Virtual Rides 3: Update 2.2 and DLC "The Forge" released

Virtual Rides 3 Header
DLC "The Forge" Screenshot

The funfair-simulator Virtual Rides 3 received with the Update 2.2 even more improvements.

Also the (paid) DLC "The Forge" has been released.

Update 2.2 - Ride at the lake

Hello dear VR3 community,

today is the day: A new VR3 update is available for you.

Relaxing at the lake
We have enlarged the festival area by another piece. There you will find a beautiful body of water, but unfortunately too cold for swimming. But riding a ride with a view of the water sounds good, doesn't it?

New Ride (DLC)
A new - frequently requested - ride has also made it to the new fairground: Forge.

A new ride was spotted at the Virtual Rides 3 fairground. The new ride "Forge" gives its visitors a wild ride with high G-forces. And the whole thing upside down.

New mid-sized deco parts
We have added new medium sized deco parts for the middle.

Other changes
Added: Running light groups can now be toggled on and off with CTRL + 1-9.
Added: It is now possible to filter by your own music in the audio player
Added: The tail lights from the Hurricane gondolas can now be colored
Improved: The brakes should now grip much better on most rides.
Improved: The brakes now release immediately (instead of being released slowly over ~1 second)
Improved: The 3rd light-change-program now contains all colors
Improved: On a few rides the bounds of the free-fly camera have been increased a bit (especially upwards)
Balancing: Kraken 20% slower main motor acceleration, slightly faster eccentric extension
Balancing: Hurricane main engine ~15% faster
Balancing: "Flying Swing" slightly increased acceleration
Balancing: "Chopper" a little more damping and weight
Balancing: "Discus" slightly increased arm speed
Fixed: The navmesh on the fairground piece from the last update was sometimes loaded incorrectly, so visitors walked strangely
Fixed: Visitors were walking across the ride area from the "Ghost Spin".
Fixed: Price list at the "Falcon" ride was positioned differently in different LOD levels.
Fixed: At the "Centrifuge" a few paint materials were not updated correctly when changing theming
Fixed: The color change for the strobo only worked before turning it on. Now the colors can also be changed while the strobo is active.
Fixed: Trees were shaking a lot in normal sunny weather.
Fixed: "Giant Mill" parked the arm at a slight angle.
Fixed: Staff were sometimes still standing on the "Hurricane" plate (are now reset to their original position).