Hell freezes over: DRM-free games from EA available at GOG

DRM-free EA at GOG

Unbelievable, but true: from now on you can get DRM-free games from Electronic Arts at GOG.COM!

The available titles are Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space and SimCity 3000, and they also received a starting discount until 21. July 2016.

I had to get this old to experience that... :-) I really hope, this trend will be continued!


Sword Coast Legends: free DLC Rage of Demons now available for Linux on Steam

Sword Coast Legends Rage of Demons DLC

The big (> 4 GB Download!) and free DLC Rage of Demons for the Action-RPG Sword Coast Legends has recently been released.

It contains new story content, a new playable race (Tiefling), a new playable class (Warlock) and new Dungeon Master options.

The content of the DLC is only available in English.


XCOM 2: DLC Alien Hunters announced for Linux

XCOM 2: DLC Alien Hunters

The next DLC for XCOM 2 has recently been announced by Feral.
It is called Alien Hunters and will contain the following according to Feral:

- New gameplay highlighting an elite alien hunting unit of XCOM as it tracks down “Ruler” aliens.
- New mission
- Additional soldier customization options and more powerful weapons and armor



We have (been) moved!

Playing Tux Logo

playingtux.com has (been) moved onto a new (of course Linux) server with distinctly more power and space.

Many thanks to SYSMS (@SYSMSde) for the seamless succession!

The last thing to be done is the private move into the new flat. After that there will be again a lot more to read here. :-)


Transport Fever announced for Linux

Transport Fever Logo
Transport Fever Screenshot

The developers of Train Fever announced their new game: Transport Fever.

The release is scheduled for this autumn and it will also be released on Linux.


Transport Fever is a railroad-focused tycoon game. Players start in 1850 and build up a thriving transport company. As an emerging transport tycoon, the player constructs stations, airports, harbors and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services.

Gremlins Inc. now available for Linux on Steam

Gremlins Inc. Header
Gremlins Inc. Screenshot

Gremlins Inc., an interesting mix of card- and board-game, is now available for Linux on Steam erhältlich.


Gremlins, Inc. is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. Steal resources, extort bribes, manipulate elections, arrest other players and send them telegrams of misfortune… Unleash your inner gremlin!


X-COM 2: Hotfix 1.0.1 fixes Bugs and improves Performance

XCOM 2 Header

The recently on Steam released Hotfix 1.0.1 for X-COM 2 should fix some bugs and improve overall performance.

Official Announcement:

Hotfix Released (Mac/Linux)
We’re happy to report that the 1.0.1 hot fix update for XCOM 2 (Mac/Linux) is now available. This update will automatically install when starting the Steam client. If it doesn’t automatically, restart Steam. This update includes all the fixes contained in the Windows hotfix released last week. Details of all the fixes are listed below.