Virtual Rides 3: Update 2.3 with free new ride "Prism" released

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Virtual Rides 3 Prism Ride

The funfair-simulator Virtual Rides 3 gets with the update 2.3 more improvements and a free new ride: "Prism".

Update 2.3 - Under the Rainbow

Hello dear community,

after a longer break we have an update today. Especially we have fixed some bugs. Thank you for your contributions! But we also have a little surprise for you.

A new ride: Prism
Included in the latest update is a new free ride. It's a classic.

Brakes were misbehaving on many rides
Parts of custom themes did reset when changing the window
When activating Strobo, the logo running light was not turned off
At the "Rising Sun" the light sources were placed a bit behind the light boxes
On the "Rising Sun" a few running light caps were missing on the back wall
At the "Rising Sun" the spotlights at the deco-parts were not deactivated
At the "Rising Sun" and "Forge" the theming was not applied correctly on the ticket booth
At the "Hurricane" the red tail lights were not deactivated when the strobo was activated
At the "Chopper" the cashier was not positioned correctly
On "Kraken" the cross motors were too weak in some situations

Added: VSync + FPS Limit options
Improved: Brakes should now respond a bit smoother and not so jerky
Improved: Microphone now next to the control panel when "forging"
Improved: Chaser cameras at the "Forge" have been repositioned.
Improved: Clouds are now slightly smaller and move slower
Improved: On some rides the automatic damping was on too early or too strong