Revhead: Update 49 "Working with Controller" veröffentlicht

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Revhead Update 49 Header

Das Update 49 "Working with Controller" zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update #49 - Working with Controller
Date: 04. July 2024
Version: 1.9.10813

Dear Revheads!

We have made the work in the garage easier by replacing the old and ugly parts selector with a new list view. It is much more elegant and fits into the game well, but most importantly, it will make it easier to use, especially if you are using a controller or keyboard to work in the garage.

This new list gives you easy access and a categorized way to see your installed parts. Better overview, better access, better understanding about your parts.

If you want to play the game just as you did before (mostly for users on PC with the mouse), you can do it just like before. However, you can also take advantage of the new parts list if you wish.

We have also fixed several bugs, we have captured with our latest error logging and reporting tool. Thanks to everyone who help us catch these bugs by allowing the user data and error logging in the game options!

We also updated our game engine, which gives us some performance improvements.


Replaced parts selector with a notepad-like list to ease the process of finding and fixing parts in the car
Small update in the shop UI to ease the use of a controller
Fixed a nasty bug when the player used Persian locals and special characters in the user name
Performance improvements