Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Hotfix 1.0.2 released, critical Linux savegame-bug fixed & changes to the difficulty

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Header
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot

The RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been released for Linux the day before yesterday on GOG and Steam.

Sadly the Linux-release-version had an extremly critical savegame-bug and other problems.

SC-Controller: v0.4.5 released, last version "for a while"

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux-User-Mode-driver for the Steam- and other controllers (e.g. DS4), has been released in version 0.4.5 today.

The main-developer Kozec said on Patreon, that he disagrees with the direction of the Linux-Kernel-developer-community, and that he is not going to release more versions of sc-controller for a while: