Sunless Sea: Engine-Update and adjustable Text-size

Sunless Sea Header
Sunless Sea Options Menu

Sunless Sea made a transition from Unity Engine 4 to Unity Engine 5 - and with it a long awaited feature could finally been realized:
now you can adjust the size of the text on screen with the new options-menu!

What may sound like an irrelevant feature, finally solves a real problem for people like me with high screen resolutions.

Many, many thanks, dear developers!

UI and Text Resizing


Mother Russia Bleeds: Patch 1.0.1 released

Mother Russia Bleeds Logo

Shortly after the release of the main game the developers release the first big Patch 1.0.1.

It fixes problems with Controllers, Resolutions and a lot of other things.
Sadly it doesn't fix my problem with my wireless Xbox 360-Controller not being detected.
I'm thankful for every hint!

Here is the full announcement from Steam:


American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator 2: big Updates released

American Truck Simulator Header

Big updates have been released for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

These contain a lot of improvements, e. g. you can now adjust the tilt of the steering wheel and change the trailer look.

There also has been a Linux Hotfix, addressing problems on Linux and integrated Intel chipsets.

Here is the complete Announcement:

Jotun: Valhalla Edition released

Jotun Header

For owners of the original game of Jotun the free update to the Valhalla Edition is now available.

It includes the so called Valhalla Mode, which is a boss rush mode with even fiercer versions of the already challenging bosses.

Valhalla Mode stemmed from the Kickstarter stretch goal from way back in 2014.

Also the game is currently 50% off at Steam!


Hell freezes over: DRM-free games from EA available at GOG

DRM-free EA at GOG

Unbelievable, but true: from now on you can get DRM-free games from Electronic Arts at GOG.COM!

The available titles are Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space and SimCity 3000, and they also received a starting discount until 21. July 2016.

I had to get this old to experience that... :-) I really hope, this trend will be continued!