Kona: Patch #2 with update to Unity Engine 5.6 released

Kona Header
Kona Screenshot

Today the Patch #2 to the mix of open-world adventure and survival game named Kona has been released for Linux on Steam.

It contains a lot of improvements and bugfixes, and also an update to Unity Engine 5.6. According to the developers it should therefore run better on PCs with a not-so-powerful CPU.

Hey everyone!

An update for Kona has just been released!


Here’s a list of bug fixes and improvements that come with the patch:

Downward: release for Linux planned for next week

Downward Header
Downward Screenshot

Downward, the 1st-person parkour game with interesting setting is currently in EarlyAccess and already looks beautiful - thanks to UE4-engine.

According to the developer Caracal Games there will be a version for Linux next week:

Yes you are right, we plan to expand to Linux in the next week! For Mac we will need to wait a bit more, more updates on this later on!