Indoorlands: Update 0.10.0 with rollercoaster-editor and Hotfix 0.10.1 released

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Indoorlands Header Update 0.10.0
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The update 0.10.0 with rollercoaster-editor and the Hotfix 0.10.1 for the Indoorpark-Management-Simulator Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.

Update 0.10 - Rollercoasters, Events & More (and a release date!)

today we finally have another big update for you. But before we start with the changes a big announcement.

Release date!
We will be releasing the game from Early Access on 10/14/2022. Remember the date, tell your friends and acquaintances. And now enjoy the latest trailer:

Rollercoasters (Open Beta)
Today is the day: we present you roller coasters in "Indoorlands"! For the beginning, there is a roller coaster hall where you can build your own roller coasters. Currently you can choose from two different types of roller coasters.

The editor is node-based, meaning you position nodes and set them up. For example, you can set that the coaster should accelerate towards a node or slowed down to a certain speed.

The editor is not 100% finished yet, but we want to collect your feedback and give you the possibility to show your creations in the workshop. Among other things we are still working on a 3D representation of the track section types (lift, LIM, brake), track validation and more coaster types.

Of course we also have a STEAM Workshop support for roller coasters. Accordingly, we would like to invite you to participate in our community challenge and show off your coasters:

Indoorlands EventTue, September 20, 2022
Weekly Community Build Challenge
Dear Indoorlands Community, following our big rollercoaster update we would like to start a new Community Build Challenge.

Orders, Milestones & Trends
Up to now there were milestones in "Indoorlands", which were automatically fulfilled as soon as certain conditions were met (e.g. a certain number of visitors in the park). Rewards were given automatically for this and new stuff was unlocked.

These milestones now need to be actively confirmed. There is now an event overview, where you can find the milestones and collect your rewards if you want.

However, the event overview still shows you your orders. From time to time, you will be shown job offers in the game, then you have to select a job. If you fulfill the order, then you get a reward.

But in the window you can also find ongoing passive events (temporary changes in the park, e.g. x% more visitors for a certain time), as well as trends. Trends are temporary changes in the demand of visitors. I.e. sometimes visitors want especially many fries or certain theming. Then, if you want, you can react to it and profit from it.

[h1]Improvement research/h1]
In the previous research menu you could only unlock new content (e.g. new rides or restaurants). With the introduction of Improvement Research, there is now another research category where you can improve the features & functions of your park. E.g. that your employees work faster or that buildings cost less.

Note: In the course of the improvement research we have made the price & quality setting unlockable. I.e. you have to unlock them first.

We have now given "Indoorlands" another visual overhaul. We focused on the environment. We wanted to make them a bit more attractive and interesting. There are now three environments that you can choose from when starting a new park. These environments were chosen to fit the theme of indoor parks, i.e. places where you would rather not build outdoor parks.

Other changes
New entertainment halls

New roller coaster specific deco (near misses).

Sorting options for visitor demand report.
New visitor reaction when they received something for free
Community Challenge Blueprints included
New supporter names added
When selecting buildings to repair, the respective worker is now highlighted.
Background of popups (milestones etc.) is now translucent and the game is paused during them
Milestone popups now also show that new visitor types have been unlocked (and which ones)
Namings regarding demand, needs and tags slightly improved
Various sound adjustments for rides and their change on time change (faster / slower)
Revised intro and splash screen

Various crashes
There were cases where visitors could not reach buildings when using path deco
When the game was sped up, the economy mechanisms did not run with the correct time scaling
Custom rides did not have a "ride" tag, so they were much less visited
Workers sometimes left the buildings through the wall
Mechanics sometimes went back to your repair building instead of repairing
When leaving the detail view the hall was saved several times
Fences were sometimes not changeable in the new 7x11 hall from the last update
Shadows flickered briefly when auto-saving
If the Twitch integration was activated, there were occasionally performance spikes
Sometimes visitors were invisible in the detail view
The preview of a hub hall was a bit broken
Some typos

Now what?
Our roadmap is almost complete. We will now mainly work on the roller coaster editor and overall make improvements and bug fixes to the game. In addition, we would like to make the currently very meager tutorial a bit more ... instructive.

See you in the park!

We hope you enjoy this last big Early Access update. We're super excited to see what beautiful roller coasters you build. Thank you very much for your feedback and bug reports. Remember, you can always submit bug reports in-game by pressing the button with the bug in the upper left corner. We would also be happy to welcome you on our Discord server ( ).

- Your Team Pixelsplit

Hotfix 0.10.1

we just uploaded a small hotfix that should fix a few issues from the big update yesterday.

Fixed / Changed
Rollercoasters: Roller coasters sometimes didn't park properly
Rollercoasters: The restraints were sometimes not closeable
Roller coasters: Slight adjustment to the calculation of the costs
Roller coasters: The fences sometimes did not change theming properly
Rollercoasters: The add node function was not activated properly if you already had a node selected.
CyR: The control panel did not work properly in the "Create Your Ride" editor.
CyR: In the park overview plates were displayed without texture / completely in white
Some environment parts could reach into halls
Some smaller environment models did not disappear in pause mode, although a hall was placed over it
In some environment variants wrong fences were displayed
The new entertainment halls now have their own selection sounds
A few tooltips had a ! in front of the text

- Your Team Pixelsplit