Hard West: Patch 1.5 with new Quicksave-function released

Hard West Header

Today saw the release of Patch 1.5 for the very difficult round-based strategy game Hard West.

It adds a new function, which most players have been waiting and wishing for a very long time: Quicksave!

Additionally the patch adresses some long standing bugs, which could corrupt your savegame.

Patch 1.5! Save Game on Demand! The future is here!

War for the Overworld: Patch 1.6.2 released and now available on GOG

War for the Overworld Header

The heavily by Dungeon Keeper inspired strategy-game War for the Overworld is now also available DRM-free at GOG and received there a 50% starting discount.

UPDATE: you can currently also get the game for free on GOG via GOG Connect, if you already own it on Steam!

Dollar Galaxy Bundle: 12 Linux Indie games for one Dollar

Dollar Galaxy Bundle Header

It has been only a few days since the release of the Dollar Rush Bundle by BundleStars.

Now they've published a new bundle: the Dollar Galaxy Bundle.

From the 25 included games are "only" 12 available for Linux:

- A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director's Cut

- Bacteria

- BitMaster

StarCrawlers: now officially available on Steam and GOG for Linux

StarCrawlers Header
StarCrawlers Header

StarCrawlers, the procedural generated SciFi-Dungeon Crawler, was born 2014 as a Kickstarter Project.

After a very successful funding and nearly three years of development (some time of this being in Steam Early Access) you can now get the full version on Steam and GOG for Linux!