Tropico 6: Update (v.13) "Esparcidor de Estiércol" released

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Another huge update (v.13) called "Esparcidor de Estiércol" for Tropico 6 has been released for Linux on Steam:

Update (v.13) 'Esparcidor de Estiércol'

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 has just received Update 13 – Esparcidor de Estiércol. This update introduces the new ‘Flophouse’ building - providing, well... a roof (at least) for the poor - and the ‘Manure Spreader’, which should help put all that llama poo to good use.

By popular request, we’ve also added 3 new multiplayer maps, along with a handful of improvements and bug fixes.

Viva Tropico!

Faithfully yours,

The Tropican Ministry of Binary Magic

New Features
Added new building “Manure Spreader” (Counters soil degradation for ranches and plantations in the proximity)

Ranches can now produce manure for the manure spreader

Added new residential building "Flophouse" to provide housing for the poor
(available in the World War Era)

Added 3 new multiplayer maps:
Archipiélago Rucio (4-Player)

Islas De Goma De Mascar (3-Player)

Islas Rocosas (2-Player)

Multiplayer games now support autosaves

[Caribbean Skies] Once selected, the Cargo Airport now displays all configured routes.

[Caribbean Skies] The Cargo Airport now displays a warning when a transportation loop has been configured.

Gaining achievements for completed maps has been improved and is more reliable now.

Fixed an issue that led to corrupted save games if the player destroyed a pharmaceutical company in the work mode “powerful placebos”.

Fixed an issue where banks would not generate the calculated income in the work mode "private banking".

Fixed an issue where the market manipulation raid in the cyber operations center was not working correctly if the player had built a pirate cove as well.

Fixed an issue where fish farms would display "fish" as their produced good after loading a save game, even though they were producing "shellfish".

Fixed an issue where destroyed tunnels could not be rebuilt – tunnels can no longer be damaged, but they can still be destroyed.

Fixed a misleading rescindable date in the almanac after winning an election.

After issuing the Martial Law edict, an incorrect election date was shown in the almanac. The election date has been fixed.

Fixed effects of last election speech being applied for subsequent elections when explicitly choosing to hold early elections.

Fixed a palace configuration that prevented roads to be built near the palace

Fixed roads that could not be demolished in pause mode if built on top of previously demolished buildings.

[Multiplayer] Fixed an issue in which players were unable to delete tunnels.

[Multiplayer] After relocating buildings within multiplayer sessions, the in-game UI will now stay in its correct position.

[Multiplayer] [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where Cargo Airports could be used to steal goods from other players.

[Multiplayer] [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where Cargo Airports changed names after loading a save game.

[Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where the Fertilizer bomb could not be used when the player is in debt.

[Caribbean Skies] Fixed several graphical and placement glitches.

[Caribbean Skies] Drone to Home Delivery Zeppelins now offer more time to load goods before leaving the station.

[Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where modernizing ranches set drone routes to inactive.

[Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where the visual S.P.E.A.K.E.R. progress could be lost.

[Caribbean Skies] Mission: Preventing Armageddon: To prevent blockers in the quest “Needle in a Haystack,” players are now asked if they already have a Cyber Operations Center or other building before one gets built.

[Caribbean Skies] The quest "Asteroid Defence" can now be replayed, allowing the player to increase the time before the asteroid arrives.

Fixed several crashes.

Fixed a couple of localization & text display issues.