AppGameKit Classic Version 2021.10.11 released for Linux

AppGameKit Classic Header

The new version 2021.10.11 of AppGameKit Classic (aka AGK2) is now available for Linux on Steam.

The changelog to the current version:

AppGameKit Classic 2021.10.11 update released!

Welcome to the October update for AppGameKit Classic. This new version brings support for Android bundles to ensure apps comply with the Google Play store rules and regulations. The full list of changes is listed here;


Fixed a crash on iOS when attempting to restore purchases


Updated Android export to enable exporting to an App Bundle for Google Play. Please note that only the WINDOWS IDE can export App Bundles. Mac and Linux do not support this feature at this time.
The Java Development Kit (JDK) must now be installed prior to exporting an APK or App Bundle. You can download it from here;
APKs are now signed with both V1 and V2 signatures to support future versions of Android
Fixed Google Service App ID field in Android Export dialog being limited to 12 characters

AGK Core fixes

Fixed array FromJSON() crashing when converting an empty string into an integer or float
Fixed a problem with the print command not dealing with more than 20 digits in a float. Previously anything greater than this would cause a silent crash
Fixed a crash when using SetMusicLoopTimesOGG
Added a new find feature for unsorted arrays called IndexOf. An example of it use would be: index = array.IndexOf ( 123 ) – so index will be assigned the index of the array if it can find the value 123, otherwise it will be -1
SetEditBoxTextSize command reference updated
Updated command reference for Len and ByteLen
Additional information added to the tips section of the documentation explaining about case sensitivity and tier 1 apps and their bytecode.