Parco Azzurro: free point-and-click adventure game released for Linux

Parco Azzurro Screenshot

Parco Azzurro is a free point-and-click adventure and now available for Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android.

It has been developed by N3M Studios using the Visionaire Studio Engine for the Band "Nudi tra i Musicanti" and the graphic style was inspired by South Park.
In the game you can unlock codes for downloading free songs from the latest album of the band in MP3-format.

Dreamfall Chapters: huge patch including german localisation released

Dreamfall Chapters Header
Dreamfall Chapters Screenshot

For Dreamfall Chapters, the follow-up to the Adventures The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, a huge Patch 5.4 with many improvements (e. g. a complete german localisation) has now been released on Steam for Linux.

But that's not all: every owner of Dreamfall Chapters will get the upgrade to the Final Cut Edition, as soon as it will be release this spring for Xbox and Playstation!