Surviving Mars: Patch "Kuiper" released for Linux

Surviving Mars Header
Surviving Mars Screenshot

The Patch called "Kuiper" for the city-building simulation named "Surviving Mars" is now available for Linux.

Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive have been hard at work to bring you a fresh set of fixes, updates, and helpful additions!

One big thing you'll notice is a series of hint messages and helpful encyclopedia entries to assist you in Surviving Mars.

Kuiper Patch

SC-Controller: v0.4.6 and v0.4.9.2 released

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux-user-mode-driver for the Steam- and other controllers (like DS4), has been released today as Version 0.4.6 and v0.4.9.2.

The new branch v0.4.9.2 is a complete rewrite of the driver in C. It is currently experimental but works besides on Linux also on BSD, Windows and (eventually) Android:


Two Point Hospital: DLC "Bigfoot" now available for Linux on Steam

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot Header
Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot Screenshot

A new (paid) DLC for the management-game Two Point Hospital is now available for Linux on Steam: Bigfoot.

Explore a new wintery region, featuring three brand new hospitals, 34 new region-specific illnesses (including 9 new visual illnesses), and a whole host of new in-game items.