Dying Light: Update "Lord Hector's Demise" for DLC "Hellraid" now available for Linux

Dying Light: "Hellraid" Header
Dying Light: Update "Lord Hector's Demise"

The DLC Hellraid for the Zombie-game Dying Light has received it's first big update: Lord Hector's Demise.

Dying Light - Hellraid: Lord Hector's Demise

Dear Hellraid adventurers,

The first update to our latest Dying Light DLC is coming out on PC on September 30. A month later, it will be available on consoles. As you know, releasing updates on consoles takes much more time, though we’re working on delivering the content to all platforms simultaneously in the future.

This update is just the beginning.

According to our original vision, we’re going to continue adding new content to Hellraid regularly. We want you to know that we always listen to your feedback, and we hope this first patch will prove it. It starts with new weapons, bounties, and some tweaks, fixes, and improvements, but quality needs time. They cannot be done in a rush, and we want Hellraid to become a unique experience, which will bring new challenges to Dying Light.

As your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we promise to keep introducing unique features that will fill Hellraid with more adventures and fun. Stay tuned!

Our first free update includes:
New Hellraid ranks: Shieldbearer and Thunder Lord
3 new weapons: Lightning Swan, Thunder Eagle and Shock Bearer
3 new, collectable notes
The Minotaur boss has a new attack – stomp.
While fighting the Minotaur, enemies keep spawning as long as he’s alive.
Improved hard and nightmare mode
Hellraid weapons have legendary levels now.
Fixed bugs in the achievements “Well-read” and “Throw me a bone”.
General fixes