Darkest Dungeon: "Radiant"-Update now available for Linux on Steam

Darkest Dungeon Header

The so called Radiant-Update for Darkest Dungeon is now available for Linux on Steam.

It contains a complete new game mode (named "Radiant") and many, many more improvements and fixes.

The complete Patch-Notes can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/262060/announcements/detail/514936758243...

Community Announcements - redhookjohn

Sky Break: beautiful SciFi-Survival-RPG now available for Linux on Steam

Sky Break Header
Sky Break Screenshot

Sky Break, a mixture of Survival, Action and RPG, has left Early-Access and is now available as a full version for Linux on Steam.


Sky Break is an open-world game on a stormy abandoned planet filled with wild mechas. Learn to master this world and to hack the mechas if you want a chance to survive.

Sword Coast Legends: free DLC Rage of Demons now available for Linux on Steam

Sword Coast Legends Rage of Demons DLC

The big (> 4 GB Download!) and free DLC Rage of Demons for the Action-RPG Sword Coast Legends has recently been released.

It contains new story content, a new playable race (Tiefling), a new playable class (Warlock) and new Dungeon Master options.

The content of the DLC is only available in English.