Interview with Liam Dawe, operator, mastermind and main author of

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PlayingTux: Hi Liam, thank you for taking the time! Would you please like to introduce yourself?

Liam Dawe: My name is Liam Dawe and I run

I come from a "sunny" part of the UK where I've lived my entire life, you could say I've lived a pretty boring and sheltered life really.

I've run it for nearly eight years now (previously under a different address where stuff was lost) and I have no plans to quit any time soon.

Hard West: Patch 1.5 with new Quicksave-function released

Hard West Header

Today saw the release of Patch 1.5 for the very difficult round-based strategy game Hard West.

It adds a new function, which most players have been waiting and wishing for a very long time: Quicksave!

Additionally the patch adresses some long standing bugs, which could corrupt your savegame.

Patch 1.5! Save Game on Demand! The future is here!

War for the Overworld: Patch 1.6.2 released and now available on GOG

War for the Overworld Header

The heavily by Dungeon Keeper inspired strategy-game War for the Overworld is now also available DRM-free at GOG and received there a 50% starting discount.

UPDATE: you can currently also get the game for free on GOG via GOG Connect, if you already own it on Steam!