find documentation on



You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.


http://www.winehq.org/git for details.


Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.

See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.



Bugs fixed in 3.4 (total 45):


10744 Robot Arena main menu is extremely slow 24436 the ping command with a wine cmd does nothing 25138 Black and White 2 demo crashes on startup (ID3DXEffect interface changes between d3dx9_xx versions) 29774 Texture filtering doesn't work in nGlide 32104 KwMusic: crashes during installing 32699 Add StartupWMClass to .desktop files. 35910 TuneUp Utilities 2014 installer crashes (API signature mismatch for NtAllocateUuids) 37809 C runtime dlls can't link with uclibc (bessel functions missing) 38352 Multiple games need d3dx9_36.dll.D3DXComputeNormalMap (Foresight, Gamestudio Venice, GOG King Arthur Collection) 38626 Word 2010 image text mode wrapping menu hides after a few seconds 38919 HyperStudio 5 (.NET 4.0 app) hangs at splash screen ('PngDecoder_Frame_GetMetadataQueryReader' is a stub) 39209 Smart Diary Suite 4 crashes when updating options ('CLSID_AudioCompressorCategory', '{33D9A761-90C8-11d0-BD43- 00A0C911CE86}' must be treated as special category) 40539 Fail to start HPDiagnosticCoreUI.exe 40943 System Shock demo (DX 11): loads to a white screen then switches to a black screen 41096 ResEdit Resources treeview has rendered wrongly positioned first branch 41911 Multiple Microsoft applications need kernel32.FindNLSStringEx (Studio One 3, Microsoft Office 2016, PowerShell 6) 42768 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (Ys 6) silently crashes playing in-game videos 43357 Stars in Shadow crashes on startup 43656 64-bit World of Warcraft client reports 'Game Initialization Failed!' or crashes on startup with stack overflow due to improper mapping of exception code 43828 The Witcher 3: some monsters have distorted surfaces sticking out 44053 MobilePASS application quits with an error, needs unimplemented function bcrypt.dll.BCryptImportKey 44071 SPFLite Editor crashes on nullpointer 44482 x64dbg crashes during exit on unimplemented function msvcp120.dll.??0_Runtime_object@details@Concurrency@@QEAA@XZ 44499 BattlEye 'BEDaisy' kernel service crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx 44515 assert from wxpython 44550 ReactOS ftp.exe: enters endless loop on CTRL-Z 44565 Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone has rendering issue 44570 explorer.exe crashes when opening relative paths 44616 Multiple Blizzard games need 'ntdll.NtCreateThreadEx' implementation (Diablo III v2. 6. 1. 49286+, World of Warcraft, Overwatch) 44617 Multiple Blizzard games need Win7+ 'user32.GetWindowDisplayAffinity' and 'user32.SetWindowDisplayAffinity' stubs (Diablo III v2. 6. 1. 49286+) 44619 Multiple 64-bit applications need various Win7+ user-mode scheduling (UMS) API stubs (x64dbg, ACDSee Pro 9.0) 44626 AvP Classic 2000 (Steam) launcher crashes when attempting to start the game 44641 Sentinel HASP 'hardlock.sys' kernel driver crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.RtlCreateRegistryKey 44643 akai midimix editor application crashes on start 44647 Smart Diary Suite 4 just segfaults 44654 EDIdEv Framework EDI Runtime installer fails due to 'sfc.SfcGetNextProtectedFile' not setting last-error code 44657 Wine-3.3 no longer compiles when configured without kerberos (-- without-krb5) 44659 TeamViewer crashes on start 44668 Intel Asteroids DirectX 12 Sample requires NInput.dll 44676 Two Worlds crashes (hangs) when saving the game (anti-aliasing enabled) 44701 xinput console spam with steam 44707 Sigcheck v2.60 crashes on unimplemented function


44717 Bermuda (Steam, Indie game) crashes due to 'msscript.ocx' 'ScriptControl_put_AllowUI' being a stub 44736 incorrect module loading order 44749 Sentinel HASP 'hardlock.sys' kernel driver expects ntdll.RtlCheckRegistryKey to return STATUS_SUCCESS on empty path submitted by /u/catulirdit
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Friday Livestream with Samsai at 6 PM UTC!

Gaming on Linux - 16. März 2018 - 18:53

Tags: Livestream

Hey, it's Friday again and it's time to set up the weekly stream! So, get your snacks ready and point your browsers and whatnot to our Twitch channel for some live Linux gaming!

Livestream here: http://www.twitch.tv/gamingonlinux

This week has seen some new stuff released so how about we check out that stuff! First of all, we saw the release of Surviving Mars, a city-builder set, unsurprisingly, set on Mars. GOG provided us with some copies so we'll take it for a spin. Secondly, an open source ARPG called Flare made their first release in a while so I figured we'd have a look at it since we don't see many free and open source games on the stream typically.

Finally, as you might expect, we'll be continuing our Livestream Project which happens to be Shadow Warrior at this moment. So we'll be swinging some Wang... ehm... katana around after the random games segment!

Hopefully you will enjoy tonight's gaming menu and may you all have a wonderful weekend!

Left 4 Dead - microphone doesn't work via built-in card, but does via usb?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 16. März 2018 - 17:42

I have a weird case, on 4 separate compiuters, with systems kubunutu, kde neon, and debian. In all of the cases, if I use microphone that connects via mini-jack to computer - lef4dead doesn't "see" the sound coming in. Not in test, not in game play.

If I use microphone on usb, from a camera, or standalone - it works without a problem.

I saw some posts on the net about it from couple of years ago, but perhaps some of you know how to solve it?

The microphone I use is definitely working, as it works in all other apps.

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