Svoboda 1945: Update with german translation released for Linux

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Svoboda 1945 Deutsch

The unusual anti-war game Svoboda 1945: Liberation has received a full textual translation in German with the latest update on Steam:

Svoboda 1945 is now in German!

After months of translating, making sure all fits, tying all the loose ends, and polishing, we are happy to announce that Svoboda 1945: Liberation is now available in German!
Fully subtitled, with localized comics, materials, encyclopedia, including all the context and info you need to experience its moving story, whether you are a native speaker or a German fan.

The game takes place in the Czech lands, but the history depicted in our game is truly Czech-German history. Tumultuous, but a shared one.

We hope that Svoboda 1945: Liberation, now in German, can help us all better understand the past.

Thank you for your continued support!

Charles Games