Virtual Rides 3: Update 1.2 with new ride "Tentacle" released

Virtual Rides 3: Update 1.2

For the Funfair Simulator Virtual Rides 3 the Update 1.2 with the new ride called "The Tentacle" (you may know it as "Kraken") has been released.

Hey community!

Today we present to you something very exciting – a new update with the title „Release the Tentacle“. Some of you might be able to guess what that means.

In the new version 1.2 we bring you the new ride called „The Tentacle“. A rotatable main engine, from which five tentacle-like arms emerge, which are moved up and down by the eccentric. On each arm is attached a controllable cross with five free-swinging gondolas (if the brake is not activated 😉). The ride is optically garnished with the flashing octopus head on the middle section.

The very brave of you can of course experience the ride in „Virtual Reality“ – a the ride is of course also in "Virtual Reality" mobile – but maybe put a barf bag aside 😉

Besides the new ride, we fixed a few small bugs in this patch and worked slightly on the performance.

Here is the Change-Log:

New content:
• New ride: „The Tentacle“
• Modified map tile for the new ride
• VR Experience for „The Tentacle“

• Visual improvements of the weather system
• Several performance optimizations

• Fixed sound problem for players that had a lot of jingles in their „custom jingles“ folder
• The podest of the „Casino Swing“ ride lowers to the correct position now

We hope you like the new update. Enjoy it!
- Your VR3-Development-Team

Shortly after that, the Hotfix 1.2.1 was released, which fixes some problems with it:


• Tentacle brake sound is now hearable
• Tentacle cashbox running lights now are working properly
• Statusbar activation does not turn gray when you are in operation mode
• Fixed animation on "Centrifuge" ride

- Your VR3 development team


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