Virtual Rides 3: Update 2.3 with free new ride "Prism" released

Virtual Rides 3 Header
Virtual Rides 3 Prism Ride

The funfair-simulator Virtual Rides 3 gets with the update 2.3 more improvements and a free new ride: "Prism".

Update 2.3 - Under the Rainbow

Hello dear community,

after a longer break we have an update today. Especially we have fixed some bugs. Thank you for your contributions! But we also have a little surprise for you.

Surviving Mars: Martian Express now available for Linux

Surviving Mars: Martian Express Header
Surviving Mars: Martian Express Screenshot

A new (paid) DLC for Surviving Mars is now available for Linux on Steam: Martian Express.

Trains are here! With the Martian Express pack by modders Lucian and Sylvain, you’ll finally be able to move your colonists and resources between stations facilitating access to far away domes and remote resource deposits. Other outside manned buildings will also be buildable near stations without needing a dome.