Virtual Rides 3: Update 2.4 and DLC "Northstar" released

Virtual Rides 3 Header
DLC "Northstar" Screenshot

The funfair-simulator Virtual Rides 3 has received with the Update 2.4 some more improvements.

Also the (paid) DLC "Northstar" has been released.

Update 2.4: New ride and new textures


Today we unveil the exciting update 2.4 with a variety of enhancements and fixes to improve your gameplay experience. And …

New ride
We added the “Northstar” ride to the funfairground. Feel the strong acceleration as you fly through the air at a height of 30 meters.

Enhanced graphics
We completely remade a lot of textures and materials to have higher quality and more details, especially on the rides.

Other changes
Added: Keyboard shortcuts for toggling laser, movinghead and skybeams.
Improved: Some slight performance improvements.
Fixed: Some typos in German language
Fixed: Spawn position when selecting Prism ride on map (so it is directly controllable)