StarCrawlers: "Beautify-"Update released

StarCrawlers Header
StarCrawlers Screenshot

For the Roguelike-RPG-Dungeon-Crawler called StarCrawlers the "Beautify"-Update has been released for Linux on Steam.

StarCrawlers has been updated with a Beautify feature! This optional feature enhances texture fidelity and sharpness, lighting appearance and effects, and enhances visuals overall.
In the course of working on our next project (more news soon!) we experimented with retroactively applying the visual upgrades to StarCrawlers - and it worked :)

The Beautify feature should not have any noticeable impact on the performance or resource usage of the base game. Beautify is enabled by default and can be turned off in the Graphics menu if desired.

UPDATED 04 May 2020
1. Bloom option is now linked to Beautify. You can disable Bloom effects while keeping the other visual enhancements from Beautify.
2. Fixed unintentional graphic glitch when entering Hacking mode using Beautify.
3. Reduced Bloom sensitivity for certain very bright combat effects (Flashbang / Hotlink / etc)

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Stay safe, wash your hands, keep crawling. May the 4th be with you.