Virtual Rides 3: Update 1.7 with new rides and DLC "The Falcon" released

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Virtual Rides 3 Falcon Screenshot

The Funfair Simulator Virtual Rides 3 adds new rides with the Update 1.7.

Also the (paid) DLC "The Falcon" has been released.


we just released version 1.7. Here are the changes:

New ride: "The Falcon"
We extended the fairground with a new tile and we worked on a new funfair ride: The Falcon.

Here's another tip: You'll get a good additional discount if you buy the Ultimate Edition.

New bubble thrower
We added a new soapy effect piece that you can attach to your light cages.

More virtual reality rides
We implemented the "Titan" and "Handstand" as virtual reality rides. We hope you like these experiences!

Other changes:

Fixed: Broken cashbox textures
Fixed: Rain in Salsa ride
Fixed: Ride automatic not parking correctly on Handstand

New Discord Server
We just opened a Pixelsplit Simulations Discord channel. Feel free to join us here:

We would love to hear your feedback.

- Your VR3 team