Ludusavi: v0.24.0 released

Ludusavi Screenshot

Ludusavi, the tool to create backups from game saves, has been released in version v0.24.0.

v0.24.0 (2024-06-08) Latest

On the "other" screen, you can choose not to back up games with cloud support on certain stores. If a game is customized or already has local backups, then Ludusavi will continue backing it up regardless.
For Heroic roots, Ludusavi now supports Amazon and sideloaded games.
For Lutris roots, Ludusavi now scans pga.db in addition to games/*.yml in case the YAML files do not contain all of the necessary information.
CLI: There is a new api command that can be used for bulk queries. Right now, it only supports looking up titles (analogous to the find command).
CLI: There is a new schema command to display some of Ludusavi's schemas.
CLI: The find command now accepts a --lutris-id option.
CLI: The backups command output now includes each game's backup directory.
Title normalization now ignores apostrophes and quotation marks (e.g., ludusavi find --normalized "Mirrors Edge" will find Mirror's Edge).
Some additional fields in the config file have been made optional.
Updated translations. (Thanks to contributors on the Crowdin project)
For Heroic and Lutris roots, if you had multiple copies of the same game, Ludusavi would only use the metadata from one of them.
GUI: The game-level duplication badge did not always fade out when the conflicts were resolved.