Interview with Liam Dawe, operator, mastermind and main author of

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PlayingTux: Hi Liam, thank you for taking the time! Would you please like to introduce yourself?

Liam Dawe: My name is Liam Dawe and I run

I come from a "sunny" part of the UK where I've lived my entire life, you could say I've lived a pretty boring and sheltered life really.

I've run it for nearly eight years now (previously under a different address where stuff was lost) and I have no plans to quit any time soon.

Technical Director of Banner Saga comments on state of Linux-Version and on Linux as platform for games

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John Watson, the technical director of the praised Indie-game "Banner Saga", comments in a post in the company-forum to the current state of the Linux-version and the status quo of Linux as a gaming-platform.