Tropico 6: Update "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) makes it snow

Tropico 6 Header

The newest update for Tropico 6 on Steam called "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) brings snow to your island and some more Xmas decorations.

Also some bugs have been fixed:

Tropico 6 update ‘Feliz Navidad’ (version 7.1) has been released!

Fellow Tropicans!
A new free update for Tropico 6 is now available, bringing Xmas to the isles!

Tropico 6: Update Cinco "El Gigante" released for Linux

Tropico 6 Header

The huge fifth update for Tropico 6 (Codename "El Gigante”) incorporates feedback from the community:

Fellow Tropicans!
The update we are releasing today for Tropico 6 features many bug fixes, improvements and much more. We’re addressing a lot of issues raised by community feedback – so much so, that we have received that we gave it the name “El Gigante"

Over 300 changes were made to the game, covering balancing adjustments and many bug and crash fixes.