Virtual Rides 3: Update 2.5.1 released

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The funfair simulator Virtual Rides 3 gets more improvements with the new update 2.5.1.

Patch 2.5.1


We have been spending some time over the last few weeks fixing problems with new and old rides.

Fixed: VR Experience not showing up in main menu
Improved: Follower camera limits on several rides
Improved: "Upside Down" Hub is now slider-controllable (instead of toggle)
Fixed: "Glider" gondolas not in correct rotation when parked
Improved: Increased Light range on "Upside Down" ride
Fixed: "Northstar" - Seat Bucket and Seat Cover customization flipped
Improved: "Northstar" activation trigger now bigger
Fixed: "Roundtrip" ride camera clipping in visitor
Improved: Parking Speeds for Glider, Astronaut and Upside Down
Fixed: "Glider" Seat entering from behind
Fixed: "Giant Mill" ride gondolas different rotation speeds
Potentially improved: "Haunted Spin" gondolas not doing flips
Fixed: "Forge" ride jittering (especially if gondola engine oposing main engine direction)
Fixed: Cross on "Glider" was a bit offset to arm
Fixed: "Prism" ride visitors entering only slugishly
Changed: "Glider" damper and weight box
Fixed: "Tentacle" - Crosses drifting away from arm
Fixed: "Rising Sun" - Cover bar for running lights in mid section were not colorable
Fixed: Border / warning textures (e.g. on Hurricane), reworked 2 textures to match better
Fixed: Missing seat on "Upside Down" ride,
Fixed: Wrong polygons on "Krake" ride arm
Fixed: "Upside Down" rotation and position of some podium light caps
Fixed: For a few users MyDocuments / Personal Folder could not be found. If so -> We fall back to VR3_Data/../VR3 (so besides .exe)

Thank you for your continued support, your bug reports and your commitment to the community! Feel free to join our Discord server or use the Bug Report Form.

- Your VR3 Team