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new humble bundle with dicent Linux support

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 2 hours 16 min ago


I think I might get it and then send all the money to SENS Research Foundation

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With HTC Vive Pro pricing out, what's the state of high-res VR on Linux?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 8 hours 40 min ago

I was hoping to get the Vive Pro headset since the resolution of the current displays is unacceptably low - the screendoor effect really hits me.

Pro's pricing is really rather dissapointing however - what're the other Linux-friendly VR options that are on the table now, given the state of Linux VR support?

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Did Civ 6 Rise & Fall just quietly release?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 9 hours 29 min ago

It's had linux/mac added on SteamDB: https://steamdb.info/app/645402/history/

(Along with a big-ass patch)

But there's been nothing from Aspyr on Twitter

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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion arrives on Linux tomorrow

Gaming on Linux - 21 Mar 2018 - 10:30pm

Tags: Aspyr Media, Strategy, Steam, DLC

Aspyr Media have confirmed to us today that Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall [Steam] expansion will officially add Linux support tomorrow.

Released for Windows back in February, there's been a bit of a gap in getting this hefty expansion supported on Linux. As always though, Aspyr Media haven't let us down and it's finally coming! Get ready to keep telling yourself "just one more turn!", to realize it's 4am and you have to be up at 7am—which has happened to me.

So what does this new expansion include? Here's the rundown:

GREAT AGES: As your civilization ebbs and flows, and you reach milestone Historic Moments, you will experience Dark Ages or Golden Ages, each providing specific challenges or bonuses based on your actions in-game. Rise triumphantly from a Dark Age, and your next Golden Age will be even stronger – a Heroic Age.

LOYALTY: Cities now have individual Loyalty to your leadership – let it fall too low, and face the potential to lose your city to its own independence. One civilization’s loss can be your gain as you inspire Loyalty among Free Cities throughout the map and further expand your borders.

GOVERNORS: Recruit, appoint, and upgrade powerful characters with unique specialization bonuses and promotion trees to customize your cities, and reinforce Loyalty.

ENHANCED ALLIANCES: An enhanced alliances system allows players to form different types of alliances and build bonuses over time.

EMERGENCIES:  When a civilization grows too powerful, other civilizations can join a pact against the threatening civilization and earn rewards, or penalties, when the Emergency ends.

TIMELINE: Review your civilization’s history at any time with the new Timeline feature, a visual journey through the Historic Moments that you encountered on your path to victory.

NEW LEADERS AND CIVS:  Nine leaders and eight new civilizations are introduced. Each brings unique bonuses and gameplay, as well as a total of eight unique units, two unique buildings, four unique improvements, and two unique districts.

NEW GLOBAL CONTENT: Eight new world wonders, seven natural wonders, four new units, two new tile improvements, two new districts, fourteen new buildings, and three new resources have been added.

IMPROVED GAMEPLAY SYSTEMS:  The Government system has been enhanced with new Policies and additional improvements have been made to existing systems.

It's really great that Aspyr Media continue to bring out Linux games and keep them updated, hopefully we will see more from them in future.

We've asked for some additional information on what's happening in regards to cross-platform multiplayer and how up to date the release will be with patches, will update the article when we hear back.

Get the second mission in HITMAN completely free to keep right now

Gaming on Linux - 21 Mar 2018 - 9:11pm

Tags: Steam, Feral Interactive, Stealth, Action

Not sure if HITMAN is for you? You can currently grab the HITMAN [Steam] Spring Pack completely free on Steam to get a permanent copy.

Developed by IO Interactive, who are now an independent developer after parting ways with Square Enix, HITMAN was later ported to Linux back in February of last year by Feral Interactive and it remains one of my favourite Linux games. It's a quality port, the gameplay is demanding and exciting with tons of possibilities in how you do each mission.

What do you actually get? Well, you get the ICA Facility Location as well as the Sapienza Location (Episode 2), which is probably the best level available in HITMAN. If you like it, you can then buy the rest of the content any time. The rest of the content is on sale too, so it's a seriously good deal going on.

