Total War: Warhammer - free DLCs Bretonnia and Isabella von Carstein now available for Linux (UPDATE2)

Total War: Warhammer Brettonia Header
Total War: Warhammer Brettonia Screenshot

Two new free DLCs for Total War: Warhammer are now available for Linux on Steam: Brettonia and Isabella von Carstein!

Brettonia adds a new playable race and Isabella von Carstein a new Vampire-Lord to the game.

UPDATE: have asked Feral, and they were told, that the DLCs are currently not yet available for Linux - despite the SteamOS/Linux-Icons on the Steam-pages. Feral is currently still working on these DLCs for Linux.

UPDATE 2: Feral has now officially announced the DLC. After two updates to the main-game the DLC is now available and working on Linux.