ATOM RPG: großes Update 1.15 veröffentlicht

ATOM RPG Screenshot

Das große Update 1.15 zu dem post-apokalyptischen Rollenspiel ATOM RPG ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich.

Update 1.15

Greetings, friends!

Our game’s sequel is constantly developing, but that doesn't mean we forgot our first game ATOM RPG. To show that, we are uploading a large patch packed with things you asked us to add on the forums.

Steam: Aktion Frühjahrs-Putz 2020 hat begonnen

Steam: Frühjahrs-Putz Aktion 2020

Auf Steam hat die Aktion Frühjahrs-Putz 2020 begonnen.

Has the time ever felt more right to take stock and enjoy what’s sitting right on your shelf?

The Spring Cleaning Event is designed to help! DEWEY Decimal, the Smart Home Librarian, is here to suggest fun new ways to dust off and dig into your Steam Library collection of games.