AppGameKit Version 2018.04.12 for Linux released

AGK Header
AppGameKit Version 2018.04.12 AR

The new Version 2018.04.12 of AppGameKit (aka AGK2) adds again new features and improvements.

This time the focus is on the implementation of Augmented Reality (ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS) into the engine.

The Changelog for the current version:

AppGameKit 2018.04.12

The Dwarves: Update finally fixes bug in Linux-version at Ogre's Death

The Dwarves Header

The Linux-version of the Strategy-RPG-Mix The Dwarves has unexpectedly gotten another 4 GB huge update on Steam.

It fixes a long known bug on entering Ogre's Death fortress, which lead to a crash on Linux, and so the game could not be completed.

Tower of Time: huge update of Linux version released because of negative user-comments

Tower of Time Header
Tower of Time Screenshot Beast

The Linux-version of the RPG-Strategy-Tactic-Mix Tower of Time has gotten another huge (3,4 GB in size) patch just before the release of the final version.

It seems that negative comments from Linux-users put some pressure on the developers:

Linux Update

Hello Linux users.

A massive Linux update just went live.