You can see the full information here, or just head to Steam and download it. You've got till April 3rd to get it!

3D arena fighting game 'Mighty Fight Federation' has been teased, Linux version planned

Gaming on Linux - 21 Mar 2018 - 8:50pm

Tags: Teaser, Video, Fighting

For those who love your arena brawlers, you might want to keep an eye on Mighty Fight Federation, a game inspired by Power Stone, Ehrgeiz, and Marvel vs Capcom as it's confirmed for Linux.

First, check out their teaser:

There's not a lot of details about it yet at all, other than it being developed by some of the people behind Way of the Passive Fist, Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes and more. From what the brief teaser showed off, it looks like it could be pretty good.

I asked the developer on Twitter if it will come to Linux, here's what they said:

We plan on bringing it to Linux, yes!

Well then! I wasn't expecting that to be honest, a complete shot in the dark. More when we have it!

The latest Steam Client update is quite a big one pulling in lots from previous beta versions

Gaming on Linux - 21 Mar 2018 - 8:37pm

Tags: Steam

Valve have today put out a stable Steam Client update pulling in lots of changes from the previous beta version, it's a good one too.

In terms of what's changed for Linux specifically:

  • Added a 2X-scaling mode with high-res text and graphics when running the Steam client in desktop mode on 4k-resolution monitors. You can also force 2X scaling with the "GDK_SCALE=2" environment variable, or disable it with "GDK_SCALE=1".
  • Improved window-resizing interactions with the window manager
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam client could prevent some desktop sessions from shutting down

Some seriously welcome stuff there from Valve—good work. The bug about preventing shut downs was a particular nuisance I'm really glad to see the back of.

They also worked to reduce CPU use when the mouse is moved back and forth over part of the Library view, fixed a problem with corrupted Workshop items endlessly re-downloading and they fixed a strange issue where some games wouldn't launch in offline mode if Steam had previously started or scheduled an update.

On top of that, there's numerous fixes and improvements to Steam Input, for interacting with the Steam Controller and various other gamepads.

See the full update notes here.

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth final book will be out March 29th

Gaming on Linux - 21 Mar 2018 - 7:36pm

Tags: Adventure, Point & Click, Steam, GOG

For those who enjoyed the first two books of the excellent Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth [Steam, GOG] or if you're waiting to play it through together keep an eye out on March 29th for Book Three's release.

Based on Ken Follett's world-bestseller, 'The Pillars of the Earth' retells the story of the village of Kingsbridge in a whole new interactive way. Play as Jack, Aliena and Philip and change the events of the book through exploration, decision-making and dialogues.

As for Book Three…

Will Aliena and Jack be reunited? Will Kingsbridge be restored to its former glory? Will Shiring be freed from the tyranny of William Hamleigh? And will Philip survive Bishops Waleran’s final attempt to wipe him and his friends off the face of the earth?

They managed to create a fantastic atmosphere with the game and I've been really enjoying it. Pretty excited to find out how it all ends, especially since I haven't read the book.

Honestly, it's one of the best point & click adventure games I've played in a long time. So many good things about it, the art in particular is really well done.

GOG links are affiliate links.

How's the quality of the AMD drivers (free and non-free)?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 21 Mar 2018 - 6:39pm


I recently installed Linux on my desktop. I've been using it on my notebook for a while now and for servers for years.

I have an Nvidia graphics card and now that I only use my Nvidia GPU (as opposed to on my notebook where I use bumblebee when gaming and the Intel GPU for everything else), I noticed how regularly the driver dies.

Various messages about desktop effects not working because of a "graphics reset" (I assume this is like Windows kicking you out of a game and then you have the classic windows theme because the GPU driver died) and after hibernation, desktop icon text is corrupted on KDE which, according to KDE, is a problem with the GPU driver.

I don't play games that much anymore but I do graphics programming for fun so I still need a GPU but I don't need the raw power that Nvidia, at least traditionally, had over AMD. But these days, some high quality driver that provides me with everything the GPU is capable off (if I don't get full OpenGL and Vulkan support, it's not an option) would be enough.

