Attack of the Earthlings: turn-based strategy game now available DRM-free for Linux on GOG

Attack of the Earthlings Header
Attack of the Earthlings Screenshot

One month after the release on Steam, the turn-based strategy game called Attack of the Earthlings appears now also DRM-free for Linux on GOG.

Attack of the Earthlings combines turn-based combat and stealth in a dark comedic single player campaign, where you the player, take control of the native alien race to defend your home world from the invading humans.

Cities Skylines: 3-Year-Anniversary-Patch with free "Surviving Mars" assets released

Cities Skylines: 3-Jahres-Jubiläums-Patch Header
Cities Skylines Chirp Building

For the city building simulation Cities Skylines the 3-year-anniversary-patch with free "Surviving Mars"-assets has been released on Steam for Linux.

It contains a new unique Rocket City building called Xchirp Launcher, an astronaut Chirper, and a new free radio station "Official Mars Radio":

Humble Store: Paradox Weekend-Sale has begun

Humble Store: Paradox Weekend-Sale

At the Humble Store the Paradox Weekend-Sale with discounts on many Linux games has begun, e. g.

- Stellaris (€ 15,99)
- Cities Skylines (€ 6,99)
- Age of Wonders III (€ 7,49)
- Tyranny - Overlord Edition (€ 18,69)

... and much more!

It will only last until 12.03.2018, so be quick!

OpenRA: Release 20180307 available

OpenRA Logo

OpenRA, the free implementation of RTS classic games C&C (Tiberian Dawn), C&C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000 has published another full release.

It contains mainly bugfixes für the release-20180218:

We are today pushing a new bugfix release that addresses a collection of issues that were missed during the playtesting phase of release-20180218.

Humble Store: THQ Nordic Sale with discounts on many games for Linux

Humble Store THQ Nordic Sale

The Humble Store has started the THQ Nordic Sale with discounts on many games for Linux, e. g.

- This is the Police (€ 4,94)
- Battle Chasers Nightwar (Linux Beta, € 20,09)
- The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief Digital Deluxe Edition (€ 7,49)
- The Dwarfes (€ 13,19)
- The Book of Unwritten Tales (€ 4,99)

... and some more titles!