Downward: huge update brings Linux-version on par with Windows-version

Downward Header
Downward Update 1.02

The Linux-version of the first-person Parkour-platformer Downward hasn't seen updates for a while, but the Windows-version got all the love from the developers.
Linux gamers (including me) were a little bit worried about the future of this game.


Lutris 0.4.13 released

Lutris Client Screen

The new version 0.4.13 of Lutris has been released.

This time the developers focused also mainly on fixing bugs:

lutris (0.4.13) zesty; urgency=medium

* Add new libretro cores
* Stop process monitoring as soon as process stops
* Default 'reset_desktop' option to False
* Make calling executables more robust
* Fix xboxdrv not being monitored properly

-- Mathieu Comandon Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:12:21 -0700