So, how are the AMD drivers compared to the Nvidia drivers? Are they more stable? Is the support better? How to the free drivers compare to the AMD proprietary drivers?

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Does BeamNG.drive works with wine + DXVK?

Reddit Linux_Gaming - 21 Mar 2018 - 6:36pm

Does it work? If it does, does it has graphical bugs?

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Overgrowth Version 1.2 veröffentlicht - Besser aufs Maul geben!

Holarse Linuxgaming - 21 Mar 2018 - 6:09pm

Wir berichteten erst vor Kurzem über Overgrowth und seinen langen Weg bis zur Veröffentlichung (Link). Wo andere Entwickler mit Version 1.0 die Finger still halten oder sich vollends neuen Herausforderungen hingeben, hegt und pflegt Wolfire Games sein Langzeitprojekt Overgrowth noch weiter und stellt dem Spieler seit dem 15. März 2018 Version 1.2 seines Spiels zur Verfügung. Im Fokus stand hierbei das Kampfsystem und die zugehörige Liste aller Änderungen, Verbesserungen und Fehlerkorrekturen ist lang...

... weshalb wir rotzfrech wie wir nun einmal sind nur ganz dreist auf das englische komplette Changelog (Google-Docs), sowie den zugehörigen Blogpost zum Update auf der Seite der Entwickler verlinken.

Besondere Fürsorge haben während der Enwicklungsphase die künstliche Intelligenz und das Kampfsystem an sich erhalten. Speziell die Schwierigkeitsgrade Hardcore und Experte sollen dadurch deutlich knackiger als zuvor geraten sein. Feinde sind fortan viel aufmerksamer und ihre Attacken ein kleines bisschen weniger voraus zu ahnen. Ihre Fähigkeiten dem Sprungtritt des Spielers auszuweichen hat sich deutlich verbessert, was diesen zukünftig weniger zu einem Allheilmittel für alle Situationen verkommen lässt. Darüber hinaus wurde der "Attack-Magnet" reduziert und die maximale Wurfweite eines Schulterwurfs gekürzt. Auch diese Veränderungen erschweren es dem Spieler Treffer bei seinen Widersachern zu landen, besonders bei Nutzung der oben genannten Sprungattacke.

Hinzukommend werden Kreaturen der Rasse "Katze" ab jetzt deutlich taktischer Vorgehen, was das Nutzen ihrer Zweitwaffe als Wurfobjekt angeht. Bislang nutzten die Gegner die Wurfmöglichkeit relativ zufällig, doch ab jetzt sollen Sie diese Möglichkeit nur noch dann einsetzen, wenn es sich lohnt. Sprungattacken, weiter oben bereits erwähnt, lassen sich dadurch beispielsweise wunderbar parieren. Auch wenn der Spieler sich auf der Flucht befindet oder sich generell außerhalb der Reichweite für den Nahkampf aufhält, wird Fernkampf seitens der künstlichen Intelligenz häufiger als bisher zum Einsatz kommen.

Fernab davon erhielt das Spiel wie selbstverständlich Fehlerkorrekturen, Verbesserungen zur Optimierung der Performance und einen Haufen Änderungen zur besseren Nutzung von Editor und des Modifikations-Skripting.

Nochmals erwähnt, eine kurze Übersicht der Veränderungen erhaltet ihr im Blog der Entwickler. Alternativ dazu konsumiert man das komplette technische Changelog in Form eines Google-Doc. Beides allerdings jeweils in englischer Ausführung.
An diesen Nachrichtenbeitrag angeheftet seht ihr, das eigens zur Veröffentlichung von Version 1.2 veröffentliche Video von Wolfire Games.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen oder Anschauen, aber selbstverständlich auch beim Spielen - natürlich unter Linux.

Weiterführende Links

Link zum Blogeintrag der Entwickler

Link zum kompletten Changelog (Googledocs)