SC-Controller: v0.4.8.11 released

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux user-mode driver for the Steam- and other controllers (eg. DS4), has been released in version


The hotfix has also been released.

Version Latest

DualSense support, various fixes

Added support for standard DualSense controller. Includes contributions from theY4Kman and psstoyanov
Use HIDRaw for DualSense Bluetooth support rather than evdev. evdev provided as backup method
Updated gitignore rules. Contributed by alex
Fixed tests showing broken Key enum deserialization. Contributed by alex
Added github action so that test status is visible. Contributed by alex
Lower LS and RS dead zones from DS5Controller reader class
Fixes for stick mouse support for mouse action type
Fixed EnumType error for AxisAction description generation. Changes in checks deprecated since Python 3.8
Updated EnumType checks in a few actions
Enabled quaternion calculations for DualSense. Needed for Gyro Tilt controls
Fixed file not found error with AppImage in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS